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Casey James at Billy Bob's Part 2

It's now time for the rest of the story!  I just want to say one thing about Casey and Texas.  I've noticed, and so have many others, that when he is in Texas, playing his music....he seems even more happy to be playing his music, than any other place!!  I know he's happy playing his music wherever, but....it seems he's almost ecstatic when he's in his home state!!  And my friend, Cyndee, worded that euphoria better than I ever could have!!  She said when playing in Texas, for his homecoming last year, she thought missing his family and friends and home made great emotions in him, but it's more than that.....it's like "Texas Completes Him"!!!!!!   I LOVE THAT!!!  That sounds like the title to a another future Casey penned homestate song!! :)  Thank you Cyndee, you never cease to amaze me!!!  :) 

Casey's happiness was never more evident than it was on that Billy Bob's Stage on Friday night!!!  He was joking around and giving us little one liners here and there....I especially loved the water line....."I can tell I'm in Texas when I'm drinking Ozarka water!!"  Hahaha!!!  And the pride in his face at the fact that he was intoducing his Momma on that stage.....well, lets just say he was grinning from ear to ear!!!  :)  His happiness was very noticeable and I, for one, was extremely moved to see him that way!!!!!!

I'm going to get started on all the videos that have to be posted....and there are many....let me tell you!!!  All together, there were 21 songs sang!!!!!

Thanks to clwesson (@CoolCJfan)

Thanks to kathy11
Yes, this is the same song he sung during his Homecoming at the Keys Lounge last year!!!!  And it just don't get any better than Casey Blues!!!!!!   I absolutely LOVE this side of him, and so thrilled to see him playing it in his headlining shows!!!!!!!!!!  He is absolutely AMAZING when he plays the Blues!!!!!  And this song puts chills on me the whole time he's playing it....just inCREDible talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to kathy11
I love the way he tells the crowd...."yall gotta yell real loud this time when I say Texas!!"  Haha!!  And we didn't let him down.....the expression on his face told me, we did good!!!!!!!!

Thanks to kathy11
This is a brand NEW song none of us had ever heard!!  It's beautiful as well!!!!  And before he starts, I love how he says...."Could I get a little monitor on this guitar sir.....haha....I wanna hear it too!"  lol....I'm just loving this new funnier Casey that's emerging with each show he does.....it's so special to watch him grow and get better at what he's doing at every show!!  It's a bit like watching a baby grow and learn.....(*sniff sniff*...wiping a tear....never mind me....I do this all the time...)

"UNDONE" another NEW song we hadn't heard....and he ain't done yet!!!  Love this sweet love song!!
Thanks to kathy11

"SHINE YOUR SHOES"  this one surfaced when Casey sang it at a Purse Party in Malabu, California last year.  It's been a fan favorite, and to my knowledge has not been performed again until now!!!  There was a long standing discussion among the fans, as to the exact Title of this song.....and finally Casey said "Shine your Shoes, I guess" LoL!!!  love it!!!
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"USE ME"  I love his version of this song!!!  Wow!!!!!  What a great song!!!!!
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Thanks kathy11
Love his take on this awesome Fleetwood Mac tune!!!  Another very bluesy tune, done only the way Casey can!!!!!

"TIL MY GUITAR" another bluesy tune, written by Casey, one time when he was feeling lonely.....
Thanks kathy11

Thanks kathy11
Another Homecoming favorite from last year!  Are you seeing a trend here....he was on a Blues Roll for just a while!!  And I love me some Blues....I do!!!!!  And he gets the audience involved and asked us to sing "Too Sweet For Me" after he does....it was alot of fun!!!!  Then he said we didn't do too bad!!!  :)  This is so different from what we're accustomed to him doing!!!!  He's coming out of his shell and becoming more than a brilliant guitarist and singer, he's becoming an Entertainer before our very eyes!!!  Oh gosh....here I go again.... all these new things I'm seeing him do for the first time are so touching and emotional to me.....

"SO SWEET"  Ok, I'm gonna go ahead and put this out there.....from the moment I heard this song, it made me so emotional, and I absolutely LOVED it more than any other of his new songs!!  This one just had that extra something....I can't put my finger on it, but before he sang it, he said, "may hear this one on the radio soon" and that he 'loved it.....A Lot!!!"  I believe this song should be his first single.....just my opinion, but it has that 'IT' factor, that easy chorus to sing, a great hook, as they say in the business....that is so very memorable....this should be the one!!!!!  I really feel radio would love this one and it's listening audience as well!!!!
Thanks kathy11

"DRIVE" when you are working on that guitar with the slide like he is in this song.....AND......your playing it for your hometown.....well....lets just say Casey gets carried away....in a really GOOD way and takes this song to the next dimension!!!  :)  This has always been one of my favorites, and a contender for the 1st single!!

"DONE MADE UP MY MIND" Actually the video says Drive Part 2, but it's just a typo.  This is another fan favorite and it's Casey's Rocker.....big time rocker!!!!!  He really shows his stuff on this song!!!  And especially that night!!!  Whew...I feel a bit sorry for his guitar he's wailing on it so much!!!  But it's a great song!!!!!!
Thanks to kathy11

"ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY" and "SMALL TOWN SATURDAY NIGHT"  This is Casey's encore, and he comes back on and says he wants to bring out the lady who started it all.....his momma.....Debra James!!  The crowd erupts with awesome applause as Debra takes the stage!!  They sang this song so beautifully together!!  She said they were gonna 'wing it' because she just found out she was doing it 2 hours earlier!
Thanks to clwesson

"GREEN LIGHT GIRL"  Now this is a song I never dreamed I'd hear Casey sing....but he does it great!!!  I love this song!!!
Thanks to clwesson

"HOLD ON" And last but certainly not least.....it's the song I've been hoping will land on the album!!   It sounds so good with the band behind him!!  I love the way he talks about that little boy in Sioux City, Iowa that night, who holds up the paper with the words on it, like a real trooper!!!  Casey and Kristian had written the song only hours before performing it in front of thousands of people!!!  He is so funny when he says if the boy had dropped it, 10,000 people would have had to listen to him hummmmm!! lol....then says he did that on a TV show.....but he never got caught!!  LoL!!!
Thanks to kathy11

OMG!!!  I'm exhausted yall!!!  Do you know how long it takes to copy, paste, and write some, about 18 videos at one time!!!!!  Wheeeewwww!!!  LOL!!!

Well, theres lots more to talk about tomorrow, but this just about wraps up the Casey Concert of the year!!!!  It was so fabulous and amazing.....there are just not enough adjectives in the English language to describe it!!!!!  I'm still walking on cloud 9!!!!!

Thanks to each and every one of you that I was fortunate enough to meet at this show, for all your support of me as I do what seems to be coming natural to me!!!  Love writing about Casey....he's easy!!  :)

I'll try and catch up with what I'm behind on tomorrow....ok?

Until then......

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