Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Casey James has a Twitter party.....and, a new article!

You read it right!!  Casey, after a long stretch of no twitter parties, has come back for a twitter party with his fans!!  I was on twitter when this happened, but didn't stay very long, because I was falling asleep on my computer!!  He seemed happy, witty and in a good mood!

He started this party off by simply tweeting......"
Anybody up?"
Well of course there are some Casey fans up this time of night!!  Somebody has to keep a watch!!   And then he told us how he was doing! 
"I'm good. Just been reading some of yalls tweets. Thought I would drop by and talk for a bit. So what's new?"
 And, of course that got the ball rolling!!   Everybody who saw the tweet was responding, hoping for a personal shout out from Casey....including yours truly! :)

He goes on to explain..... "well I'm sitting in bed trying to skype with a friend and talking to y'all. All while eating sundried fruit. Yum"
A man after my own heart, I love sun-dried fruit!!  Well.....not as much as I love chocolate..... but.....

Then he talks about his accomplishments in today's technology....."Btw!How high-tech am I!? Skyping and tweeting and whatnot.Two years ago I didn't have Internet or a fancy phone. My how times have changed:)"
I can almost say the same thing!!  Things have changed, for the better, in more ways than one! :)

He then asked a question to us about American Idol 'folk'.....Any knockout performances I should YouTube of this years idol folk? I was at the Motown week(which I thought was good on all counts)well..:)
All I could think of to say one that holds a candle to you!  I know, a bit cheesy, but it's the truth, the way I see it! :) 

 In response to fans asking about his songwriting and such, he had this to say......
I've written about 60 new songs in the last few months.Trying to whittle it down now.Some are better than others....:)" And......"Yeah I been out of touch lately. Just slamming myself trying to make an awesome cd for y'all.It's gonna be gooood. :)"
And we're all waiting on that finished product! It just has to be mind blowing, I just know it!!  He's promising it will be 'gooood', and I know he's right!!

When a fan asked about his beloved little Basset Hounds, Buster and Daisy, he had this sweet reply....."they are good. Daisy is sleeping on my feet. Buster is right beside me. :)".
Awww, is that sweet or what??  I can just envision that in my mind, and what a sweet and touching picture it would be....

In reply to a fan who asked what fruit he was eating, here's what it was......
cherries, Blueberries, cranberries, plums. Tasty stuff.
Good to know!!  Of course he says there's no food he doesn't like!  I believe that! :D

When asked if he was going to get TV channels anytime soon, he said this......
doubtful. :) maybe the history channel. Oooh and the military channel. And oh oh the discovery channel. Ok...maybe....
Ok, I don't know about anybody else, but it sounds like he has some favorite channels, and,  I think he's thinking about

When asked if he knew which song was going to be released and if he had a date, this is his short reply....nope. :).
Ok, I'm a patient person, sometimes, and I'm really exercising that patience now, knowing the end result is going to be well worth the wait!! 

I loved his response to someone asking when the CD would be out......asap. It doesn't take long at all to make a bad cd....;)
I thought that was a very smart response to that question we are all wondering about!!

When asked if he had ever considered cutting his hair and selling it on Ebay, here's what he said about that.....
nope!Haha!But I will definitely cut it at some point and give it to someone who needs it.That's why I grew it out in the first place.
He has said that all along, hasn't he?  What a sweet guy....

When asked if he would be meeting fans on his own tour, he had this to say.....
as much as possible. :)
That is so good to know, coming straight from him!  I love it!!

When a fan asked if it was really him tweeting or a clone, Casey's humorous side came out, much to the delight of everyone!!this is clone 3. The real me is sleeping. The other clone is playing guitar and singing. And one is playing video games. :)
HaHaHa!!!  That was a fabulous answer!!!!  He's got a really good witty side!!!

A fan asked him if he was going to celebrate his birthday in style this year, he once again came across with a cute answer.....I'm going backwards this year. Back to 27. :).
HaHaHa!!  That's funny, because I said the same thing when I turned 25....and as of this date.....let's just say my momma is still a little girl, with no thoughts of me!!!  :)

When someone said to him he should think about a Late Night Sandwich video, he said......
what a great idea!!!I should call bike mike up and we could skype a late night sandwich vid!Hahaha!!Like the good ole days!
Those were some of my favorite moments last summer!!!  I still have all of them saved on YouTube!!!  I hope he does it!!!  And, I'm pretty sure he meant Big Mike, not Bike Mike. lol....but it is funny!!

When one of Casey's Japanese fans told him how she loved his song, "Hold On", he said this to're part of the world is some of the reason that song was written
Awwww!!!  I just know that made her feel so good!!  Stuff like this is why we all love him so much!  He's so selfless, and caring!!

And with that, after a few more tweets, he sweetly told us all good nite......
Goodnight y'all. Love you all. Talk with ya soon. Glad we got to visit. :)
He's such a kind and caring person!  I love when he has these twitter parties!!

And in other news, theres a new article in the Mineral Wells Index about Casey's upcoming show at Billy Bobs in Fort Worth on July 1st!!  To read the entire story click HERE

Ok, I'm outta here!  It's hot today and seems to be getting hotter, and I just got in a bad mood, so talk to yall soon!  

Until next time....


  1. Thanks for deciphering the twitter messages they really are fun to read. I am wondering about all his dates this summer, how do you think they get all the equipment around and even themselves. Is it busses and airplanes? Seems like a hectic late July schedule spread out a little thin in California. I will be seeing him in Sacramento and can't wait, guess I'm being a mother hen worrying about how they go about it. Any explanations for me?

  2. Yea, from what I've learned, most of the artists have their own bus. Sometimes though, they lease a bus, and then other times, they just have a motorhome or a big van. Sometimes Casey will take a plane, especially if it's an acoustic show, and the band is not with him, there is no reason to bring a big bus, or whatever. He just gets on a plane with his guitars and takes off! If the band is with him, most of the time they will be traveling by bus or other means. But if it's a long trip, every once in a while they will all go by plane. It all just depends on the situation. Hope this helps!

    Have fun at your Sacramento show!!! Get lots of pictures!!

  3. Could we possibly love him anymore than we already do?! lol He is the total package, that's for sure! I also loved his response about the CD, he's a very smart man ;-) Although we are ALL nawing at the bit for him to get his CD in the stores NOW, he is doing what he promised. Making a CD that will be everything that he promised his fans and then some! It will be worth the wait... no doubt! I have so much love and respect for him... and I wish nothing but great things for him, always!

  4. It was really great to hear from Casey and he seemed to be having fun! Going crazy waiting to hear a date when his single will be out - but I know he wants to get this right and put out some great music for us! I can't blame him for that at all and I'm sure it is gonna be worth the wait! :)

  5. carolyn collins still jesssmomJune 1, 2011 at 7:09 PM

    Glenda,i appreciate you so much. have been feeling really sad an left out because i really want to go to the concerts but they are every single one on days i have to work and no i cannot get them off. if i want to keep a roof over my head and keep my job i best not call in. i am so very thankful to God for the Grand Rapids show that i actually was blessed to meet Casey one time in my life. i will never forget it. and am so happy for all who are able to arrange to go to his concerts and support him. i am so looking forward to buying a bunch of cd's when they do come out!!! at least i can have that much!!! i gave up my twitter account because i am never on it. and by the time i had time to check in all the fun stuff is over. so i'm especially happy to see your posts of the twitter party. lucky folks that got a response from him. God bless you and <3 you Casey James!