Thursday, August 18, 2011

New shows added, requesting tips, and sites talking about Casey James' new single

Hey... have you gotten your copy of Casey's new single??  You know, you can gift somebody with a copy?  Thats what I'm doing!  I've bought a few copies as gifts already and I will buy more through the year.  It helps Casey's numbers go up and of course he makes more $$$!  You can get your copy at iTunes and Amazon

Here's what some people are saying about Casey's new single.....

Steve Warren is a guy who reviews music for Country Radio Program Directors, and he has a whole bunch 'o good words about Casey's new single......

Let’s Don’t Call It A Night-Casey James (BNA)

When I reviewed this one in the last edition, I was musing about how this is the way Country songs should be arranged when they get a bit rocky. I’ve heard it a bunch more in the last two weeks and, silly me, it’s actually more of a R&B record. I could hear any of a number of the Blues masters from the 60′s cuttin’ down with this one. And/or several of the R&B influenced Southern Rockers of the 70′s. Elvin Bishop, maybe. And certainly Delbert will add this to his set before much longer, I ‘spect. It is seductive and so very sexy.

Ok....I love the way this guy thinks!

 Nashville's New Country said "We love it, and think it has a Kid Rock feel to it!"    Ok, I don't feel the same thing they do....but it's a good comment!!   I think he has an 'everybody' feel to his

There is a couple new shows added to Casey's schedule, and it looks like one of them is radio station 92.3 KRST in Albuquerque, New Mexico!  They are throwing an annual private party, August 24th and Casey has been invited to be their guest!  Here's what they had to say on their website a couple days ago:

It’s Another Girls Night Out… starring CASEY JAMES!
You remember Casey from season 9 of American Idol and you’ve heard his new song “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” on KRST. Now you get to MEET him! Wednesday night August 24th at Thunder Road inside Route 66 Casino Hotel.
As always it’s a private party and the ONLY way in is to WIN! Listen all day for your chance to get on Albuquerque’s Most Exclusive Guest List!

Click HERE for more information about how to win your way in to this awesome event!!

And  HERE is a recording of the commercial on their website!  I love it!!  And you will too!!
Thanks to Shari G. for finding this little commercial clip!!

The other show added to his schedule is in Omaha, Nebraska on August 25th, and looks to be another private, winners only, concert!  It's all taking place at the KAT 103 KXKT Shadow Lake Listeners Lounge.  Click HERE for more information about how to sign up to win this intimate show of Casey and meet him!

I want to take a minute to thank 2 of the internet radio stations who have given Casey some tremendous support and are playing his music on their stations....a....lot!!!  Thanks to NIXA radio and WIZARD Radio  for their support, and promotion of Casey's music!!  We fans really appreciate them!!  Feel free to listen in online and make your request for Casey's new song!! 

Here is another radio doing the music play off between 2 songs!  Froggy  from Barre,Vermont!!  Click HERE to put your vote in!

Now, before I get out of here, I wanted to share with yall some very interesting news I got last night from a radio insider.  This person knows exactly what they are talking about.  I was told the listening audience, (local) is who they pay attention to, as far as requesting goes.  They pay close attention to the telephone numbers to make sure that person is in their listening range.  I was also told, if the person you're requesting is a new artist and this is their breakout single, there are radio stations that won't play it until it's in the top 10.  One of my local stations is that way.  But don't let it discourage you, they still need to hear people requesting Casey. 
Something that really surprised me, was that I was told to call the radio stations during the 3 dayshifts, Morning, Mid day, and Afternoon.  For some reason, maybe because the program director is there and can actually see the requests for Casey's song, it is the best to call during those shifts.  So, rally your family, friends and whoever you can to call your local radio station and request LDCIAN. Do it on different phones if you have them.  I'm gonna use my cell phone, my hubbys cell, and our house phone.  Then my sister in law has already said she'd call as well. Those local listeners at each station, is what counts!  Also I was told to call every day, and keep trying back until you actually get through and talk to a DJ.  Once you've gotten through your done.  Only 1 request a day from each person that can do it!  And you may not hear your request, about 1/2 the time you won't, right now, anyway.  So don't call them back up and fuss at them, or get angry and say...."You haven't played my request, and I been waiting for 2 hours for it!!"  or anything similar....don't.....that will hurt your chances of ever getting it played!  It is the program director's decision as to weather or not it gets played at all or even added to the playlist.
And it's not only us, the fans, that help get it on the's the BNA reps. job to contact the program directors and put pressure on them to add their artist's song to their playlist.  That is something I had no idea about.  But it makes sense.
The only time that the fans really should ALL call the same radio station to request, is when it's a syndicated station.  I have most of them listed on the left sidebar, and you can call them every night as well.  They too, do the 2 songs against each other and accept calls from all over the U.S.  And when one of them have Casey on their show as a guest, we'll all need to either listen locally or online and call in requesting and talking about the song, or sometimes they'll even let you ask the artist a question!  I know, I just talked about this, but I can't stress enough how important it is for Casey's new single and it's success!  We are the driving force behind that single!!  I always said, when his single comes out, thats when our work really begins!  He needs us now, more than ever to get his song out to the public, so lets all do our part to help him.
And when you purchase his song from iTunes or Amazon, make sure you always leave a comment!! 
Thanks yall!!

Ok, everybody, I gotta get out here for tonight, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here or you can send me a message on Facebook

Take care.....

Until next time......



  2. Awesome job as usual Glenda! Thanks for all you do for us and our guy!

  3. "When his single comes out, thats when our work really begins!"

    ... you took the words out of my mouth. I think this is when all fans who have been following him since the beginning should take this as a critical point. You just don't gush over Twitter how great he is, how amazing his song is, monitor how he is doing on charts. I know we have our real lives to manage but I think if you could take so much time tweeting Casey James, you should also have a bit of buffer time filling out request forms or voting on radio battles (takes 5 seconds tops) or posting short review where it matters (iTunes or Amazon). Makes sense?

    I am so proud of fans like you Glenda, who sticks to your fave and proves how you want to help them. You don't go around boards talking mostly about his hair or what shirt he wears because you are wayyy better than that. You Mickey Shari Marie Carman and quite a bunch of others are who Casey should be so thankful for having as fans. If I am on his shoe, I would be forever grateful (which I think he is anyway).

    Keep up with this blog. It's just sooo fun to read (and educational too at some point). Love ya///

    - D

  4. Thanks for the info regarding how to request it on the radio. Very informative and helpful. I've been calling everyday and different times so I talk to all the different DJ's. I'm gonna start recruiting my family to call in too!! :)

  5. Thanks everybody!! I appreciate yall!! Carman, yes, thats exactly what you do! They pay attention to the local #'s, it's very important in getting it played!! They still haven't played it here... :( Hopefully soon!! Thank yall so much for doing what we have to do!! It's the only way to get his spins up!! Yall are all awesome!!!!

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