Saturday, September 10, 2011

Casey James is Live in Henderson, Ky. updates!

UPDATE: Videos from the show last night....scroll down.

Casey is LIVE tonight in Henderson, Kentucky at the "Taste of Country" concert, sponsored by radio stations 99.5 WKDQ and 92.5 WBKR.  His show starts tonight at 7:10 central time, and should go on for about an hour.   Also there is a Conference Call from the show, compliments of Casey fan @ridgef and The Casey James Blog The # to call is....1-712-432-0075 and when prompted enter the code....654945  and you should be in.

One of the DJ's, Eric Cornish recieved a call from Casey, and he says they had some laughs with Casey, and he also became the Dashboard DJ.  Click HERE to hear both the interview and the Dashboard DJ segment!!  They are both just awesome!!!

We got the news earlier this week, that Casey will only have a 3 piece band tonight.  Seems Billy Nobel, the Keyboardist could not make this show.  Casey still has the bass player, Nolan Verner, and his drummer, Johnny Richardson, called 'the clock' for some reason. :)  He said it will feel like it used to with only 3 members playing, and the music would be molded around those three tonight.  So we may hear something 'new' tonight!  Let's hope so, he's really been doling out some keepers lately!!

By the way, while you are over at the Casey James Blog, Check out this awesome story, of one of our own Casey Fans, and how a multitude of those fans have came together to make a dream come true for her!  Barbara is a breast cancer survivor and is still having treatments for it.  Read  "Goodness is Contagious"  and have tissues ready, for this is one of those pieces that will put a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes.  If you would like to be in on the donation, you can contact @marieleathem1 on twitter or Marie Leathem on Facebook, and she will fill you in on how to make a donation toward this awesome charity.  I didn't say what the dream was and the charity, because I didn't want to give away what the story is about.  Go read it, and you'll know....
It was so awesome in fact, Casey even tweeted about it!!!  Check it out below!!

Ok, from here on out, I'll be posting about the show in Henderson, Ky. tonight!  Tootles!!


There is already a sound check video up!!  Here ya go!!  Just a little 'su-umn su-umn'! 

Sound Check Video....thanks to tsmevansville

Ok everybody, I'm gonna go hang out on twitter a while and listen in to the conference call and chat with some of the fans!!  Join me there, and check back later for updates as the night goes on....

Later..... :) 

Ok, I'm back!!

Earlier tonight before Casey took the stage, Chad and Jaclyn from WBKR 92.5 radio got a chance to have a few words with him.  Jaclyn liked the way Casey smelled....(imagine that...) and proceeded to sniff his shoulder, that was funny, I can't believe she did that! :)  Then she tried to get him to race her down the track, but Casey wanted to play frizbee with her she wasn't having any of that!!  It's fun bantering back and forth with them for about 1 1/2 minutes!! :)  Very cute, check out the video below!

And here is a really nice shot of Casey and Jaclyn.

  Casey just tweeted about his experience tonight!!  And his first part of the tweet before the link to the yellow note was so's how he addressed us:

Casey Everett James


Hahahahaha!!!!  I can see this now....being repeated EVERYWHERE!!!  Hahahahaha!!  Hola/howdy/yo/hi  I can honestly say, I've never seen anyone addressed like that!!  I guess that's why it's so funny!!

He's such a doll face!!!  :)  I'll be back later when there's more!


I'm back!!   There were quite a few tweets tonight about Casey's performance at the time the show was going on and some afterwards as well....Here's what some of them said:

nina renfrow

still can't believe I met him! I'm tell'in ya guys, he's easy on the eyes, smells great, and kicks ass on the guitar!

Voodoo Glambert

i love your guitar skills, man! Definitely enjoyed seeing you perform tonight in Hendo.

Apparently, @njrdcm, below, had Casey to sign her cigarette pack and he signed it alright....he wrote...DON'T SMOKE  C J
nina renfrow

WHAT A SHOW! LOVED IT! I'll work on the smoking. Promise. :-)
Donna Camarata

OmG I finally got to meet n hug Casey James!

His show started a little earlier than what was posted, and he only performed 7 songs.  He referred to only having 2 band members, plus himself tonight, as 'the good old days', back when he and 2 others is what he mostly played with.  Here are the songs her performed in the order in which they were sang:

Green Light Girl

She's Money

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Too Sweet For Me

Til' My Guitar


Done Made Up My Mind

Yep, only 7 songs....he's done acoustic sets longer than that!  Oh well, I guess you take what you can get!  And we know he wanted to play more, and his day will come, when he can play the long shows all the time!
Here is the best photo that has come through, there will be more soon.

Thanks to Jen Lloyd for this nice shot!

That's all we have for tonight, no videos yet, but probably tomorrow, we can hope to get some!!  I'll update this post and add them here when I find them!!

Until tomorrow.....

I'M BAAACK!!  There are at least 2 videos up now, from the show last night in Henderson, Ky.

She's Money

Til' My Guitar (partial)

Big Thanks to jlloy5 for both of these great video!! 


  1. Sandy (Morningstar4us)September 10, 2011 at 6:33 PM

    Proud to be part of all of this:)

  2. Aww I loved that video..shout out to Carolyn Collins and carolyn Ross
    For driving here for the concert from Michigan....the radio station was teasing me too for Driving all the way from Iowa to see worth it! And Casey was right on, no stalker fans just very dedicated fans!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I just finished more updating! We were trying to figure out who they were talking about from Michigan, and I forgot all about the Carolyn's Ross & Collins living there!! :) Thanks for clearing that up for me Donna!! And you came from Iowa!! Yall sound like me, I've driven 1000's of miles for Bucky Covington, and done mostly flying everywhere for Casey! I love the concert roadtrips with the other fans!! Fun with a capital 'F'!!

    Yea, he knows us....he knows how dedicated we are! No crazed fans, just good loving people. I just love that Casey's fans are just all around good, honest people with hearts of gold!! Everyone cares about everyone else....and supports each other, not just Casey. It's just awesome!!

  4. She's Money, Yummy, Yummy, Casey!!

  5. @Anonymous 11:51 Yea!!!! I'm liking this song more every time I hear's definitely growing on me!! I love the melody...and nobody could sing it like Casey!! I hope I don't ever have to hear someone else in the music business sing one of Casey's songs....cuz I know it will never be as good as what he does!! :)