Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm back!! And behind on let's get started!

Hey everybody!  I am finally back with my computer all well.... for now!!  I can't believe the horrible timing of this!!  Just when things started happening with the single, I'm shut down by that virus!!  Anyway, I don't think I could possibly catch up, but I'll mention some of the things that have gone on in the last few days! 

But first things 'bout that single??  It's already getting airplay and is in the 'dog fight' type contests already!!  We all need to register with at least our local country stations, so you can be up on all thats going on, so when Casey comes to your area, on his radio tour, that's coming up soon, you'll hear it from your local station!  And you can vote for his song in the play offs!!  The first one is with  93.7 The Bull  Battle, where Casey's new single is up against Chris Cagle's new one.  To help out and get your vote in, click   HERE  and let's help Casey win his first new single showdown, against a seasoned veteran of country music too, I might add!  And we can vote as many times as we like, it says!!  Here we go!!! :)

Another radio station, Decatur's Country Home 95Q is asking on their facebook page a simple....Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down about Casey's single!  If you are on facebook, just go HERE and click on 'Like', scroll down, if ya need to, where the question is,  and just comment a Thumbs Up for Casey!  These may seem like small things, but a little bit goes a long way!  Clicks count in a good way for him!

Another radio station in on it is WKHX kicks 101.5 out of Atlanta!  And they call theirs the  Thursday Night Fights.  Casey is going up against one of Countrys fastest rising new stars, Justin Moore!  So we have to really up our game and try to help Casey's song beat out his, and in the process showing the radio stations we are devoted Casey supporters!!

There was quite a lot going on that I didn't get to review, so I will bring yall snippets of this and that, over the last few days.  Not going to get a whole bunch in tonight, it's too late, but I will update over the next few days, a little here and there.

Here's Casey singing one of his new songs on Saturday, the 30th at The Santa Fe Station, in Las Vegas, in which quite a number of Casey's fans were a part of!!

Thanks to luvcaseyjames for all her awesome videos!!


"Why I'm Feeling Blue"

"So Sweet"

"Ya Need Some Texas"

And last but certainly not least.....our new single.....when Casey was performing it at "The Mint", last week!!  I couldn't locate one from Vegas just yet of it, but I'm sure it's on it's way!!  This is a beautiful, and clear audio video, and I loved the way he does it, he seemed to add some pizazz to it....countried it up without making it too it!!!!  Enjoy.....

Many thanks to TajiToki for this superb video!!!
"Let's Don't Call It A Night"


Thanks to my bud, Cyndee H. for sharing her beautiful photos from Vegas, with us!!!

I was also reading that Casey had hurt his back, somehow!!  But I could never find out 'how'?  I will keep looking and try to find out what happened to him.  But he never let it hinder his show in any way....gave it his all every time!!!  But we know that's what Casey does anyway.....right?  We've had a lot of experience at watching Casey perform when he's not in top form!!  He always gives 1000%.....always!!!!!

Ok, yall, I'll be back tomorrow with some more Casey news for ya, don't forget.....CALL YOUR LOCAL RADIO STATION AND REQUEST CASEY'S NEW SINGLE!!!!! :)

Until next time....


  1. Welcome back!!! Dang, you're right, bad time for you to get a virus. I wanted to share all this fun with you and you were missing! It was great to log on this morning and find a new Caseymania post! You've been missed. Hugs and kisses. Love you!

  2. Missed ya too Glenda...glad you're back in action !!! Darn computers can be so frustrating... :( Some really nice pics of Casey there! I am really loving the song "Undone" it's turning into one of my favorites!!! Happy to have ya back :) Chris B.

  3. Thanks again Glenda for your heartfelt words, we love all you do for Casey and the fans. :)

  4. Thank y'all so much!!! It warms my heart when I'm missed!! Thanks for the comments, I look forward to always reading what y'all have to say!!! Love y'all too!! 

  5. Thanks Glenda!! We are already missing Casey on the west coast!

  6. Your welcome Anonymous, I'm sure yall are missing him....yall had him for 8 of those days in California, and then in Vegas and Arizona! Its all the west coast to me!! At least it's really way West of me!! Wish I was out there with all you Cali people, your weather is awesome!! My hubby actually acts like he would move from Tx. some day....because of this heat, but I don't believe it! I would in a heartbeat, but can't go without guess I'm stuck here melting till we retire, then we might be able to get a motorhome and spend some time on the west coast.
    I so glad yall keep reading my heart and soul...cuz thats what it is....I do it for the fans and Casey to help people stay connected with him. I hope I get to do it till I can't!! Then I'll turn it over to someone else, cuz I don't ever want it to die!! Thanks again, all of you!!! :)