Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Positive feedback for Casey James & new single...and new show added!!

There is quite a bit of positive single reviews, articles and interviews going on these last few days!!  It's always good to see this, especially when they are all good!!!  When yall finish reading things like this, if there is a way to comment, please take just a little time and leave a comment thanking the site for their support of Casey.

First up is a music review of Casey's new single from Today's Country Magazine.  They had this to say about Casey and "Let's Don't Call It A Night":

Though I am not a fan these days of what American Idol has become through the years, there is no denying the impact the music industry has felt because of it. However, every once in a while someone comes along that captures my attention and Casey James did just that with his blues infused Southern rock vibes that combine perfectly with a stripped down singer/songwriter feel. With his debut single “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” James brings all of that to the table, but turns up the sexiness just a bit more than expected making this a very solid debut single.
To read the whole review, click on the link above.

A few months back, Roughstock did a 'Top 10 to watch for in 2011'.  Casey James was on that list, and they are following up with this awesome article titled "New Artist Spotlight".  Here is a quote from the writer, Chuck Dauphin....

The 19 Recordings / BNA newcomer has been finding out just what it takes to build a career in 2011, as he has been meeting tons of radio executives and media to promote his first single for the label, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night.” To say the song has a soulful undertone is something of an understatement.
To read more of his article, click the link above.

Nashville's New Country
features new artists from Nashville and around the country.  Here, we have a podcast of a very nice mention of Casey and LDCIAN!!   Click the link above and listen.  It's about the 14 minute mark before you hear him announce what Casey says about it, then talking about him and the song and then the song starts playing!!  :)  So cool.... :)

New show!!!!  Casey will be just one of the artists at the  Rising Star Songwriters Showcase, on October 12th in Akron, Ohio, sponsored by radio station WQMX 94.9 .  The show will take place at the Tangier at 532 West market St.  All procedes will benefit  Muffins for Mammograms. There are VIP tickets with meet and greets you can purchase!  Click the 1st link above to check it all out!

 A while back, Casey was on the Big D and Bubba show and they tweeted this picture and message!  I don't think I ever posted this, and I wanted everyone to see the look on his funny!!!  :D

@bigdandbubba hey @blakeshelton - @CaseyEJames wants ur wedding gift  :))))


LMBO!!!!  I love the sign....MINE :)  Haha!!!  And the look on his face is priceless!!!!  love it!!

Casey sent us this tweet earlier today.....


I just got a text from one of my friends in L.A. I just copied the text and pasted it on a note. Pretty awesome! :)

 That IS awesome!!!  Hmmmm wonder who the friend was??   Noooo..... (joking) I'm just being nosy now!!  :)  I just wish we could get the hometown stations to play his new single!!!  I can't get started on that....I just get so upset at them!!  They should have played it first, in my opinion.  And that's all I'll say about that....
So yall please don't forget to call your local radio station and request Casey's song at least once a day.  Keep requesting even though they say they don't have it, or they'll try to get it on.  Sometimes they won't play it....and I guess since I have these 2 large markets to deal with, I'm not used to getting my request played.  But the smaller ones are certainly playing it, and there are some larger markets playing now.  Also, it would help alot if everyone reading this could click on the support tab up at the top and click on the mediabase links and request his song that way.  These in the first column are all the stations playing, or have played it before.  The ones below, the Monitored Stations, are all of them that are monitored and how they rank in the country.  Thanks to the Casey James Blog for keeping up with all this record following stuff.....there were 7 station adds this week!!  Thats amazing!  You only have to put a check by Casey's song, on the mediabase page and put in your name at the bottom then the code and hit submit.  Takes about 30 seconds.  Its a small price to pay, to help Casey's career.  He works so hard for us, it's the least we can do....

Well, thats all I have for now, check back often to see if there is anything new.....take care....

Until next time.....

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