Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Casey James Tweets, new show added, and CMA fest talk....

Well....hello everybody!   It's been a minute since I've been here!  I just didn't have alot to say, and still don't, but a little bit is better than nothing! :)
I hope all the mothers out there had fabulous Mothers Day on Sunday!  Mine was just quiet.  It's not one of my favorite holidays, but I deal with it.  
Then, Casey tweets all the mothers out there!! :)

Casey Everett James

Happy Momma's Day! Make it a good one. ;)
Now ain't that just too sweet??  I'm sure 'nuf loving that!!  I'm sure he missed his mom on Mother's Day, unless he was home.  He moves around pretty quickly....he can sneak on in to Ft. Worth without a lot of attention.   He probably just needs a break from time to time....with absolutely nothing to do, but rest!  No cell phones, no computers....yea, I'd say he needs that. :)  So I hope he got to sneak into town and see his momma!

On to other things....It looks as though Casey has been added to the lineup at the California State Fair in Sacramento, Ca., and Casey is scheduled for Sunday, July 24th.  Don't know what time though.  The tickets are only $10 bucks for reserved with paid fair addmission.  If you don't want reserved, then the concerts are free!  But if I know Casey's fans, they are going to want to be as close to the stage as possible!!   I hope lots of California Fans get to go!  Click on the link above, for more information about it!

At a place on the web, you can buy a really nice guitar with the Casey James autograph right on it!  Click on the link to check it out!

There's been more changes at Facebook.  All the older pages were being archived, and the Casey E James Fan Club has been updated and has  a different  look about it, but we'll get accustomed to it.  If you're not a member of this cool page, that was started right after the 'cougar term' came out on Idol, over a year ago, please, go be a part of an interesting, sometimes hilarious, and always supportive, Fan page for Casey.  Just click on the link above!  Kudos going out to Mickey Fay for an awesome job of creating and maintaining this page, and bringing so much heart to it!  Anybody can join, so if you are not already a  part of it, go ahead and be a part of something wonderful!!

I think it's high time for some 'Mr. Pretty....' as Michael Lynch preferred to call him last year, while all the idols were on tour.


Thanks to all the fans and American Idol for all the above shots!  These are from my archive here at Caseymania, so permission has already been granted at an earlier date, for these shots! :)

The Herald Tribune did a "best and worst dressed", of  the stars at the Academy of Country Music, that was held in Las Vegas last month.  Casey was praised for his sense of style on the red carpet, as he landed on the "BEST" dressed list!!!  And I also wholeheartedly agree with them....he looked so dapper in his dressy duds!!  Read all about it HERE.
What do yall think??  Best dressed??  oh doubt about it!!!  Congrats Casey, for making the list!!


There's a new page at Facebook.  It was started by Carman W. to talk about all the CMA fest things!!  So if you are going, or just want to get in on the conversations, go join up with the page here>>>>CMA Fest 2011Thanks Carman!

Somebody finally put together a good read for 'cma fest virgins'.....yep, that's what it says.....and it has the top 10 things to do.  So, if you are going, take time to read this very informative.... and sometimes funny page!

Useful Tips for CMA fest attendees {especially CMA virgins}

And I could add a few more things to that list....sunscreen, if your light complected like me!  Drink lots of fluids, because it's hot!  There is places to get water and lemonade all over the place, so stay hydrated!  A Hat is always a good idea too, for those who can wear one!  I don't look good in hats, but I do believe since my hair is so long, I'll be wearing a ballcap or something!  And last, but not least....dress light!  The lighter your clothing the less heat it keep that in mind while packing your bags next month!! 

Ok, thats all I have for now, will be back in a couple days!

Take care yall....until next time.....

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  1. Thanks for keeping us all informed. And thanks for letting the readers know about the CEJFC upgrade. Eventually I'll get use to it - lol! Love all you do, Glenda!