Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Upcoming show at WXTU's Anniversary Party and more....

Hey yall!!  Just a quick reminder that Casey is performing at the 92.5 WXTU's annual Anniversary Party at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, N.J. coming up on June 4th, this Saturday!  He will be signing autographs BEFORE his set starts at the left side of the stage from 12:30 to 1:00.  From my understanding, because of other obligations, he will not be able to sign at any other time.  His set will be from 2:00 to 2:30.
Now, the thing about this event, is that you cannot buy the have to win them by some means in connection with the radio station.  You can find out all the information you need to know, by going here >>> 92.5 WXTU Radio
At this same page, at the top, you'll see a frequently asked questions, where you can find out any other questions you may have!

This is a really big event and Casey will be in the company of some of Country's biggest stars, and new and upcoming artists as well, like himself!  Below is a banner of the event that shows all the acts included in this event!!!  It's always such a proud moment when I see him listed as an artist with others!  Very impressive!!

Also, seems there were a few people, other than his fans, wishing Casey a Happy Birthday!  American Idol had a nice little BDay wish for him, along with a picture! 

Other mentions of his birthday came from  Today's Country Music Videos
and The Country Site, both of which are Casey Supporters!  So click on over and check out their wish for Casey!!

And another..... USA Today News,  did a great article on 'Idol Season 9'....where are they now?!  Read all about it HERE!!

It's really cool to see this media attention!!  I always love that!!  It's good for career!!  :)

Late last night, well....actually early this morning.....Casey sent out a tweet to everybody!!

Casey Everett James

Now is that sweet or what??  Just love his little tweets!!!  Can't wait to hear the 2 songs he's worked up!!!

Ok, who's excited about CMA fest?????   I am!!!!!  Well, fans, it's almost here!!  The huge festival starts next Thursday, June 9th, and we get to see Casey  perform on the Lays Stage at 3:20, and......this just in.....He will also be a part of the autograph signing sessions that go on at the Convention Center!!  He will be at the GAC Booth with 3 other artists from 11:00am to 12:00 noon.  Check it out right  HERE!!

Ok, yall, I'm heading to Fort Worth to hang out with some really cool folks from England....John and Anthea, and also Dawna and Doug!!  We're going to dinner at the Outback Steak House.....mmmm my favorite!!!  Then, we're headed to the Key's lounge to watch Josh Weathers first time to see him, so I can't wait!!!  :)  Fun times ahead!!

Yall have a great evening and I'll be back in a couple days with last minute info on the CMA fest!!  :)

Until next time......

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