Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taking a little breather....

Hey yall!!  Sorry I been gone for a few days, I've had a lot going on and still haven't gotten the footage and pictures from Albuquerque!  Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have them and get a post done for ya tomorrow night!!

UPDATE:  I've tried everything to get these files to load on my computer, but I guess I'm just computer illiterate!  So, still nothing yet.  I'll try to get a post on tomorrow about other news.  Sorry.... :(

As you can see right above this, there is a tab called CASEY'S MUSIC.....that is new, and I just finished it, so if you're new to this site, or you just wanna hear a little original Casey music, click on the tab and check it out!!

Take care, I'll be back soon!!!  :)

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