Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First day sales looking great for Casey James and his newly released single....

Well, today is the first day of sales for Casey's new single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night" and the numbers are certainly looking good!!  Here's what's happening so far, on it's 1st day of being released!  Thanks to Shari Geller, of   The Casey James Blog  for her awesome research skills!

The Current iTunes Country Top 100 Chart:  #53 Hot New Releases in Country: #11 Movers and Shakers in MP3 Songs: #3 (overall sales rank #168) Best Sellers in Country: #33
As of 6:00 PM PDT: Hot New Releases in Country: #12 Movers and Shakers in MP3 Songs: #3 (sales rank #222) Best Sellers in Country: #48
As of 3:30 PM PDT:
The Current iTunes Country Top 100 Chart:  #58 Hot New Releases in Country: #14 Movers and Shakers in MP3 Songs: #3 (sales rank #269) Best Sellers in Country: #67

That is some very impressive numbers for first day sales!!  He should be so proud!!  As I'm sure he is!!
I can't stress enough how important it is to continue with requesting at your local radio stations!  It's aggravating, I know, sometimes to call and call and not get an answer, or hear nonstop busy signals.  Just make sure your listening in when you call, because you don't want to call in for a request when they are having a contest for callers to call in and win something.  Make sure of that.  Try to get at least 1 answer and a request in on the day shift once a day, if at all possible.  I know I've said in the past you have better luck with the night shift, and you will, but I had a DJ tell me tonight to call in on the Day Shift, for some reason it means more.  But you can and should still call in on the night shift.  I will call each station once during the day shifts and once during the night shifts.  I haven't always gotten through,  after calling and calling.  Sometimes you just have to stop and try again later.  And sometimes you may not get through at all.  It happens.  Just please don't get frustrated and give up calling at all, Casey needs us as much now, as he did when he was on 'that show' and counted on us to vote and get him through to the next round.  That's in a way, whats happening now, we have to get him to the next round.

As promised, I have the GAC video of Casey's appearance on the show, "On The Streets" with host, Suzanne Alexander.  He was cute as can be!  He handles himself so well with these interviews, knowing the cameras are on him!  Well, I guess he had a lot of practice dealing with cameras on 'that show'! :)

Can he get any more precious??  I liked....."they were my fans coming to see me, but then also had a big gigantic crowd of people who have no clue who I am.....and now they do!"   I just love him to pieces!!!   And because of that exposure to that 'big gigantic crowd of people' he now has more fans to support him!! :)

Here is a nice screencap from Cyndee and Debbie....thanks ladies!

Great News!!!!!  Casey tweeted today!!!!  Here's what he had to say to us!!  :)

Casey Everett James
Your patience has paid off. ;) Hope y'all like the first single! Here you go...

And with that....he sent us the iTunes link!!   And like???  Is he kidding??   We LOVE that song!!!  When you purchase Casey's song, make sure that you post a comment about it.  Try not to argue with the trolls....they are not worth our time.  Their main purpose in life is to see how angry they can make the fans who are commenting with support, so they will say just about anything.....ignore them, they want attention, and we need to stay focused on the positive.  

Ok, my little sweeties.....I'm out of here tonight......yall take care....

Until next time.....

PS: There have been numerous sites talking about Casey's new single, but unfortunately I will have to post that tomorrow!!  I'm a bit tired and need to get to bed.  See ya....


  1. Thank you Glenda for all the "info" about contacting the Radio Stations... I am taking notes and trying to do everything the right way! Don't wanna bug them to death and possibly make them angry... they are our friends and we want them on our/Casey's side for sure! :)

    And the word "Precious" is a great adjective to describe Casey, I 100% agree!!!

  2. Thanks for the advise about the trolls. They get into my nerve most of the times and I really really try my best to ignore them. Right, keep the +s.

    Isn't it cool that we are bound for more Caseyness next year... cos this is just the beginning?

    - Fifi

  3. Your welcome gals! I've got more info now to share on the next post! Amazing new facts and info discovered just last night!

    Yea, I'm as bad as the next one to want to lash out at those idiots!! But we have to stay calm and ignore them!

  4. Love your single bought some for my friends to .. Makes a great gift! Love ya Casey, we are proud of you and will keep supporting you! Your awesome!!

  5. By the way HBLocal is me..Dianne DiBiasi..or MisseyDianne on twitter.. which ever way you want to go!! Don't know what I did wrong, but anyway I am member and love it!! Ya'll know I am not to savvy with this Tech stuff LOL

    Go Casey!! We love ya.. all of mezzz!!