Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Videos of the whole show from 2 ft. away in Little Rock! And new media attention!!

I know it's late, but I have not felt up to par today....kinda sluggish and wore out!!  I bet I'm getting old......shhhhh don't let my heart hear that!!!   We have some really close up video from a Casey Fan that was against the stage 2 foot away, and it is very clear and you can understand the words he's singing so much better than, for example, my videos!!  They are so bad, I'm not even gonna upload them to YouTube.  Its a new camera, why couldn't it get decent video from 15 feet away??  I'm saving my money and I'm gonna get me a video/camera that will knock my socks off!!  I don't have time to kill on worthless videos, when Casey's career is just taking off!!!  I have to invest in the best I can get, right?  Right!! :D  Cause he only has one beginning to his career and I want to be able to document it the best I can!  Ok, enough about that.....here's 4 songs together on this one video from Little Rock.

Part 1~"Long Tall Texan" and "Bulletproof" and "Let's Don't Call It A Night" and "Till My Guitar Get's Tired of Playing the Blues"

Part 2~"I Just Want to Drive" and "Done Made Up My Mind"

Many Big Thanks to clwesson for her very cool and close up videos of the whole show!!

There were quite a few media outlets that grabbed the story of Casey James opening for Sugarland, so I will post all them here!  It's ALL good!!!!  :)

Sugarland unleashes "Incredible Machine" on Little Rock!  Read all about it from "The Voice", the online news source...."HERE"

Heres what a Charleston, S.C. newspaper had to say....."Casey James ready to re-introduce himself to his fans"

Read all about it  "HERE"

Reality Rocks, an online Music Blog couldn't say enough good things about our boy Casey and his future!!  Check them out   "HERE"

A video of "Drive" that was captured by someone at that CRS showcase in Nashville the other night, was showcased on this blog....."Rocco's Pop Revolution".  The writer wasn't smitten with Casey James, but did say some nice things about him.....read about it   "HERE" 

I managed to wrangle up a few photos for yall, so hang on tight....here's our Casey at his best....and looking ever so awesome!!  Thanks to all the fans who have given me permission to use the photos!  I will post some Groups of Fan pictures too!  Maybe I'll do that first and get it out of the way, saving the best for last.....what do ya say???  Let's do it!!

 L to R: Me, Norma (front) Darla (beside me), Anthea, Kathy, and Dawna just before Casey hit the stage!!

Me and Momma James (The only reason I wasn't in the pic below was because I was off dilly dallying or going to the ladies room or something, and missed out!)

Front L to R: Kathy, Norma, Debra, Melanie, Anthea, and Jan
Back row L to R: Darla and Polinka

And this is Mike, Jan's very cool hubby with Casey!

Ok, now it's Casey time.....

Big 'ole Thanks to Jan and Melanie for their fantastic shots of Casey doing his thing!!

Well, it's the end of the night, and I am not sure if I missed them, or if nothing has come in yet from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the show on Saturday night!  If your reading this and you have some videos or pictures you'd like to share, hit me up!!  Would love to show them off for ya!!

Ok, everybody, I'm going on to bed soon, I can't find anything else today.....so yall have a great night, till we meet again!

Until then........



  2. thanks to clwesson, man he is so good, love it when you can hear the guitar and the voice, just love him, let's don't call it a night gets better and better, all of it gets better and better.

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  4. I agree with you Glenda , all the songs are awesome but my favorite is ,Lets dont call it a night , i can't stop listening to it . i just about know all the words to it already. And thank you so much to Clwsson, for those awesome videos, it just don't get any better. Casey is by far the best in everything he does. I can't believe he took a silly song like Long tall texan and changed it into an awesome song like that. That is unbelievable. But thats Casey for ya. I just love him so much,for who he is and ALL HIS TALLANT!!!!!

  5. Glenda...WOW! Cant believe the quality of these vids! & such beautiful pics! You girls look awesome! Thanks again for some great info!

    Maryanne from NJ

  6. So glad you girls are loving everything he did that night!! There was no bad song in the bunch!! What the hell am I saying?!?! Casey CAN'T do a bad song!!! Geeezzz!! I don't care,which one it is, but I hope it is one of them that gets to be the 1st single!! oh I wish they would hurry up and release it already!!
    I'm getting the words down pat too!! I looked at my own videos again after knowing some of the words I got from Carman's videos and I can actually understand the words in mine now! The sound quality was not good that night, and the music was louder than him, but it was their first gig, so they will get things like that all worked out the more they play together.
    Your welcome Maryanne....it's my pleasure! I soooo love writing about Casey and all things associated with him!! :-)

  7. Hey Glenda, on your other post you mentioned he has a song that is getting some attention -

    Are you referring to Drive or Done Made up My Mind? I love both these songs, Drive has been endlessly playing on my iPod and I think it has a big shot at being a single.

  8. Hey Glenda, thanks for all the great info! If you listen really close to the clwesson video 1 I'm pretty sure Casey says "little" honky tonk- no cussing from our sweet guy!

  9. girl you keep working on that 30lbs you'll get it off then you can finally see Casey James in
    person.....good luck with it.

  10. @Anon 2:53....yes, you are sooooo right....and I'm eating crow right now.....so embarrassed I got it wrong!!! I'll correct that right away!! I should stay away from trying to decifer words in a live song....I've never been good at that....(ducking head in embarrassment) I should have known better. But I try to see Casey as not perfect, by any means, and I would not think bad of him at all, if he did say it. So....my bad....thanks for pointing out the correct word out for me!!! :)

  11. @Drew....I was referring to "Drive", because one of those links were talking about it. I love it too!! A friend was saying how that song would be a great Nascar tune, since it's all about driving!! She emailed them the idea....hmmm maybe we'll follow up on that!!!