Saturday, August 6, 2011

Radio Stations adding Casey's single early....

It's called early adds, meaning the radio stations have been sent, by BNA, a copy of Casey's song, early, and have added it to their playlist.  Casey's new single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night" is already being added by some stations, even though the official release date isn't until August 15th!!  If that's any indication of how this song is going to do in the future, then I'm very pleased!  Here's a list of the ones who have already added it to their Mediabase Request Form!

WGNE, Jacksonville, FL
WXCY, Wilmington, DE
WITL, Lansing, MI
KRST, Albuquerque, NM
KIZN, Boise, ID
KATM, Stockton, CA
CHAM, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
CKHJ, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
CKDQ, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
CJWW, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
WXTU , Philadelphia
WBEE  Rochester, NY

WPKR , Wisconsin
WRSF Columbia, NC
WIVK, Knoxville, TN
KJUG, Central Coast, California –
KFDI, Wichita, KS
WCTO, Allentown, PA
WQMX, Akron, OH
WMRN, Marion, OH
KUZZ, Bakersfield, CA
WKHX, Atlanta
WAWV, Sylacauga, AL
KNIC Lamar, CO

And this is just the beginning!!  When the single is officially released on the 15th, those Add numbers will grow by leaps and bounds, and I will keep yall updated as it happens!
I haven't learned how to do a screen cap yet, but when I do, I can actually show you the graph that shows all the stats of Casey's song  progression.  It's going to be so fun to watch this single from day 1 as it gets more and more airplay and more and more adds!!

And Sony Nashville/BNA has already started their promotion of the song with an Ad on the Stark Country Radio Newsletter!  It would be a good idea to read that article about over requesting on the radio stations Facebook pages.  All that does is irritate the DJ's....and remember, we don't want to do anything to get them irate.   If they ask you to post a request there, then that's a different story, but some people (not Casey's fans) are 'spamming' them with requests, and it's obvious they do not like that kind of thing.  So keep your requesting at a minimal, once or twice a day is usually sufficient. 
Another thing I wanted to mention while I'm on the subject......when calling the radio stations, a lot of times you'll find that they ring and ring with no answer, or they are busy.  All I can say is....just try not to get frustrated by that, just try back later.  As I've said before, I have better luck with the night DJ's.  It's also a good idea to be listening to the station either on your radio or by streaming it online.  That's especially important when the song is added to their playlist, and you know it will be played at some point.  You don't want to call to request it if they just played it, because they would know you weren't listening!  How embarrassing would that be??  All of the stations have on their streaming player, a list of the songs that have just been played that lists about 10 to 20 songs.  So make sure to check that and make sure they haven't played it in the last little bit, before requesting it!  :)

The other day, when LDCIAN was played for the first time on the radio, Razz from 92.5 WXTU, a Philly station was who did it.  Well, it looks like he said the song was 'back by popular demand' and played it again at 6:10 today!  I was away running errands and totally missed it!!  And from what I am reading on Facebook, Razz gave quite an introduction, as he did the first time he played it!!  Maybe a recording will surface soon, and I'll post it for yall!  :)

Remember to rate Casey's single on the "Tony Thomas Test Track"
if you haven't already.  You can only vote once, but please get that one vote in!  I like the one vote thing, because it lets you see a more truer outcome.   Right now  95.85% of the votes are.... "I say Yes!!  Love it!!"  Great numbers!!  So glad to see it's getting such positive feedback!!

Speaking of voting,  93.7 The Bull Battle  is still on, and Casey's song has once again beat out a superstar!!  I love Miranda Lambert, but I'm so thrilled his song won over hers....and in a huge way, I might add!  I think this is the 5th person he's gone up against, and it's someone I've never heard of, Sonja Leigh, so she's probably a new artist.  It says after 5 wins, the champion is retired and 2 new songs face off.  And you can vote as many times as you wish, so if you are watching TV, you could be voting for Casey at the same time.  Just click the link above and vote when you can.  We'll see what happens soon!!

Here's a couple pictures from the California State Fair a couple weeks ago.

Thanks so much to Sheryl C. for sending me this awesome photos

Ok yall, it's bedtime for me.....yall have a great day, and remember to request Casey's song on the radio!!

Until next time......

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