Monday, June 27, 2011

Casey James live at Billy Bob's Texas on Friday, July 1st and other news!

I have to be honest yall.....I have waited for the day Casey would be playing Billy Bob's Texas Venue in Fort Worth, Texas!!!  Even when he was still on American Idol, I was looking forward to the day he would play there!  I knew he would, it was just a matter of time!!  Everybody who's anybody plays there when they start out in their career, and on BB's website it says, "it's considered a right of passage for young stars on their way up".  And of course all the legends will be back throughout their careers.
It's only 5 more days now until Casey takes the stage at this world renowned honky tonk!  If you would like to join the fun, just click the link above for ticket and other information!
There are alot of Casey's devoted fans and family coming to see him on the big stage!!  It's going to be a party in 'Cowtown'!!  And in case some of you don't know, 'cowtown' is Ft. Worth's nickname!  Yall come on out and support Casey and meet other fans!!!  See ya there!

On to other news.....just a few days ago, Casey took part in the "Drive the Dream Gala", which is a charity event to benefit Childhelp, an organization working to help abused children.  Here is a couple video clips of Casey during the Gala.  Bless his sweet heart!  And, I believe you can donate from the link above, if you would like to.

And here's one with the group "Stealing Angels"

It's so good to see Casey involved in something so wonderful!!!  Bless him!! :)

During the time we were in Nashville, Casey left Nashville for a show in Green Bay, Wisconsin, at Lambeau Field.  The show was free and outside the gates of the venue in which Kenny Chesney was the headliner!!!  I was so busy with the CMA stuff, I didn't get to report anything about that show!  Casey looked very debonair  in his red shirt with a dark Jacket and jeans on.  On one of the video's you can hear him talking about people in short sleeves, but how it was 'cold' to him!!  Ha Ha!!  Yea....we don't get a lot of cool weather....especially IN JUNE!!!  Geeezzzz.... poor guy....I can't imagine what he must have been thinking!*!  That just don't happen in Texas......ever!!  :)  Now I'm wondering if he had to go buy that jacket when he realized it was cold....or.....did he bring it!?  I bet he brought it....he seems like the type that would plan ahead for things like that.  I know girls do....but guys.....ehhh not so much, but he probably did.
Anyway, he looked good and sounded just awesome!! 
Here are a few pictures from that day....really good ones too!!

Thanks so much to Sandy and Toni for their awesome, beautiful pictures!!

Just recently 4 videos surfaced capturing the whole 11 song show!!  So watch them in order and it'll be just like being there!! :)
Thanks so much to kaelynnnroseee for this great set of videos!!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Wow!!!   I loved watching all 4 together, it was just like I was there!!!  Except I wasn't cold!!!  ha ha!  And I figured out a few more words to a couple more songs!!
And.....for those of you who read the last post, I was going crazy trying to find out what that maneuver is called, when playing "Done Made Up My Mind", where he grabs the guitar and bends over a little and makes this awesome sound come from it.....well I found out what it is!!!  Took me a minute, but I finally got the answer from another Ft. Worth guitarist, Michael Lee!!  He told me it's 'grabbing the bridge and dropping the pitch'!!  It don't have a name, just that!  Hmmm how would that look abbreviated??  Let's see..... GTBADTP.......  hmmmm I don't know about that, it's got the word *bad* in the and that move IS Bad.....right? lol...   Bad meaning good.....right??  And it is it!!  Oh well, it doesn't matter one way or the other what I call it, I'm just glad to know what he's doing!!  :) has a very nice, long article about Casey coming back home to Texas to play at Billy Bobs, and talks about the fact that he's taking his time with his album!!  This is a great article!!  And there's a gallery of Homecoming from a watch party at Billy Bobs, that 'yours truly' was a part of!!  You can see me, supporting with a sign I made, and a couple other ones.  There's also Casey's family and a few more recognizable faces in the crowd!  We had such Good Times that night!!!! the link >>> HERE
to read it!

Well, it's that time of night again.....and I'm really getting I'll talk later with yall!

So until next time.....


  1. As Mickey would say: Billy Bob's is going to be EPIC!!! Seeing him, in his home town, playing in front of all his family, friends and devoted fans coming from all over to see him.... it's going to be one of his best shows ever! I wouldn't miss it for the world!!!
    Btw, I love, love, love the pic of him holding his hands in the air... as if he's saying: Thank you God :) What a sweet soul he is! TY Glenda for continuing to write great blogs and supporting Casey straight from your heart! <3

  2. Glenda...what would we do without you?!? So happy you're keeping us up-to-date on Casey and where he's performing and when! Still hoping he heads to St. Louis again, but I'm going to see him in Texas and cannot wait to meet you and maybe even him! Thanks for all the great blogs!

  3. Oh y'all just make me tear up!!! This IS going to be EPIC and why I didn't use that word, I dont know!!! But it's a perfect description of it!!! And... I'm so blessed to have beautiful women with hearts of pure gold like both of you in my life!! And thank God I'm finally getting to meet you Suzanne!!! I'm so happy you are coming!!!
    Thank you both so much for the vote of confidence, it just makes my day when somebody likes what I write!!
    I'll see both you girls in a couple days!! Jan, do you mind if I run to Suzanne and hug her first since I been waiting so long!!?? Then I'm grabbing you!! Ok? Love u both!! 

  4. I sure wish I could be at the Billy Bob's show this Friday! But, living in Illinois its a "bit" too far for me! I know its going to be an awesome show and hope all of you have a wonderful time that are going to be there!

  5. Glenda-would you do me a favor if you get a chance to talk to Casey on on Friday or whenever? Let him know there are fans out there that absolutely love him and his music even though we don't get the chance to see him in person. I'm sure I speak for many who hang on every speck of information that comes out so we can know where he is and what he's up to! We love and support him even though he doesn't know we exist.Thanks to you and to all who make it possible to follow this amazing man.

  6. @Anonymous 3:09 Hey I'm sorry, I didn't see your post till now! But I sure will tell him that, when I see him next time! He's so humble, he didn't even think anybody would come to see him at Billy Bobs!!! Can you believe that?? He's such a doll, and we all love him to pieces!!