Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reviews from Scottsdale,Az. plus an interview and pics & videos!

Hey everybody!!  I tell ya what....that Casey is a busy man right now, and I am slow as christmas about getting everything posted!!  Oh well....I guess better late than never right?!  I probably am not going to do a whole lot of jabbering today, because I have alot of stuff to get on here and I need to just get it done!!  If I start talking, it might be tomorrow before I'm done!! :)

Before Casey took the stage at Billy Bob's he did a sit down interview with David May from the Weatherford Democrat about all kinds of subjects, from guitarists to his album!  Check out the whole awesome interview HERE.

Casey left Texas and headed to Scottsdale, Arizona, and did a fantastic show there on Sunday, at the Salt River Fields, opening for none other than Blake Shelton!  He was also joined there by his American Idol alum, Crystal Bowersox.  There's a lot of positive talk and tweets and very nice pics!!  Ed Masley did a nice little write up about Casey as he was recapping the whole show:

Casey James got a full set to show off his musical chops on assorted electric guitars, setting the tone with a blues-rock solo on the boogie-rocking "Bulletproof," a song he co-wrote with Big Al Anderson of NRBQ. Although he's being marketed as country now, he wasn't shy about letting his blues roots show in a set whose highlights ranged from country-rocking "Need Some Texas" (which wasn't far removed from something Eric Clapton might have done around the time of "Backless") to the hardcore blues of "Drowning on Dry Land." His set ended with one last opportunity for James to tear it up on lead guitar, the heavy blues-rock of "Done Made Up My Mind," which sounded like it could have been an FM staple in the early '70s.
Midway through his set, after James led his bandmates through a soulful ballad called "Let's Don't Call it a Night," Rachel Jewell, a 20-something nurse from Mesa, said, "It's so funny that he came up through 'American Idol.' He so much cooler than 'American Idol.'"

                                                                Photo courtesy of Texaii

Photo Credit-Shawn Alexander
Photo Credit-Delaney Burgess

Photo Credit-Tamifaye_VI

Up next is a very cool little montage of Casey goodness!!!

Thanks to Texaii for her awesome work!

One of our very best videographers has posted some awesome videos that are very clear and the audio is superb!  Big thanks to Poluskap for her hard work in getting us these great videos!!!

"Need Some Texas"

"She's Money"

For more of her awesome videos, click  HERE to go to her YouTube Channel!!

I'm gonna do the Albuquerque piece later.  Maybe tomorrow or Thursday night.  I'm waiting on photos and video from someone who was there.  And it promises to be some really good stuff!!  So yall come on back in a day or so, and I'll have a nice write up about it!!  :)

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  1. "It's so funny that he came up through 'American Idol.' He so much cooler than 'American Idol.'" (quoted from above.)
    Well .... I sure am glad he made that fateful trip to Denver, and THANK YOU American Idol (cool or not) for introducing Casey to the world!

  2. I'm totally in a shallow mood right now.

    He's gorgous.


  3. Like I posted elsewhere; do you think he has a clue what he does to us when he sings and plays like he does (Esp Drowning on Dry Land...Use me) ? Shirtless for the interview? Have mercy!!!!

  4. Yes, I found that comment a bit funny too!! And yes, I thank his momma, Debra for twisting his going to Denver and auditioning!! And of much as I despise Casey's treatment by them, I too am very thankful for AI for showing him to all of us!!!

    Yes, he knows what it does to us...I still get chills when he sings Drowning on Dry Land...that is my all time favorite Blues song he does!!! But Casey just says it's flattering, and finds it a bit embarrassing when women gush over him....he just doesn't see what we see!! And I'm glad he's that way, because if he was arrogant, I don't think I'd feel the same way about him. He's just a doll!

  5. THANK YOU GLENDA! I was one of the LUCKY ones to have been in Fort Worth to experience Casey at Billy Bob's! A M A Z I N G! It was such a fun show and he was so happy!!! I loved reading your recap as it brought me back to that night!! THANK YOU!! Love ya girl!!! xoxoxo

  6. MAN... I'm just SO thrilled for him and all the concerts he's playing! More and more people are just falling in love with him (like we are) and it couldn't happen to a nicer, more deserving GUY! I love his sense of humor too... lol. Thanks again Glenda for keeping us all updated, appreciate you! :) xoxo

  7. Welcome yall!!! And thank you for all your support and coming back again and again and reading, I really appreciate it!!

    Yes, Casey is gaining fans left and right, and I couldn't be happier for him, and yes, Jan he is so deserving!!! he's worked long and hard for any and all fame he's gaining!!! So we better see him all that we can while he's playing venues we can get up close to him in, cause, before we know it, those days will be gone, and he'll have big security guys all around him!!