Sunday, June 5, 2011

More from the 92.5 XTU Anniversary Party in Camden, N.J. yesterday!!

Hey yall!!  Sorry it took me so long to get back....I actually have a life outside of this....really....I do!!  LoL!!  So, I was out and about some, taking care of some more last minute details before heading the CMA Fest in Nashville!!!!'s here at last!!!!!   I'm just hoping and praying for some really nice comfortable weather for all of us, while we're there!!! :)  Only for a week....thats all I'm asking....thank ya Lord!!!  It's been hotter than a firecracker here in Texas for the past couple of weeks!!  I'm so hoping it cools down here too!  Last summer nearly took me out!!  It was miserable last year!  Even my poor Boxers can't even stay out in it very long when it's so humid like this!   
Anyway, gotta head out again tomorrow, and get the last of everything done, and then I'm heading out on Tuesday morning!  I'll be stopping over in Memphis, visiting with friends, before heading on in to Nashville, Wednesday morning.  

I'm really looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting others face to face for the first time!!  I'm taking my computer, so I should be able to post some stuff for yall.  
I will be doing some stuff with my cell phone, and loading it immediately.  But whats on my camera will have to wait till I get back to the hotel at night.  But I will get stuff to yall as soon as I can!!

Ok, now it's time for some more Casey from yesterdays show in Camden, N.J.!!  He seemed to be well received and the fans loved all his songs, and especially the 'new' ones!!!  I think it's about time for another poll, in a week or so, and we'll see which song is getting more votes now!  I'm loving every one of them, and if all of the new songs he's sang for us will be on that CD.....Wooooaaahhh.....thats gonna be one bad a$$ record!!!  He said he's putting out the best album that he can....and I truly believe he is doing it, taking his time, meticulously fine tuning and tweaking each song to his specifications!!!  And we know he's a bit of a perfectionist....right?!  :)  I don't mind the wait, well, I do wish we had the finished product now....but I'd rather wait and have a copy of his he said.... CD....wouldn't yall??

So we're going to have to practice our 'being patient' skills, and just give Casey his time he needs to achieve the level of perfection he's seeking on this Album.  But I know we all still want it in our hands like....yesterday....right!?!?  Let's just think about something else till it the touring he's getting to do....without a single.  There I go again!  I just thought the single would drop before he started doing tour dates.  Oh well, he's probably trying to figure out which one to start his career off with and....which ones to put on the album....

Ok, we have some more pictures from yesterday and more video too!

Here's one I think he's sang at every show he's this must be a favorite of his....I know it's a fan favorite....for sure!!

"Done Made Up My Mind "

Thanks to Jordan D. for her awesome video! 

Here's some more pictures from yesterday....and wow....they are very good!  Good camera work!!
A big Thank You to Beth S for her great pictures....awesomeness for sure!!

Gotta love this one....the big Casey laugh!!  Can't you just hear it now!?

Time for a little tuning.....

Still tuning..... sweeter smile anywhere....

He just al...most....has a dimple in his left cheek.... :)

Here's another really cool video!!!
Thanks to Jordan D. for sharing this awesome video as well!!

"Drive "

Here's a couple more pictures that was taken during one of the meet and greets!!!  Hey look!!  It's Casey blue on those balloons!!

He sure looks happy to be signing for his fans!!!  He's such a good guy!!

And here is a recap from Beth S. who was there and enjoying herself!!!  Thanks girl....great recap!!

Ok, so here goes my recap of the XTU show.  I drove down to Philly from Boston the previous night.  Met up and stayed with fellow Casey fans.  The hotel was about 15 minutes away from the venue, so we planned to leave around 9:30 the next morning, figuring that was plenty of time if gates open at 11.  Well 15 minutes turned into 2 hours to get from the hotel to finally parking and getting inside the venue because of horrible traffic.  Complete chaos.  Frantic calls and texts were flying among Casey fans who were trying to meet up.  We finally get inside around 11:30. Next task is to find where Casey is signing.  More calls.  How did people ever do this stuff without cell phones?  We breathe a huge sigh of relief when we finally arrive at the broadcast booth where they will be doing the meet and greets, and find the other Casey fans there. 

So there we all are, first in line for the meet and greet, now it's just a matter of waiting.  Or not.  Only about 10 or so minutes after we got there, the station staff is telling us that Casey will not be first to sign, so can we please get out of line so that others can have their time with the guy who will go first.  What?  Panic and frustration again.  We don't want to lose our place in line and miss our chance when Casey does show up.  They assure us that they will put us back up front when it's time for Casey, but we're not so sure.  But we really had no choice, so for the next hour or so we stand around the line, not in the line as the other signing takes place.  Everyone is checking texts and tweets hoping for some updated info.  We did hear from the staff that Casey hadn't even arrived yet and was stuck in the same traffic mess we had suffered.  As time goes by, we realize that if he is supposed to play at 2, this signing is not going to happen beforehand.  And who knows if he will be able to come out after?  This day is not exactly going according to plan.  So, just before 2 we start hearing that Casey is on stage doing sound check.  We walk over to the stage, and there he is. a sight for sore eyes.  We run to claim seats up front.  Then we go right up to the rail.  Casey chats with us a bit, and tells us that yes, he's pretty sure he will be out to meet fans after.  Great, now I'm ready to just enjoy his set.

He looked and sounded amazing of course.  At first everyone was sitting and pretty quiet, reserved.  I think we Casey fans were a little unsure of how crazy to get, when we were a minority in the crowd.  Do we stand?  Start hooting and hollering?  Well, a couple songs in as he was getting things ready to start his next song, even Casey said something like "you guys are really quiet" and asked the keyboard player to play something, like just for noise.  Well that was enough to get us going, and not care about anyone else around.  We needed to show him the love.  He did 2 new songs back to back and I am so glad I got videos because I immediately loved them both.  Total hit/single material.  He did 5 other songs which pretty well match the setlist from his Sugarland shows.  He did make one cute joke in the middle of a guitar switch about how he changes guitars as often as girls change their shoes.  Ah Casey you are just too precious.

We head straight back to the meet and greet area, and immediately locate staff who had promised us our place in line and make sure they know we are still expecting them to do that.  Casey came out pretty quickly.  The staff did put us all right up front.  They also moved us through really quick.  I had a very quick, nervous babble (on my part) conversation with Casey while he signed my program then I was being rushed away.  So I stood and snapped pictures while everyone else was getting autographs.  Then I noticed a number of Casey fans were waiting over near a door to the side.  Turns out there was another meet and greet for contest winners and few others, and some of the girls had gotten these green writstbands that were going to get them into that.  So now I've got another mission.  Well, somehow I got the security guy to let me in with no wristband.  Lots of begging and pleading involved, not my most dignified moment I'm sure.  But I got what I wanted.  In line for this greet, staff tells us no cameras except the station cameras will be allowed.  It gets to be my turn with Casey, which means more babble from me for a few seconds.  Pose for a picture.  He signs another picture for me and says thanks for coming.  And that's it.  Until next time of course ;)

Ok, yall....this is all I have for today!!!  I don't know if I'll be able to get on anymore till I get to Nashville, but I will keep yall updated!!  And I'm sure many will be tweeting and keeping everyone in the know about the goings on at CMA fest!!!  I wish every one of you were going, so I could hug your necks!!!   I'll be back soon, and I'll update as soon as I can!! 

Oh......I almost forgot to tell yall the best news ever!!!!!!!!  Casey has been added to the LP Field lineup on Thursday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't know what time yet, but probably before 8:00pm.  So those of us at the Fest will see him 3 different times on Thursday....Wow!!!  We're gonna be busy!!!  :)

Until next time.....


  1. Thank you Glenda! Beth's recap was great, I really felt the excitement.
    Can't wait to see Casey and all the fans attending the CMA fest. I'll be there on Thursday. I don't have a pass to LP field for Thursday (yet) but I hope everything will work out fine. I will see him anyway on Lays stage. :)

  2. Oh Outi!!! I'm so excited to hear your coming!!! I get to meet you!! Where are you from again....I memory is just not what it used to be!!! Yea, don't give up on LP field, you never know what will happen!! Have you tried Ebay? You might get a GA ticket on there, which is all that most of us got....we're like waaaaayyyy up in the rafters!! Because we didn't know Casey was gonna be on the Big stage!! I would have never thought he'd be there that soon!! I figured he'd be on one of the day stages, but when they announced LP field...I was shocked!!! I'm getting there on Wed. where are you staying?? I wonder if anybody is doing Name tags....I thought I saw somebody writing about it once.... Anyway....I'm so happy to meet you on Thurs.!!! Have a safe flight!! :)

  3. Thanks for posting Beth's recap! Love her! Beth, no doubt that a little smile from you would melt that security guard's heart. Remember, you're my girl crush!!! :) Wish I could have been there with you and Sara!

  4. Hi Glenda , Can't seem to pull up the two videos you posted above. It says videos are unavailable.Darn!!!!Love the pics, Yes Casey looks so Happy to be there. I'M gona see that pretty face one day soon ,if i have to walk to Texas and wait for him,LOL! And i want to meet some of you girls,so bad. I just need someone to go with me, Can't go by myself.

  5. Glenda....have a wonderful time in Nashville and looking forward to hearing all about the concerts. I would LOVE to be there but my daughter has graduation and I don't think even the thought of a hug from Casey would make me miss that! Just heard the So Sweet song and I think its my new favourite, sounds like a winner to me. Can't wait for his album...I love his voice. Have fun.......the 'other' Anthea.