Monday, July 4, 2011

Casey James Live from Billy Bob's Texas!! Here's how it all played out!! Part 1

This had to be the Casey experience of the year!!!  Maybe even the decade!!    It's been quoted by many as "going to be EPIC"!!    And I do believe that is the perfect description of it!!  I had felt this exciting feeling since I woke up Thursday morning!  I was picking up another fan, Margarhita,  who was flying in from New York City!!  She had never experienced our hospitality or food in Texas!!  Among many other things!! 
We just quickly got to the hotel, freshened up and headed to the now famous, "Keys Lounge"!  She and some others were excited to see the place where Casey wore blisters on his fingers playing the blues and honing his skills for years!! :)  Quite a few showed up just to hang out and party a little, including, Dawna, Doug, Jan, Julie, John, Anthea, Rhonda, Gino, Suzanne, and Melanie.    We had some cocktails and lots of awesome conversation, and pictures!  Here we are all together!  Check out my fluffy doo!!  Gino got a hold of my hair and did wonders with it!!  Got some pics of it in progress as well!!  He's a doll!!  Thanks Gino!!!

In this picture there are fans from Tx, Memphis,Tn.,St.Louis, Mo. NY, and England!

After a few hours of enjoying Jam Night at the Key's we all headed to either our hotel or home to get some rest for the BIG day!!!!!!

There were several fans who were here from out of state, and enjoying the Texas traditions, from their cowboy boots to their BBQ at Coopers BBQ, so conveniently located across the street from Billy Bobs!!  And.....let me just talk about this for a minute!
I live here and I'd never ate there, but it was the most unique experience I've ever had.....along with many Casey fans!!  People get to pick their choice of (yes, they get to pick their own piece of meat right from the huge grill) meat, which is slapped on a tray and sent to the next guy for weighing, then he wraps it up, and sticks a price tag on it!!!  What???  who does that??   Also on the grill are huge baked potatoes wrapped in foil.  Then, your walking on down the line to a cooler with 'tater salad'....yes I said tater salad, and for those of you who don't quite understand our slang's *potato*  lol..... there's also regular salad, all the trimmings you might need, like 'real' butter....gobs of it, shredded cheese, bacon bits, all kinds of dressings in a little packet and of course, the house dressings is in a little container.  There's other stuff in there too, but I don't remember what!  :)  Then you keep walking and there's all these cobblers....peach, apple, blueberry.....just dripping with high calorie sweetness!!!  Lawdy lawdy....get me outta here!!  My mouth is watering at this point, but I was good...... I stopped, stared at it, in all its deliciousness for a few minutes.....and calmly walked on to the register!!  I'm here to tell you, that was hard to do, cause I love cobbler!!!   And that might be the first time I've ever walked away from cobbler......'Are you getting all this...... my Dr. who has me on a diet?'  At least I'm trying to exercise my usually non-existent will power!!

I have to say, that was a fantastic meal....everybody was chatting away as we all ate!!  Then the pictures started.....or was that before the meal????  Not sure, but anyway, here is a really good one of at least one bunch of us....there were more!!

I would tell everybody's names, but I'll admit, I can't remember every single person's name.....sorry.... I know most names, but I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings!   :(    But don't we look like we're ready for Casey to give us some much needed Texas!?!?!?

Good Times I tell ya.....good times!!!  It was so great to meet sooooo many of his fans!!  I'm pretty sure there was WAY more fans here than in Nashville last month!!  Here's a few more....

                      Darla & Sara-Florida

Margarhita & Sara-NY and Florida
Darla, Mickey, and Cyndee-Florida,Florida and MN.
Robin, Vet, and Sara-Nebraska, Texas, Florida

And just before everyone went in different directions, this one was taken!

 (LtoR) Margherita, Jenn, Rhonda, Amber, and Carman

Thanks to all who posted these pics on FB I love 'em all!!  And you're all my girls!!  and guys! lol!!

We had fans from all over the place!  Then we all walked over to Billy Bobs, gave our tickets, and we were in the door for the most awesome show we've ever seen Casey put on!!!  We had to kill a lot of time before he went on, but it seemed to just fly by, and before we knew it, it was time!!!!
I had offered to do a conference call for the rest of the fans who couldn't be there, and that evidently worked out great!  So I'll say a great big YOUR WELCOME to all who listened in and enjoyed it so much!!  I'm just so glad I was able to do it for yall!!  I know there were some times it was garble-y, and sounded like it was under water, but I finally got it right, thanks to Cyndee, who somehow talked her way into a seat by me....when there wasn't a seat by me!!  Ha ha!!  She nabbed one from somewhere and was sitting by me in no time at all!!  I don't know how she did it, but it's not unlike her to pull a rabbit out of her hat at just about any time!!  :)  Thanks're a doll!!

When the announcer said BNA recording artists, and American Idol finalist....the room just EXPLODED with screams and yells and whistles and it roared on for a little bit!!!  I was so very excited he got this kind of response!!!  Well, I never doubted his hometown support, or other support, and they let him know they were proud of him!!!  I was almost in tears, it was so very beautiful to see this crowd go absolutely crazy when his name was announced!!!  And if it wasn't sold out....I bet it was close, because it was packed in there!!!!  And for those of you who may not know this....Billy Bobs holds 6000+ people!!!!  I've never seen an artist without an album, or even a single out, sell that many tickets, and bring the crowd to their feet like he did that night!!!!  It's just unheard of!!!  And this is just the's only gonna get bigger and better for Casey....I can just feel it!!!  And I couldn't be more proud for him!!

Here is the first three  songs he sang, on video (miraculously-BBs don't allow videoing).  I'm just so glad some were able to get these for us!!

Thanks to Kathy11 for her stunning videos!
"Ya Need Some Texas"


"She's Money"

Before Casey sang the song above, he was joking with the crowd and really cutting loose!!  He said he thought they were more excited than him....if that was possible!!!!  And went on to say, jokingly of course, that his friends and family had bought up all the tickets....LOL!!!!  I love this funny Casey!!!  He cracks me up!!!  He also mentioned that some in the crowd may know him from a TV show and that they would soon be hearing him on the radio!!!!  In a couple months!!!  So, there you have it....straight from the horses mouth as they say!!!  A couple months will fly by, so we'll be hearing him on the radio before we know it!!!!  Yes!!!!!!  This is what I've waited for!!!   I'm so excited for his future!!!
And.....this song, "She's Money" is a brand NEW one we haven't hear before!!!  And he didn't stop there with the new song surprises!!!  

Ok,'s late, and I'm come on back tomorrow and I'll finish this awesome show up, complete with pictures and the rest of the videos from the show....(yes, we have the whole show)!!!!

And I'll leave you with these beautiful shots, courtesy of the very talented Jake Felts of Felts Photography!!   Thanks so much!!

See yall tomorrow!!   Until then.......


  1. Thanks again Glenda for the heartfelt words about your awesome experience with Casey and the fans. It was EPIC for sure and the happiest I've seen Casey while performming. I wish all the fans could have been in that room to see this firsthand! But thanks to all who were able to video it they can still get an idea of what it was like to see him at his happiest. And at home in his beloved Texas.. :)

  2. Dear Glenda, you are an amazing girl!!!Many thanks to you for all you do !!You make me smile and joy always! May God bless you.:)

  3. Happy Independence Day Glenda! Enjoy the holiday and fireworks! Casey's Girl Glenda Rocks! Take care!:)
    I saw the 4th of July fireworks on live in Baltimore a long time ago, when I visited many relatives in America! It's an unforgettable memory for me. I spent a marvelous time there! God bless America..Texas..Casey James..Glenda Jordan...Caseymania... <3 Kind regards and hug from Latvia!:)

  4. So glad we got to meet you at Billy Bob's! Thanks for introducing us to Gino too. The whole night was just awesome and Casey was even beyond our expectations! LOVE HIM!
    Paula, Linda and Stacy from Houston

  5. @Paula,Linda and Stacy....Thank you for commenting!! I didn't know how I was gonna get in touch with you!! Did yall get to meet Casey?? There were too many, and I didn't get in line in well, ya snooze ya lose, right?!?! Yes, Casey's show was over the top awesome!!! I'm still trying to catch up with everything!! I'll be writing for days trying to get it all down!!
    Thank you all again for the sweet things you said!! It was very nice to meet all of you as well!!! Come back and comment from time to time!!
    Oh, and your welcome....for me introducing you to Gino! He's a doll...and one helluva hair dresser! Love what he does to Casey's hair!! Thanks again for your kindness!! :)

  6. Your welcome, Paula and Inta!! Yall are just too sweet!! Thank you for all the kind words, I really appreciate it....always!!! :)
    I don't know what I'd do if not for these awesome fans that give me something to write about!!! All their videos and pictures are what makes this blog what it is!! And yes, Paula, I agree, he always seems to be his happiest when in Texas!! :)