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Casey James at Country Expo.... new songs,pics, video, and a Bucky recap at the bottom

Wow!!!  What a Music filled weekend I had!!  Casey made his acoustic appearance at the Country Expo in Indiana on Saturday, and I went to a Live Bucky show in Shreveport, La. also on Saturday!!  See what I mean??
From the accounts of all the Casey Fans who got to be at this acoustic show, it was *fan*tastic!!  :D   He started off with the fast paced 'get out of your seat and dance' song!!  "Drive", to the crowd's approval!!  And before he started singing he actually was talking!  He said, 'Its been a long time since I got to do an acoustic show' and  'these are brand new songs.....well most of them anyway!'  And he 'brought a little piece of paper'......'and it's got some words on it!"  lol!! At this point, if he were tweeting, we would see.... ;)  gotta love the 'winkie'!! 

Then he went to talking about BBQ (being from Tx-its our fav.) and how he walked up and smelled it and said "Where's that BBQ at, I gotta get some of that.......I pretty much eat around the clock......" then he said BBQ makes him thirsty, and takes a drink, then I had trouble figuring out what he was saying, but.....thanks to LG Vaughn, I was able to know what he was thanks girl!  As he's taking the drink of water, he glances over his shoulder and says...."I'm on TV, I didn't know that".....then kinda whispers....."now I'm nervous!"....He's really starting to show the humorous side of his personality.....and I'm really liking it!!!

.....anyway,  here's the next video.....and a new song, entitled "I Lied", a medium tempo, sweet little love song....."loves just a word.....and it can't describe.....there's so much more....I feel inside...."  very nice writing, I must say....very good.  My score.....Two thumbs WAY up!!! :)

He said that it was the first time he'd sang that in front of people, but his Dogs seemed to like it! :D lol....and I think he said they sing along....correct me if I'm wrong yall!!  I just thought that was so funny!! lol....
There seemed to be alot more talking to the crowd from Casey at this show!  Loving that!!

Next up is...."Show Me A Bridge", which is a tear jerker for sure!  His very soulful and emotional delivery of the song, sent chills across the way, and is quickly becoming a *Fan Favorite*!!  This second new song gets Two Thumbs all the way to the ceiling UP!!!  I absolutely am in love with this song....just sayin.....

Ok yall, sorry but I accidentally hit publish, and it posted, if your reading this there is more to come.... check back..... but while I'm gone, think I'll go ahead and cook

Hey yall!!  I'm back!

Ok, Casey's next one, number 4,  is another one of our favorite love songs....."Let's Don't Call It A Night"  Even doing it acoustically it sounds very sultry and moving....

Then he does a Questions and Answers from the stage.  Still don't have video of that, but working on getting it, if anybody has one.  That should be very interesting to see.

Then he does a Matt Powell cover called "Everybody Thinks That You're Still Mine".  which sounds like probably the most Traditional Country song, I've ever heard him do.  Once again, he amazes me how goes from one thing to the other, with such grace.....he makes it look so easy....

Next up, is his very bluesy "Til' My Guitar"..... and I love the way Casey show's off his bluesy vocals on this one, and his guitar playing of course.....always stellar!!!

Big Thanks to spinnyjb and jennasj for all their awesome videos!! Above and below!

At this time, this is all the video I could get ahold of....he actually sang 9 songs!  The other 3 were...."Small Town Saturday Night" originally sang by Hal Ketchum back a few years ago!
UPDATE: Found the video.....

Next up was one I am still chompin' at the bit to hear....."Poke Salad Annie"!!!  That is one awesome song and I cannot wait to hear his version of this!!!!  :)
UPDATE:  Found the video! 

Wow!!  He tow' it up, didn't he?  Love the guitar playing in this....he can do anything....he's so unique.

And the last song of the night, another fan favorite cover......the hauntingly beautiful "Wayfaring Stranger". It  has been sang with his mother, Debra, singing back-up vocals and's very VERY beautiful.  And I will keep an eye open for any videos of these last 3 songs, and get those posted soon as possible.
UPDATE: Found the video

We have some nice photos taken of Casey during the Country Music Expo.  The first one up is Casey and the WFMS 95.5 radeio staff on hand.

And these, by Joey Foley and Michael Hickey

Sounds like a great time was had by all!!!  So glad Casey had so many fans there!!!

More to come later......


Ok, this is going to be My Recap of the Live Bucky Covington Show, in Shreveport, La. I saw..... the same day Casey was in Indiana.

Bucky Covington Live in Shreveport, La. 4-30-11

I arose at 7:00 am on Saturday morning to hurry and get myself to Shreveport for the Bucky show that night at the Eldorado Casino.  It just so happens, this is one of my favorite gambling places, when my mom and I used to go, before I lost her in August.  I had not been back since her death, so it was holding alot of happy memories for me there.

I headed out the door at 8:30 and headed for Dallas Love Field, where I would pick up my good friend, Laura.  As it turns out, I was a bit late getting to her, because of traffic and what not....So I got to her and we hugged and jumped in to get down the road!! 

Our plan was to drive to my sister, Janet's place in Grand Saline, Tx., leave my truck there and get in her mini van and go the other 2 hrs. to Shreveport!  And that's exactly what we did!!   We arrived around 3pm, got checked in to the hotel, then had to walk around a bit and see if we could see anybody we knew.   Laura headed over to the Lounge where the show was to be as I was checking in and came back saying they were in there now doing sound check!  So I went on to the room to change clothes and try to put on a little dab of make-up so I wouldn't scare anyone, if they seen me!  LOL!!  Went back down and into the lounge, and they were still trying to get the sound right, it seemed like they couldn't get something right and didn't acknowledge seeing me, so I thought, ok.....they are very busy right now....I'm gonna go ahead and leave.....mainly because I don't want to be a bother while they are working.  So out the door I went with Janet beside me!!

I wanted to play some games a little bit before I had to go get ready for the show.  I really was suppose to take a power nap, because I was running on about 4 hours sleep.....As most of you know, I'm a night owl......and love staying up half the night!  Well.....7 am comes early when you're accustomed to going to bed at 3am.  But I tried to get enough rest by going to bed at 12....but I still couldn't go to sleep.  Anyway.....doesn't matter, by the time I was getting in the shower, I had my second wind....and was ready to rock!!!  :D

Before that we had seen Terra and stopped and visited with her, and Thanked her so much for working on the Fan Club Party for us!!  She seemed thrilled to be doing it!!  I got tickled at her when she said was emailing Don every day about it, and she challenged him to   "Shut her up " other words, get this FCP off and running and she will shut up about it!!!  HAHA!!!  We loved it!!  Got a good laugh in with her about it!!!

So we all go get ready, and I was told, there was a dress assuming dress code meant dress nicely, no T shirts or tennis shoes.  So we're all dressed in these nice clothes and heels....and when we walked in with our VIP wristband we had gotten, there were a bunch of girls in pink Tshirts....and I'm like.....omg.....we could have worn our Bucky shirts!!  The problem was, I never could get the Entertainment guy, Jason, to answer my question about exactly what we couldn't wear, he kept missing my question in the emails, so I assumed.....we couldn't wear those things!!!  Either way, the communication back and forth with him got us a VIP table up front, which usually cost $250!!!   I believe it was comped....because we were Big Bucky Fans!!!  Whatever made him give it to us, we were thrilled!!

Just before we went to the M&G, we had visited with Katherine, who was at the Merch table and got hugs and saw THE RING!!!!  It was beautiful, and very simple.  I just looked quick, because we had to hurry and get to M&G!!
So we're waiting on Bucky and it was in the lounge upstairs from where the show was, and we're waiting and we ordered a high dollar drink, and just as I was going to relax and take a few drinks, looked up and there he we head over.  I went first, and immediately hugged him, and he said he hadn't seen me in a while.....which thrilled me!!  Then I noticed again....that his hair seemed so different, sorta flatter on top and not as full.  So I'm asking him about his I'm picking it up and dropping it, playing with it.....and he said he had changed shampoo's I think is what he said, but anyway, somebody else said something, and got us off that subject, and I never had enough time to get back to it.  Anyway, just glad he didn't stop me from messing with his hair.  Oh, was still wet, so thats probably why it looked flatter.  As the show got underway, and it dried, I noticed it was not quite as flat as it had been earlier, but not as fluffy as usual.  And he made a quick little video for me to say HI to the Casey fans who are coming to see him at CMA fest!

It's at the bottom of this post....
So we get to our table, and I was texting with Bunny about the conference call I was gonna do for the Bucky Fans.  And oddly enough.....we had a full signal inside the lounge!  I told her that, and she was thrilled!!  It was gonna be a good night!!!  So, the band starts coming on and the time is 9:00 ct and I got the call in # from Laura, and dialed in and was in, within minutes, but Bucky had already started AFN....and I was flustered because I didn't get in before he came on!!  It usually takes longer for him to come out, but this was quick!!  Anyway, we were in, the conference call was started and I laid it on my soft purse, so as not to cause vibration and weird sounds from the table!  The plan was for Bunny to text Laura to tell her if it sounded ok, and she did and said it sounded great!!  So, I left it, when I seen some girls getting on the floor toward the stage!  Me and Laura looked at each other, and said....Ok, then.....if they are standing are we!!  We thought that since this was a rather ritzy establishment, that they wouldn't allow us to stand in front of the stage.  It was a short stage anyway.  But, when we saw others there, we sure weren't gonna sit at the table.....uh way!!!  Of course we were the oldest on the floor.....but we didn't care one bit!!!  Then more and more people came in, because there weren't many people when he started singing, but more came in quickly, I assume from hearing it in the hallways outside!!

I couldn't get my sister to get on the floor with us, instead she stayed at the table and took pictures, of which I haven't seen, and probably won't for a while, because she has no internet right now to upload the pics.....and I won't see her for awhile, but I'll get them one day, I hope!
Laura and I were all over that floor taking pictures in every way, shape and form we could!  I have been uploading some pictures, and I have 1 video, of 'Hometown' and have tried 2 days to get it to upload, but I'm having problems uploading anything.  It's just going to take forever, but hopefully I will have at least a few pictures to show yall!!  Since I'm doing this recap on my Caseymania site, hopefully the pictures I post in a minute will transfer to the forum boards, and if not, I will include the website link so you can see some pics here.  Speaking of which....let me post a few.....
never mind.....I can't get them to load right now.....I'll try later!

Ok, I'm uploading the only video I got....once again, and it's taking half the day....therefore, making uploading pictures, even here, nearly impossible.  So, I will update with pics after the video loads.

So, the show was WILD as ever, with new songs I'd not heard in his set before!!!  But I did manage to get a set list, with the songs that were sang!!!  Thank goodness....because I can't remember which song is sang, and in what order, so the set list is always something I want to get my hands on!  Here is the order of the songs that were sung that night:


Then he did some talking and B S-ing with the crowd



HANDS TO YOURSELF and finishing with

GOOD TO BE US....before leaving the stage!!

Well, that, I just now not exactly right.  Because somewhere in there he sang another new one I've never heard before, called   "SILLY GIRL  ".   And it was such a great song!!  I wish I had gotten a video of it too!!  And during the HTY song when he introduces the band, several more pieces of songs were sang, and for the life of me, I can only remember one right now.....BILLIE JEAN!!  I just remember it being the coolest Band intro EVER!!!!  And Ducky got to sing as well!!  But the sad part was Rocky didn't get to sing..... :(   But he did wave to me a couple times and nodded his head from behind the drum set!

So after the show, we went to change clothes, and get out of those heels!!  After changing we went and talked to Terra a little more, when Jeff walked by and I stopped him and introduced myself and hugged him and got a picture with him.  He was very nice!  After that we walked outside to wait by the bus, and there was no one out there, but us, so Laura walked on and I hung back a little to wait till they got all their equipment in the trailer.  I walked up because I saw that Laura was talking to someone, and as I walked up she was again visiting with Terra, who was waiting for them to get finished loading as well.  I then asked Rocky for a hug, since I hadn't had one in nearly a year!   It was just good to visit with them a little bit before they had to go.

So they lifted up the end of the trailer and they were loaded and ready to go.  So we told them ' bye' and we went back in to the casino/hotel.....happy that the night was so fantastic!!!!

I will get yall some pictures as soon as possible.  I'm having such a horrible time uploading!  I did manage to get a short video of Bucky giving a shout out to the Casey Fans/friends that are coming to CMA fest and will be going to his show.....with urging from me, of course!  So I'll put the link to that here, since that's all I have for now!

I've realized how incredibly difficult it is to focus on two artists and do a blog and a recap on them!!!  I didn't get home till late Sunday night, so I didn't get to do too much till yesterday, and I've had nothing but trouble, trying to upload pics and videos!  But I will get them posted very soon....promise!!  And I got A LOT of pictures from the Shreveport show.....just so yall know!!!

Here's the pictures!!
My Pictures from Shreveport
The Video of Bucky giving a shout out to Casey's fans!!

I'll get the pictures on here and the one video as soon as I possibly can!!!    Later!!!!  Ok they are all up!

UPDATE:  Got the Hometown Video ready.....

Ok, I think thats it for me.....I'm  exhausted!!  See yall back here soon!!

Until next time......


  1. Before playing I Lied, he looks behind him at the huge TVs and says "Oh I'm on the TV. I didn't know". Then kind of whispers "I'm nervous now". Very, very cute. :)

  2. Glenda - Great job! Love it all! Bucky sounds like a character. Am looking forward to seeing him in Nashville! Ok ... am going back up the page to read it all. You have been busy!!

  3. Yes, Anon 10:00 that Casey is a cutie, and I'm loving his humorous side thats emerging....I could just squeeeze him right now!!

    Yes, Cyndee, that Bucky is a mess....let me tell just never know what he's gonna say!! He keeps laughing alot, when he's not singing!! He's a fantastic story teller!! He used to tell a story about how he dropped his keys off the boat dock one evening after returning to load the boat and go home. His keys to his truck were spare....he calls his brother and they go to Wal Mart and he buys a scuba diving gear to go find those keys!! And he went back and was diving and diving and finally he decided to quit and Katherine, his fiance, said, just try it one more time....they have to be there! So he did and he found 'em!! He flies up out of the water, yelling he found 'em!! And after he got out, he realized the alarm still worked! He was excited about that....
    He comes up with some doozies!!!

  4. Laura PattersonMay 4, 2011 at 6:54 AM

    Thank you Glenda for the great photos of Bucky - his hair looks great to me!! I can't believe you got him to do a video for Casey fans - isn't that like getting your old boyfriend to talk about the new one?! Bucky's a great sport, that's for sure! I know we can have lots of favorite musicians - just sayin' I wouldn't want to talk about the others in their face!!! Maybe it's just me who thinks that way?!

    Glad you had a great time - sounds like a blast! Really appreciate your sharing with all of us.

  5. @Laura, the reason he did that, is because I told him some of the Casey Fans were coming to see him at CMA fest. I think it's good for people to show support for one another....but I respect your opinion as well.

  6. ...oh man...I cannot get enough of this rough, sexy, beautiful voice coming from this beautiful mouth! Then to add that sweet, natural sense of humor? I'm a goner...