Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Casey James' Birthday!!


On this day in 1982, Casey James came into this world in Plano, Texas!   Today he is 29 years old, and will celebrate his last year in his 20's!!  Although to hear him tell it....(on twitter)....he wants to go back to 27!!  :D  LOL!  I had a hard time with 30, I'm hoping he don't! :)  Anyway, he has spend about half of his life playing guitar and singing and entertaining people with his madd guitar skills and his angelic voice!!  I admit it....I was hooked, the second I heard him sing!!  I was all in.... and in my heart, I knew the minute I heard him sing, that he was going to be successful!  He just had to get his music out there for the masses to hear, and he did just that, when he went on American Idol.  That was the outlet he needed to be heard.....and did we EVER hear him!?!  We heard him loud and clear!!  He was easily read, in that audition.....he wanted this chance....and he wanted it bad!!  And I'm still thankful he made it through that day, because Simon gave a straight up NO!  The girls and Casey did their part to change Randy's mind, and the rest is history!!!   We now get the privilege of supporting him as his career in Country Music takes off!!!  I will predict in less than 3 years, everybody will know the name.....Casey James!!  :)

Thanks to Debra James for sharing these precious pictures of Casey celebrating his 2nd birthday!

As this day was nearing....fans were thinking of ways to celebrate this big day for Casey!   Coming up with some really cool videos and an electronic Birthday Card signed by over 200 fans!!!

First up is a video that was made last year and sent to him, and I just LOVE it!!!  It's so full of fun stuff and the music is perfectly timed with the pictures!!  Here is the Happy Birthday Video from Drew J.  (twistdfrk) last year!!  Thanks girl!!

Up next is the really awesome E-Card Carman W. put together for all the fans to sign and send Casey a special message from them!!!  What a great idea, thanks Carman!  Here is the link if you would like to see the card that was sent to him just a little while ago!!  :)

Casey's Group Birthday Card 

I previously thought a fan had posted Casey's horoscope to  him, but I was mistaken, she just posted it, because she is a Gemini.  My apologies for the mishap.  But Casey is a Gemini as well, and I still thought it was a good idea to post this horoscope on his birthday, even though it wasn't meant for him, when she posted it, so this one's for him.  :)

Gemini May 31 2011

Don't be afraid to look into the future when you think about a romantic relationship. You may be stuck in neutral because you can't escape a fear that something you want to work out will wind up disappointing you. But if you refuse to hope for more, you will never be able to express the love and caring that you so deeply feel - you will never be able to say the words "I love you" with the appropriate conviction. And you, dear Gemini, will miss out on something wonderful. Look ahead with happy anticipation. Something you want to believe in is worthy of your faith.

Sounds like love is in the air.... I guess time will tell....

And last, but certainly not least.....Ana P put together a beautiful tribute to Casey in a breathtaking video!!  Thank you so much for this awesome work!!  I'm sure Casey will love it!!  I read earlier that his momma cried all the way through it!!  And I myself, was not without tears either....thanks again!  It's so beautiful! 

Casey if by some chance you are reading this, I just want to say.....I hope your BIG day is filled with great memories that you can take with you for a lifetime!!  My wish for you, is that this year will be your best year ever, musically speaking.... and you get to see your song or songs, at the top of the charts!!  Much love to you sweet boy.....and God bless.....


It's time for me to turn in for the night, so I'll be back later on.....

Until next time....


  1. Happy 29th Birthday Casey, hope you read this and are having a blast,celebrating and making lots of lovely memories.
    Please release your album very soon, we are waiting eagerly to hear all your new songs. Hope that this year will be the one that you are top of the charts and voted best newcomer! Love you singing "Always' and "Hold On" and wish those could be included. Please come back to Seattle when you are planning your tour, I need another hug!! Best wishes from your fans in Pacific Northwest.

  2. Nice video--I enjoyed it so much!!
    Happy Birthday Casey, 29 will be your lucky number. Looking forward so much to a wonderful CD --know it will be great. Genilu

  3. Adorable pictures :) Sounds like Casey was real busy on his birthday cooking up some new songs for us. Can't wait to hear the finished product!