Friday, September 16, 2011

Amazing videos by KUPL in Portland, Or. of Casey James!

Ok....just about the time I think that Casey James cannot be any better a musician than he already is, he once again blows me totally away!!!  How in the world is it possible for this guy to continue to out-do every performance he did before?!?!  I'm really scratching my head on this one....because if this is an indication of what's to come....I don't know if I can stand it!!!  He's blowing me away right now with his re-inventing these songs every time I hear them!  And I'm talking about his songs here.  The journey is going to be amazing to watch as time goes on, and his career catapults into super-stardom!  That, in my opinion, is where Casey James is headed.  Without an iota of doubt, he is going to have the career his heart has always dreamed of.  It's happening right's only a matter of time.

His radio show in Portland, Or. with KUPL produced the "Best" videos to date, that I have ever seen!!  And from the looks of what the fans are saying on Twitter and Facebook, they all agree as well! 

Here are all the videos of the songs Casey sang, and in order they were done.  A great BIG Thanks to KUPL for documenting this more than awesome show!!

I just had a major hiccup in my computer and had to post this without the videos and restart and use another browser to finish this!  I hope nobody came here before the videos were up, yall would think I'd lost my mind or  Ok, back to business!


Let's Don't Call It A Night

So Sweet

Drowning On Dry Land

Drive & Done Made Up My Mind

Is that not the *best* collections of videos EVER?!  Not that our wonderful fans don't do a superb job, they most certainly do!!!  But they are done in a professional way, and I Love them!!  These videos are probably going to have 1000's of hits in a very short time!!  So everybody....yall post 'em everywhere you can!!  Everybody needs to hear these.....Casey James at his BEST!!   This week..... lol....

And last but not is the video of KUPL's interview with Casey!!!  These guys thought of everything!!!  Thanks a million times to them, yall go to their KUPL Facebook Page and please leave them a nice comment!  They deserve it!

The Interview

Ok yall, I'll try to be back tomorrow with more.....I'm exhausted, and need sleep!!!

Until next time.....


  1. Drowning on Dry Land never cease to make me faint. Love every bit of this show. If I were in this room, I'd probably cheer so loud the security have to remove me :D So awesome you, Casey!

  2. Great videos. Love Casey!! Genilu

  3. Awesome job Glenda. He's such a gentleman and a great musician!!

  4. Yes, he's quite a guy our Casey!!! Love him to pieces, I do!! Thanks yall for the comments!!! And....yes Dee, I totally agree....DODL has got to be my favorite Blues song he does....nothing even comes close to it!!!!! And it still, to this day gives me chills every time I listen to it!!! Oh yea!!!! :)