Thursday, September 15, 2011

Update from the KPUL radio show in Portland, Or.

Thanks to @Deesquared777
Well, Casey showed his stuff up in Portland tonight!  We had at least one fan there who has shared pictures with us, and she managed to get a set list!  From what I understand he rocked the house with the full band and made quite an impression on the radio personnel!  
Less than 200 listeners were lucky enough to win their way in to this showcase of Casey music goodness!!  Below you'll find some of the photos that were captured during the show!!

Photo Credit- KUPL Radio

To the ones below thanks to @Deesquared777

Also, earlier today I tried to post some news from All Access, but it would'nt post right to Facebook, so I'll just tell yall!!  As of the 12th, "Let's Don't Call it a Night" has gained 34 spins this week, and it landed in the #49 spot, up from #54 last week, and it had 5 radio adds!!!  This is all good news, and as slow as things seem to be going, it's just all part of the process.  Just keep requesting the song at your local radio weather they play it or not.  Sooner or later, they'll have to, when it gets into the Top 10!!!  It would also help if yall could click on the support link up there and try to request at the Mediabase forms from your local radio stations and request at as many more as you can.  Just go down the list of the ones playing it, then move down to request to as many of those as possible.  It will help if you could just do it a little bit in a day.  Maybe 15 minutes or more if you can.

Maybe more will come through tomorrow, but if not, then I'll be back soon!!  Take care everybody!!
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  1. Great news--one more step up the ladder!! Genilu