Saturday, June 4, 2011

Casey James Live at 92.5 XTU Anniversary Party in Camden, NJ

It sounds like most all went well in Camden today!!  There's already lots of pictures being posted!!!  One fan told me that he sang 2 new songs, and at this minute, I don't have the videos of them yet, but they will be up soon!!
Also, it seems Casey might have gotten stuck in traffic like a lot of people did, because he was late getting there, bless his heart!  You know that bothered him!  But his fans didn't mind waiting!  Sometimes these things happen and it just can't be helped!!  So glad he made it with no more problems!  Although I understand the Meet and Greet was moved around a bit, but it's all good, everybody got to see him that was there to see him.

Up first is a few pictures, courtesy of  92.5 XTU....the Philadelphia Radio Station celebrating their anniversary!

Those are some really really good shots!!  By the way....that don't look like Casey's Bass Player.....and the Drummer don't look right either..... ?.... is it me, or are the regulare guys, David and Nir not there??   Or am I finally going blind.....gosh I hope not!!!!!!!  :-l   Thanks to 92.5 XTU for these stunning shots!!!

Ok, I have one video, and it's his beautiful original song..... "Let's Don't Call It A Night"....
Big Thanks to Jordan D. for her crystal clear video w/ great audio!! :)

"Let's Don't Call It A Night"

I'll be back in a little while with more from the show!!!

Ok, I'm back, with a brand new Casey song!!  And it is a GOOD one!!!!!  I love it already!!  It sorta cuts off at the end, but most of it's there, just a few words at the end, I believe are not there, but thats ok, just glad to have it!!
Thanks to luvscaseyjames for this new song!  Really appreciate it!

"So Sweet"

There will be more soon.....check back, there's at least one more 'new' song from Casey!!  Plus more pics and videos and a recap, all coming you way!!

Ok, here's the other new song!!  And I can't for the life of me figure out what he's saying as the title of the song.....anybody know??  I could use some help here! :)

Thanks again to luvscaseyjames for this 2nd new one!! :)

More coming soon.....

Here's another .....this one is a double dose of Casey!!!
Thanks to Jordan D. for bringing these back for us!!!

"Long Tall Texan & Bulletproof "

Here are some more really cool pictures of Casey today!!!

Thanks to Beth S for all these last 7 awesome shots!!  Thanks for sharing!!
Ok, yall, I'm gonna go to bed.....there'll be some more new stuff tomorrow!!!

Until next time.....


  1. I love these new songs and can see how much effort Casey is putting into this CD He wants it to be perfect and darnnit He just might acheive perfection...He just gets better and better I love these new songs and 'So Sweet' is my alltime favorite I am in love with this song!
    Thanks Glenda!

  2. The second song is called Tenderness, or at least has that it the title I think. Remembered after listening to it again. Whatever they are called I instantly loved both these new songs.

  3. Hi girls.....your welcome, and thank you!! I was just told by somebody, the other song is titled.... "You Need Some Texas" Now THAT is a song title that I love!!!! Both songs are just awesome!!! I think I need to have another poll and see what everybody's favorites are now!!

  4. Tenderness, Texas, whatever. Awesome songs!

  5. I actually wondered about the band too, Glenda. You think they are different guys? Interesting.

  6. Great pictures, Glenda. I love both new songs,one is "So Sweet" and the other is "You Need Some Texas" as you stated above. I'm a little more partial to So Sweet - I think that could be a single.

    I also noticed the different band members. Hmmmmm. . . . . ??


  7. Thanks Glenda and all the contributors! Awesome pics and videos! Can't wait until this week in Nashville!! ;)

  8. Thanks yall!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the band members don't look the same! Wonder whats up with that?
    Also, that song that we believe is "You need some Texas." I didn't hear him say those words too many times, and I was wondering if it could be, "I know what you need"? Just a thought.

  9. Awesome songs, I think he ought to put 2 albums out at the same time, i couldn't choose . I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! I will say i really,really love"So Sweet" Thanks Glenda, again. LOVE the pics!!!!!