Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Casey's Songwriting collaborations, new poll and other news.....

Hey yall!!  There's just not a whole lot of news to talk about right now, but I have been meaning to touch on Casey's songwriting collaborations since moving to Nashville last year!  And I've been thinking about a new poll for a couple weeks too, so think I'll address both tonight!

There is also little things I'm going to put on here, just because!  :)  Like....this link to this beautiful shirt you can buy from Skechers, at a rock bottom, hurry while they last price of only $8.80 + shipping and handling!  It is the finalists of American Idol T Shirts, and Casey's is so cool, complete with guitars!!  So, if you are interested, just click  HERE and get yours!!

Ooooo guess what I see???  One of the most (a really cool adjective inserted here...lol) pictures of Billy Cole I've ever seen!!!  Loving the long hair BC!!!  This was taken somewhere at Billy Bob's.  Maybe backstage??

Thanks Sylvia for this pic!

As you may have already noticed, I've added another new show to Casey's ever growing schedule in July!!  On July 16th at the  Craven Country Jamboree  in Saskatchewan, Canada, Casey will be taking the stage at 1:00 pm!!  So get ready all you Canadian Casey Fans, it's your turn to enjoy you some LIVE Casey!!!  For more information, click the link above!

Check this out.....

Thanks to Ana...

I don't guess I ever get tired of looking at Casey playing his guitars!!  And.... I think that is my favorite one he plays!!  They are all pretty, but I really fancy this one for some reason!  It's always interesting to me....he does it so well.... :)  And it's as if his face is trying to mimic what the guitar is sounding like!  ;-)  Looooove it!!!!!  :)  He always has a nice 'guitar face'.

I am going to start the poll sometime tomorrow, I think.  I am going to ask you to choose your Top 3 original songs by Casey.  I have all of his new songs on the "Casey's Music" tab above.  So when I put the poll on, you can go listen to the songs, if you need to, there.  And then just VOTE!!  Keep in mind, Casey does drop by Caseymania from time to time, and we want him to know what we're thinking, in terms of our favorites of his songs!  So make sure you vote, we want some really big numbers to show him!!!

Now....on to the collaborations I've talked about.  I don't think I've actually talked in length about this, but Casey has written with some very well know writers since moving to Nashville last year.  What we have thus far is:

"Hold On"-Kristian Bush

"Done Made Up My Mind"-Mark Nestler and Tony Martin

"Bulletproof"-Delbert McClinton and Big Al Anderson

"Drive"-Brad and Brett Warren

"So Sweet"-Patrick Davis (yes, this is the one Patrick called the PD)

"Til My Guitar"-Gary Nicholson and Joe Randall

"Ya Need Some Texas"-Brice Long and Terry McBride

And of course the very talented duo of Aimee Mayo and her writer/husband Chris Lindsey have also teamed up with Casey, and have at least 3 songs titled...."Get it Right"-"Living or Dying" and "I Miss Your Fire".  I don't know about yall....but I think those are some pretty awesome titles!!  And.....speaking of Aimee Mayo.....how fortunate that she just answered a Casey Fan on Twitter!! 
Here's what they had to say.....

One more song with ? Wow nice! How many songs have you made with him?

Aimee Mayo
we have a bunch of songs going. he is so talented & so inspiring. i'm excited about the music we are making!!!!!!!!!!

Oooohhh I'm loving the sound of that!!!  She is one of my favorite writers, penning songs like "Your My Best Friend" by Tim McGraw, "Amazed" by Lone Star, "Who You'd Be Today" by Kenny Chesney, "Wheel of the World" by Carrie Underwood,"Red High Heels" by Kellie Pickler and many many other well known artists songs!!  I'm sure whatever they come up with is going to be totally amazing!!!

He's also been writing with Randy Owen (from the group "Alabama"), Tom Douglas, Jim and Brett Beavers, Jaren Johnston, Shane McAnally, and  Dallas Davidson.  And most recently, Casey spoke of future writing with Amos Lee.

Can yall believe all those writers he's been working with??  It's amazing!!  That must be fun too, just hanging out with guitars, pens and paper, and your drink of choice and just doing what comes natual.....to some anyway!!

I wonder if they ever order Pizza or anything?

Ok, yall.....it's getting late for me, so I'll leave you tonight with this little something  I created from a picture of Casey from Albuquerque....I think??  Enjoy!

I'm outta here yall....take care.....I'll see ya soon!!

Until next time.....


  1. Thanks for the updates, Glenda. You are appreciated. Absolutely love the details and these 2 pictures.

  2. Glenda - just wanted to stop by and tell ya how much I appreciate you. Don't often comment, but always, always check you out. Your work does not go unnoticed. You and Shari are my Casey stops - pretty much every day. Hope someday to meet you!

  3. Thanks ladies!! I appreciate your support, it means the world to me!! Hope I can meet you too someday! And those pictures, yes, G4R, they are so awesome! He just don't take a bad picture!! :)