Thursday, September 1, 2011

3 New Shows for Casey James

Wow!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes when I read a new show, then another a little bit later and then a third one a little while after that!!!  This is amazing!!!   

First up was a show in Jacksonville, Florida on October 1st!!  That made some fans and friends happy out there!!  Radio station WGNE 99.9 Gator Country is the sponsoring station, and the show is going to be at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.  It will kick off the Fall 2011 Free Concert Series!

VIEW LINEUP: October 1st • October 8thOctober 15th
Saturday, October 1st

Casey James


A singer and guitarist from Fort Worth, Texas, Casey James was the third-place finalist on the 9th season of American Idol before being eliminated on May 19, 2010. James had tried out for and been selected to compete in the ninth season of Idol in 2009 in spite of the fact that he had never seen the show.  He was the oldest contestant to be selected for the Top 24 of the ninth season at the age of 27. During the finale of American Idol, he performed a duet of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" with Bret Michaels.

James has been working on his debut record writing songs and auditioning band members. He has been collaborating with some of country music’s best songwriters including Aimee Mayo, Jaren Johnston, Alabama’s Randy Owen, Sugarland’s Kristian Bush, Delbert McClinton and Grammy-winner Tom Douglas. He’s also been doing what he loves, playing before live audiences from coast to coast. He has opened for Sugarland on their Incredible Machine Tour and has been playing other solo and opening gigs including performing at the ACM Awards after party and 2011 CMA Fest.

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 I hope many fans and friends get to go to this event!!

On September 16th, the folks in Bakersfield, California will be in for a treat as Casey rolls into their town!!  Got lots of fans and friends out there as well!!  Radio station KUZZ 107.9 has already been playing Casey's new single and will sponsor a live show with Casey at the Buck Owens Crystal Palace!!  Casey will go on at 7:00.  I've heard for years about this beautiful place owned by Buck Owens, and always wanted to go there!  It's a piece of Country Music History just like Buck is!!  I'm assuming his family still own it, since Buck passed away in 2006.

I remember when I was a kid, every Saturday night we would be seated in front of the television to watch all the country music shows, and The Buck Owens Show and Hee Haw were my two very favorites!!  Buck is a legend in Country Music, and Casey will probably be in awe.  And....did yall know that Buck was the musical idol of Honky Tonk artist, Dwight Yoakam?  And because of their duet, "Streets of Bakersfield", Dwight received his first #1 single!!!  Just a little Buck info for yall.

Ok, the third show will be in Portland, Oregon, on September 14th.  The show will be in the Bing Lounge of the 98.7 KUPL radio station!  Read what the station has to say about it!

Wednesday, September 14
Location: Studio 987 at the Bing Lounge
September 14th - 7:00pm
Casey is an American singer and guitarist from Fort Worth, Texas, who was the third-place finalist on the ninth season of American Idol.
James started playing the guitar at 13 and within a year was playing on stage. James has played acoustic sets with his mother, Debra "Bybee" James, and blues with his older brother, Billy Cole. He has also played with country and rock bands.
James was a contestant on American Idol during its ninth season. He made it to the Top 3 before being eliminated on May 19, 2010. James had tried out for and been selected to compete in the ninth season of Idol in 2009 in spite of the fact that he had never seen the show.
On August 17, 2010, it was announced that James had signed with Sony Music Nashville and his debut album will be released on 19 Recordings/BNA Records in 2011. Now we're very excited to have him visit us and our amazing listeners!!

Ok, here is a picture that is one of the "BEST" shots from a show by a fan I might have ever seen!!  It's from Alexandria, Ky. and he's in that blue shirt that seems to be the exact same color as his eyes!  I wonder....if he bought that shirt himself, or was it given to him....?  If he bought it himself, he has excellent taste in clothing and knows what looks good on him.  I wonder if he knows how much it enhances those 'baby blues'!!? hehehe!  Ok, remember's all about the music.....say it with me.....'it's all about the music'....ect.....ect.... look!!!


 Thanks to Gail V. for this excellent shot! :)

Tomorrow I will update the Alexandria show with videos that came in today.  I've been out and about, so didn't have time to get them on tonight!  But hopefully there will be some video from Lexington by tomorrow as well.  There might have been some today, but I just didn't have time to look them up!
Gotta go....yall take care.....
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  1. Thanks Glenda for the posting my photo. Casey always makes the best pic's. I love the fact that Casey doesn't feel like he has to update his wardrobe. I have a story about the blue shirt. My niece and I had photo's made with him in IL at one of his Sugarland concerts. He was wearing the blue shirt under a jacket. The next time we seen him at the Country Music Expo of course we took the photo to be signed and he said " Oh that's my favorite shirt...I have it in my backpack now!" :) We just thought it was cute and of course he was wearing it at the CMA fest. He did a great show in Alexandria!! Even though mother nature was distracting, bless his heart the sun was shining straight in his face.:) Gail V.

  2. Kudos Gail on that absolutely stunning photo of Casey!! Just freakin' WOW!!!!!

  3. Your welcome Gail!! Thank YOU for posting it for all the fans to see and go ga-ga over!! LOL!! It's one of those pics that are not always present in fans groups of pictures. Most of the time, he just looks like a very good looking guitar player and singer! But from time to time, we get one of that everyone just goes crazy for....and this picture is one of them!! It's not only sexy but its just downright seductive looking!! His lips are set just right, his hair is falling in just the right places on his face and those sunglasses just make it all come together!!! And I don't usually ever use the word hot....I don't like using it to describe men, but sometimes.....there is just no other word to describe the way he looks. And I AM all about the music....but I'm not blind either...he is a beautiful man.

    Right on Laura!!! good description!!

  4. It's all about the music, it's all about the music, it's all about---forget it! Who am I kidding? LOVE THE PICTURE,GAIL. Thank you.

  5. @Jeanette I know...right?!?! I know its difficult, but we have to do it!! LOL!!!

  6. The "sunglasses picture". Every Casey fan will always know immediately which one that is! We are the ones that need sunglasses! Almost too much beauty to take in with the naked eye!

  7. Yep, @Anon 2:41am you are exactly right!! Way too much!!! It ought to be against the law!! The sunglasses picture from Alexandria, Ky.!! I will be replacing one picture on this sidebar, and this awesome shot is taking it's place!! Thank you AGAIN Gail!!!!

  8. I love the new look to the blog, Glenda! :) You always do such a great job. I WILL be attending that Jacksonville show, with Terry, I might add. I am excited that Terry wants to share my passion for Casey's music with me! I was in seventh heaven when that date was announced!

    Gail sure did capture one beautiful Casey moment in the photo - great going, Gail!!!

  9. Thanks so much Mickey!! So glad you do! I didn't even log on last night to do just kind of happened! It almost looks like Stage Lights! Thats what I liked about it! That, and the fact that the color is almost identical to his guitar!! I also made the lettering on the sidebar a little bigger, especially the titles. The actual templet was way different in the lettering, I had to go advanced and change the lettering and the colors of the text all over to make it look better.
    I am sooooo excited Terry is joining you in this wonderful adventure!!!! Yall are gonna have a blast!!! And Terry is going to see first hand what we've all been raving about!! Casey is bringing in more male fans all the time with that bad ass guitar playing of his!! And too....Casey doesn't have an arrogant bone in his body, so he doesn't appear to be showing off for the women, because he's not. Guys notice that kind of stuff, ya know!! Casey is just playing the music he loves so much, and the passion for the music just radiates from him!! He's gonna pick up more 'he man' fans as time goes on! :)

  10. Hi Glenda...the site looks phenominal!!! You amaze me! I know you put in a lot of hard work and it is very much appreciated.
    I get to see Mickey and Terry (along with many more CEJ fans) in Jacksonville and I'm so happy. I needed this news this week!!! Had a major fire at one of our properties this week but no one hurt or killed (including 2 cats) so I feel blessed and happy. Fire scares the heck outta me....people can be so careless at times but all is well now. Love ya girl!!!

  11. Hi, Glenda. I like the new look. You alway do such a good job with this site.
    None of the new shows are near me. Hope he comes to Chicago or at least close by. Patience is a virtue. Jeanette

  12. Does anyone else find themselves getting so caught up in the "busy-ness" of being a Casey fan that you don't have the time to hear his music? Catching up on the blogs and posts and interviews...drooling over the latest pictures!...requesting his song on the radio takes up time. I love this part of my Casey addiction but when I actually have time to watch some of his video and hear him perform I realize all over again just how amazing he is. It REALLY IS all about the music.

  13. Thanks yall, I really appreciate it!!! Glad yall like it!!
    @Darla...omg!! I'm sorry to hear that darlin' but so relieved everyone is ok!! Yea, fire is bad, I've been through one myself. Lost darn near everything, but somehow my picture albums were only burned on one corner and smoked up. But lost just about everything else. I can't explain the feeling of falling down on your knees in your front yard, seeing everything you own going up in flames!! It's horrible! Love ya too hunny!!!

    Yes, Anon 11:16pm it really is ALL about the music, even though we do weaken in the knees at the sight of a picture like that!! LOL!!! We're's quite alright!! :)