Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Debut single coming up on Aug. 15th for Casey James....and a new show added

First off, I just want to say that this is the hottest summer I've ever seen in Texas, and I've lived here all my life!  As of today, we have had 39 consecutive days of 100*and mostly above, degrees!!  And I don't even know the last time we had's been that long!  It was about 105* today, where I am, but I think it was like 108* or 109* in Ft. Worth....less than an hour from me!  I may have to retire to another cooler state if it continues!  :)  It looks like we've got another week to go, then possibly it may get down to 99*....geezzz  that'll feel like a cold front!  But we got a long ways to go before it gets cool....a long ways!  Thank goodness we got a new AC and the house is pretty comfortable till late evening.    I don't do a lot of cooking, cuz I don't want to heat up the house, so we eat a lot of tuna and other things that's cool.  Lots of salads....which I love.  I've been on a diet for a couple of months, and although it is going slow, I have lost 8 lbs. so we'll see how it goes.  My problem is exercising!!   I don't like it, but I know I need to get on it or my weight loss may not continue.

Now, on to things that are Casey related.  Looks like KKJQ or Q97 Continuous Country in Southwest Kansas played Casey's song and before they played it, the DJ has this to say about it:

"Today's Delete or Download song comes from a former American Idol contestant. Check out Casey James' new single "Let's Don't Call It A Night"

Then they put the link to the song, at Casey's Website!  I'm really liking what they are saying about the song! 

There's been a new show added recently for the folks up in Ohio!  On August 20th, Casey will be at the Annual North Canton Main Street Festival in North Canton, Ohio.  He is the headliner and will take the stage at the SMI Library Stage at 8:00pm and will play until 10:00pm!!  Looks like everyone attending will be in for a treat of an extended Casey show, like we had at Billy Bob's!!  For more information click HERE.

Casey now has his own Vevo Channel!  Click on the link to hear "Let's Don't Call It A Night" now!!!  In addition to that he also has a music channel on Myspace.
Sony also has a site called Hear Something Countrywhere Casey's new single can also be heard!!  This is all so exciting to see as we literally 'watch' his 'heart and soul' come to life on radio!!!  Yall keep calling your local stations and request his song.  And also, it may be time to start calling the syndicated stations, which I have a list of on the left sidebar under the title Syndicated Radio Stations.  We can ALL call them, because they go out all over the U.S. on different stations.  I will announce it, when I know Casey is going to be a contestant or a live guest on one of their shows.  We will all need to (if you can) listen in if it's local or stream a station if it's not.  That way the DJ knows he has a lot of support.  Sometimes they even let the fans call in and ask questions!  That would be a ton of fun, so get your question ready just in case.... :)  Most of the time they are talking about the new single when they are a guest.  And other things as well!!

I have a few more new photos that was sent to me recently....and I'll share them with yall now!  These are from the Los Angeles show at The Mint! 

Thanks going out to my friend Sheryl C. for her awesome shots!! :)

Wow!!  Those are some great shots right there!!!  And that last one is such a cutie!!  I can almost hear him laughing!!!  :D


If you haven't already done so, remember to put Casey's new single on your wish list at as it will go on sale there on or about the 16th of August, which is next Tuesday! 
I'm still not exactly sure if  itunes will have it on the release day, but I'll check on it, and let yall know!

I really liked what that DJ, Mark Razz from 92.5 XTU had to say about describing Casey's music!!  He obviously is a fan himself, and since he was the first one to play Casey's new single, he also brought it up again last Friday and played it, and had really nice things to say about Casey and the song!  He reminded the listeners that Casey was the one who played at their big Anniversary show back on June 4th, and told how Casey almost didn't make it to the show on time, getting stuck in traffic and eventually got a police escort and arrived just a few minutes before he had to go on stage!  I can see all that playing out in my head, and how freaked out Casey probably was, thinking he was gonna be late!  But if he was, it didn't show and he grabbed his guitar and hit the stage ready to roll!!

Razz said this is how Casey describes his music.....

"If you think he's country, you're right.....and if you think he's rock, your right."

He then went on to tell the people there, that Casey was now in Nashville, and loved spending time with his best buddies, Buster and Daisy, his sweet little hound dogs!!  There's a link where you can hear it, but I can't get to it right now, but I'll edit this and add it, if I can get it!!

Well, it's time to get out of here tonight!  My dog is staring at me and growling for me to let her I better get gone!  Be back soon!!

Until next time....


  1. Ok Glenda! It's all your fault if I get in trouble here at work. Honestly how am I supposed to concentrate on anything when you post pictures like that? I feel like I've been holding my breath waiting for Monday and now I can't even catch my breath! (keep up the good work!)

  2. I'm suuuuper excited for what's going to happen in the coming weeks. I think I've thought so much of Casey James for the past days that I dreamt about his video of Let's Don't Call it a Night. No kidding!

    And oh that last photo... ugh those cheekbones get me everytime! If Casey is not 29 years old I would totally pinch his cheeks till it hurts haha

  3. Well... Thank you so much to both of you!! I always love getting comments to let me know how I'm doing, and if I'm doing a good enough job for all of you!! I really appreciate it!!