Thursday, August 4, 2011

All kinds of buzz about Casey James' new more photos, and videos

Everywhere I look, I find something else about Casey's new single...."Let's Don't Call it a Night"!!  This is the way I imagined it would happen....and now it feels almost surreal as it's taking place.  It makes me go back a year and a half, to when I had no idea who Casey James was.  He was just a guy from Ft. Worth, Tx. he told the producers, when he took his place in front of those judges.  And it makes me sad to think he almost didn't make it through that day.  As he stood there after singing his song snippet, his fate lay in the hands of those 4 people.  I saw in his face, a longing to get through this round, but I saw even more in his eyes.  His eyes told me that day, that he wanted this more than anything!  Not just to get through this audition, but to live a life being the full time musician that he was,  to get paid what he's worth, and have people respect him and his music on a scale larger than he could ever imagine.  And somehow I knew, when he made it through to Hollywood, it was his!  And now, as his first single is being released for the world to hear, I couldn't help but reminisce about how it all came about.  I am so extremely elated for him and his success that seems to be taking off quite nicely!!  This is just the beginning of a very long and happy career for Casey, and I'm so proud to say I was there since the beginning!  And by that I mean, since the day I laid eyes and ears on him and his voice and guitar playing that all started in Denver, Colorado!  I'm ready for a long and fun bunch of years supporting him and his music!!

Now....there is so much going on, it's unreal!  There's all kinds of things we can do, and are doing to help further the success of this new single!!  

First, there's a group called "All Access", which is the web's largest radio and music industry community, and it's associated with Mediabase.  They talk about all the new cool music, and introduces it from new artists and established ones too.  They also have a listen button to check out each song, and Casey's was added today!  Click on the link above and  check it out!

Here is a clear video with great sound, from The Mint, in LA last week, where quite a few devoted Casey supporters were in attendance!!

Thanks to jsalow2 for this very awesome video!!

"Need Some Texas"

Here's another from The Mint that night, one I haven't posted in a bit.....but one of my favorites!

Thanks so much to Violetskyye for her awesome up close video!!


And his 'Rocker' song "Done Made Up My Mind"

I will never get bored or tired of listening to Casey's's just so uplifting....even the ballads!!  He has a gift and I'm so glad he's getting to share it with the world!!

Another radio station is talking about Casey's new single, 94.1 KMPS out of Seattle!  They have it on  'Tony Thomas Test Track'.  You listen to the snippet they have for you of LDCIAN, then just simply rate it!!  We really need all of Casey's fans to get on this one, as well as all the others too.  Because the more interest the public shows the radio stations about these different displays of his song, the more the stations will want to play it, and more spins equals a #1 song!  That's what we all want for Casey, for him to have his first single go straight to the top!!  So just click the link above and give a rating for the song!! 

Here's a fantastic photo of Casey taken at The Santa Fe Station in Las Vegas this past weekend!!! Don't think I've seen that capture before....gotta love it!!!

Thanks to Linda R. for her breathtaking shot!!


Don't forget to call your local radio station and request Casey's song at least once a day!!  And remember, you can call the daytime DJ's, but I've had better luck with the ones who are on from about 7-12 or later.  But try your daytime DJ's too, it needs to spin during the day as well!! :)  But one that you can request at just about any time, is  Nixa internet based radio station who plays a lot of Casey's music!!  They are dedicated to the independant artist!  A big Thank You to Val Jean Nixa and her hubby, Kevin, for being the best DJ's on the internet!!  And a big thank you for supporting Casey's music!!  Just click the link above
to listen in and you can request, and they highly suggest that you do!!  So, as they say on Nixa Country.....Tune in and Turn it Up!!  :)

It seems theres a new and improved  'Casey E James Fan Club' on Facebook!  If you are on Facebook, just click the link above and then click on "LIKE" to be a part of something really cool!!  The pictures are just awesome!! 

There are several reviews and articles that have popped up about Casey's new single!!  I will just make a list below, along with the link to visit the site and read what they said about the song and Casey!!

Nashville Gab

Taste of Country


The Country Site
When you click on the last one, you will notice that it takes you to a page that is a Casey James page.  They have a full page set up just for him, and a video wall with all his videos there!!  Check it out, you will love the dedication they have for Casey!

In an article on Idol Chatter from USA Today, Brian Mansfield has this to say about Casey's new single:

“it’s worth noting that Casey James’ debut single, Let’s Don’t Call It a Night, has been played on a handful of stations but has yet to pick up enough spins to make the chart.”  We say, let’s give it a chance to be officially released, and then we’ll see how it does.
Thats right Brian....let's just see how it does!!!  :)))  I'm predicting at the very least a Top 10 hit....but I think it will do even better, we'll see soon enough!! 
                                                                                                                                                                           won't be long before the video to this song will be debuting on GAC and CMT!!!!  That's when we will begin voting for the video, actually we start before it debuts, and if we can get enough people to cast their vote DAILY on GAC, and as many times as possible on CMT..... it could come in on a single diget number!!  I've seen it happen before, with a Carrie Underwood video I believe, and I think Casey's fans can do it for him, as well!!  I believe in US!!

Thanks to Cyndee H. for the pictures above.....from The Santa Fe Station Casino in Vegas last weekend.

Ok, kids....I'm outta here for a little bit.... Yall try to keep voting wherever you can vote, comment where you can, and by all means.....PLEASE REQUEST CASEY'S NEW SINGLE AT YOUR LOCAL RADIO!!  Thank yall so much for your hard work and dedication to Casey.....he deserves the best from all of us!!

Until next time........


  1. Great catch up, Glenda! Glad you are now virus free. I missed you and your Caseymania updates.

    Thanks for mentioning the new Casey E. James Fan Club I've created on Facebook. The original site where we've all been gathering since AI-9 will remain. That is a GROUP site. We will continue our discussions, support, and all at that site. The new CEJFC is a PAGE. These are two different things on Facebook. The GROUP requires you be "accepted" in order to join. To join the PAGE, all you have to do is "Like" it. Val Jean is helping me administrate this PAGE, and she is doing an awesome job. This PAGE will be good for those people who are looking for information, but aren't into the chatter. I hope this makes sense to you all, and I hope you'll join both sites.

    Ok, gotta go find out how I can support Casey today! So many places to vote!

  2. I agree, I've missed you and Caseymania, you have a special touch.