Monday, March 7, 2011

Casey James 'ROCKS' the Little 'Rockers'....full recap with video and photos

WoW!!!!  Where do I start, Casey Fans?!?!  OMG is now an official 'word' to describe our own Casey James!!!!  He was on 'fire'!!!!  His new set was just as awesome as we all believed it would be!!  We were listening to 'his heart and soul'....I believe is the way he put it!  The anticipation up to this first show was over the top for everybody..... myself included!  Everyone who didn't get to go to Little Rock, was on pins and needles till that first video hit YouTube!!!  And he did NOT disappoint!!  He was everything and MORE than we expected him to be!!  
I'll start at the beginning with my recap of the whole experience from my eyes!

We all met up and took off from Fort Worth about 8:15 am or so and hit Interstate 30 to Little Rock!  It took us about 5 1/2 hrs. or so, to get there.  We checked in to the hotel and then headed for Vino's a few blocks away to have some pizza and drinks!  All the fans were invited, but only a few showed up.  Jan, Mike and Melanie from Memphis showed up and me, Anthea (The English Casey Fan), Dawna and Norma all came together!  Mind you....Anthea flew all the way to Texas from England to go to Casey's debut opening act!!  She is one dedicated fan, and just a sweetheart of a lady!!  Dawna, was our trusty driver!!  She got us all there in one piece....thanks girl!!  And Norma was tweeting & posting pictures as much as I was!  We were all yapping our jaws, sometimes at the same time!!  It was a very fun roadtrip!!

So we got back to the hotel and got ready for the time of our lives!!  We got to the venue about 6:15 and there were lots of people lined up already.  They opened the doors about 7:00 I think and we all flooded in and ran to the ladies room! LoL!  Or....maybe I was the one running to the ladies!!  Anyway a few of us met up inside and headed to our places inside.  We met a few more fans....Kathy and Steve, Darla, and some I can't remember their names (please forgive me... :( )  We took a few group fan pictures and visited a bit and then it was time....Time for Casey to show us all what he had been working on, and we had been longing to see and hear for a number of months!  The first moment the band members started scrambling onto the stage, the yells and applause started.  And then.....there he was....covered in blue lights, and looking ever so much like our Casey we had all come to love over the last 14 months!  Someone handed him his guitar.....and that first chord cut like a knife through the air.....and the screaming began!  HE WAS BACK!!!  And we were there, watching him as he started strumming his guitar to the old tune...."I'm a long Tall Texan"!  I was like....What???  You mean Casey can even put his spin on a old country song like that???  And that he only Casey can!!!  He took the song in a whole new direction with a lot of blues sound put to it!!  I LOVED it!!! what Casey does best!!!  This is who HE is....and the crowd were loving it!!


Big thanks to amcaro10

Then, he changed guitars and the drums started making a nice beat and Casey kicked in and started singing this fast paced southern rock sounding song, that I could have easily found myself singing along to, had I known the words!!!  Then his keyboard player took the lead....and he 'tore it up'!!  Ok, I'm digging this toe tapping song!!

Thanks to kathyt11

He didn't change guitars for the next song....he slowed it down and the sound of it appealed to me right away....ummm could this be the..... 'panty dropper' Patrick Davis talked about on twitter? :)  Surely's only been a couple or 3 weeks since they wrote it.  But I knew right away it was a sexy song!  And when Casey started singing it....I was ALL in!!!  My favorite so far!!  The song had a soulful, bluesy, very sexy sound to it.  Very sentual and the words were all the more reason to call it a PD song! :)  (In my warped opinion, lol) Its time to light the candles and put Casey on the CD player.....
I have another name I call songs like that.....'baby making music'.... for all those looking to add to or start a family.....Casey's gonna hook ya up with the music!!  :D
I'm just having too much fun with this!! 

Thanks to kathyt11

The next song started very similar to the last one, it had a slow pace, and I think he was still playing the same guitar, I'm not sure, I was still lost in the song before it.... lol .... This song is even more bluesy than the last one.....a bluesy love song sung only the way Casey can do it....good lord have mercy....nobody sings a love song like him!  I bet alot of couples get together, or back together or married because of Casey's soft and sultry 'come hither' tunes!!  :D 
(note: this video is sideways for a bit, then she realizes what she's doing and turns it right!)  I rest my case! :)

Thanks to amcaro10 for this very cool video!

Also included in the last video, is another song that is getting alot of attention!  And he does change guitars for this tune!  He puts his 'slide' on his finger and I'm thinking.....ok, I don't care what this song sounds like, I love it when he plays slide guitar!!!  The song takes off and Casey's ripping it up and it's fast paced!!!  It's a great song, and I think people are really gonna take to this one!!  I'm loving it!!!  And of course Casey's doing his Casey 'hollers' and singing it like he's been doing it all his life!!  Gosh....I just love his music!!!

He changes guitars for this song, the white one, or is it the black one??  Anyway, this song starts off with that southern rock feel and It is GOOD!!!!  Lots of ripping it up on the guitar and his voice....oh his voice is absolute perfection!!!  And he rocks it out!!!!  Bigtime!!!!  I'm digging on this song alot!!!!  I can hear this one on the radio right now!!  Come on Sony....we want that single!!!! :)

Thanks to amcaro10 for these last 3 great up close videos!!

He only got to sing 6 songs, but let me tell you....he made use of the small amount of time he had on that stage, and he definitely made some new fans in Little Rock, Arkansas!!!  Way to go Casey!!!!  This is only the beginning of a very long career for this awesome musician!!!!  And I am so proud I was able to be one of the people who was lucky enough to witness this great beginning!!  After the show was over, I was fortunate enough to finally get that picture with him, I had wanted for so long!!  He has to be the kindest person in the whole world!  He thanked me for all the hard work I do here at Caseymania and hugged me real tight and pulled me right up into his neck for the picture....and I just nestled in and knew that at that moment, he cared about me, and appreciated me.   And I'm sure he did the same for everybody else as well, but I got to be one of them!!  Here is my gift from him....

Here are a couple of shots that are 'to die for'..... if your a fan girl!!  Squeeeeee  lol....
Great big thanks going out to Jan and Mike for these awesome shots....wooo hooo!!

Wheeww!! I'm really exhaused!!  I will have more to come tomorrow, I will post some fan pics if I can figure out a better way to do it than what I did tonight....geezzz  what the hell has happened to Facebook, I can't just take a picture now and save it to my computer....(with permission of course).....if anybody knows a better way, please let me know! :)  I will also be looking for stuff from Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was the show on Saturday night!
I will talk to yall tomorrow....

Until then.......


  1. Karen Smith from HillsboroMarch 7, 2011 at 6:41 AM

    Glenda, Glenda, Glenda!!! Why would a 63 year old woman be sitting here sobbing like a 13 year old at a Justin Bieber concert? Because you put me right there with you. You really didn't need to write much because that picture of you with him was worth 10,000 words. He was hotter than a six-shooter and I am so happy you Texas gals got to be a part of it all. Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much - great recap! I'm here laughing and thoroughly enjoying your experience. I'm also loving Casey's songs and all that he brings - so much fun!! Your photo with Casey is icing on the cake! You go girl!!

  3. I've been looking at Burn this Media, and MJ's, waiting for your post of the trip and it is just great! I agree that Casey was hot and all the work he's been doing really shows. Thanks again for the exciting recap I hope that boy goes far.

  4. OH GLENDA, all i can say IS: OMG OMG OMG, your explanation of your expereance being at that concert , was almost like being there, but im sure i would have had a heart attack if i would have been there. Caseys music is way more than i hoped for , but expected from Casey , of course. I've never been so excited about anything like this in my life. Its such a thrill to see and here all the news and videos of Casey, i can't begin to say, its all breath taking ,for sure. Thank you sooooo much Glenda for all your hard work and effert. You are a true loving and caring person for all you do. One day i AM going to meet you and share some real fun at one of Caseys concerts, FOR SURE!!!!!!

  5. GREAT recap girl! I couldn't have said it better myself!!! He gave us everything we were expecting and MORE! I would travel across the country, just to hear him sing those 6 songs one more time, he is THAT good!
    Something else I've failed to mention anywhere since we got back is the fact that SO many people around us, that weren't even familiar with Casey, really stood up and took notice of him! I, wearing my blinged out Casey shirt, was stopped several times while walking out of the Arena and asked "Where did you get that shirt and WHO was this Casey guy, he was awesome?!" My smile could not have gotten any bigger, each time I was asked, and I took advantage of the moment to fill them ALL in on who this incredibly talented, Long, Tall Texan was and they should remember the name "Casey James" because he will be HUGE one day!
    In a strange kinda way, I felt like a proud Momma and I couldn't quit bragging about him to everyone that asked.... and let me tell you, there were a lot of people looking at my shirt and asking questions about him! They really noticed his talent and hadn't forgotten about him when his set was over. The name Casey James was still floating around the arena, even after he left the stage, and I couldn't have been any happier for HIM!!!

  6. Karen Smith from HillsboroMarch 7, 2011 at 1:43 PM

    Glenda and Janita...I know how you feel like a proud momma...Carmen was kind enough to put my twitter name "kdsaa4" on the poster right above the "W" and I have forwarded that picture to everyone I know. I go back and forth between proud momma and giddy teenager. Thanks again.

  7. Oh girls...I'm still reeling from all this myself!! It was such an awe-inspiring experience, that I will always hold dear to my heart!!! ALWAYS!!! Thank you to all of you who read and love'a all about Casey and all about his music!!! I guess about 18000 people were there that night, it did sell out, I think? Anyway, it was awesome to see THAT many people see and hear Casey!!! And from my experience of the people just standing close to me in the pit, I could hear them at times, and I heard stuff like...."He's great"!! Wow...he's awesome!! And one even said...."HE's playing all his own guitar".....and I took that to mean, his own lead..... So, I made sure to hand those people cards and told them if they want to see what all he's doing and where he is, go to this website, and they thanked me, and of course, I got in a few "proud momma" brags about him!! :)
    And Jan, that beautiful blinged out shirt was just free advertisement for him!!! Thank you!!! Did I tell you he noticed my Casey Bag right away and said it was cool!!?? And he put his little C J on it for me!! We all need to make bags for every show we go to with the pictures from that show!! Jan I wish I had remembered to hand you a few Caseymania cards to give to the people asking you about Casey! We have to pull those who are interested in him, in, right away!! I handed out a few cards, but I should have put Casey somewhere on my shirt, my mistake! But at least he saw my twitter name, it was huge, he couldn't miss it!!
    Good description Karen.... I too, go from proud momma to giddy teenager in 0.6 seconds!! :D
    Thanks everybody! Glad yall like it!

  8. YES Glenda, I know he signed your bag!!! Hang onto that darlin, it is a priceless keepsake! I could of kicked myself for not thinking quick enough to get him to sign mine... but you can bet your sweet hiney I'll be getting it signed next time!
    I'm still on a "Casey" high that I may not ever come down from!!! lol

    Thanks for all you do Glenda!!! <3

  9. Thanks for the recap Glenda! Its great to hear the details of the show through your eyes and it sounds like it was very exciting! I am loving the videos of Casey's performances. His music is what I had been hoping for and I just love it!!!
    Sure glad to hear that he has made new fans too and I'm sure there will be plenty more!:)

  10. Love the Recap... it was so much FUN... still relishing the memories...if I get a moment from work - I'll write my blog on it too... WORTH every penny!!!!

  11. Glenda, thanks for the great update that I have been watching for since the show. Coincidently, I am another Anthea, also from the UK but living in Seattle, who has followed Casey since his audition on Idol last year and was lucky enough to meet him after the Idol show. I love his music especially when he sings in the style of 'Always' 'Don't' and 'Jealous Guy" and am hoping that when his album is released that some of the songs are just him and his guitar, doing what he does best! Looking forward to more pictures etc of the concert and hopefully some reviews from the music industry. Keep up the good work.

  12. What a perfect description of what it's like to be a 40 something Casey freak! Proud mama/giddy teenager! Thanks Glenda for allowing us to live vicariously!

  13. Eileen @jenna366March 7, 2011 at 8:45 PM

    Went to Tulsa show while visiting my sister in Arkansas, Casey sang 6 new songs with bass, keyboard and drum backups. He was sooooooooooo fabulous it was breathtaking. Only issue is noone introduced him. People on both sides of me were asking.. who is this wonderful hot guy? Of course I was happy to tell them all about Casey. I was wearing my casey shirt, pins and bracelets, and carrying my casey bag so it was obvious who I came to see. After the show, Casey and his mom were at the merchandise heart stopped. He had his cap on but still looked gorgeous but very thin. He needs to eat more. I got a beautiful note from him with his autograph, 3 pics, 2 with him and his mom, and had some great conversation. He is soooooooo nice. I told him I saw him at Jones Beach and he said he really remembered that night so well. Debra said pawpaw is failing and I told her all the casey cougars were praying for him. She loved my Casey bag so i told her I would send her one and she seemed really happy. I asked Casey if his brother was going to be with him soon and he said that his brother got tied up with other things and also has a girlfriend now and.."you know how that is"" then he grinned that gorgeous grin. He said he still hopes his brother will play with him someday and i said i hoped so too. Pinch me again.. I am still dreaming. He spent so much time with his fans it was awesome.. just like he said he would. He seemed so happy and so grateful to be doing what he's doing. If there's any way you can see one of these shows... go for it -- all I hoped for and more.. my pics will be loaded on wed when I get back to ny!!!!!!!!!!

  14. praying to get to this concert. it truly is going to be the high point of this year for me. Glenda. i'm agreeing withthe first comment from Karen from hillsboro! So happy for youo. enjoyed every bit of this blog!

  15. Great job as usual, Glenda. I am watching everything that comes in from the shows. I have a question. When Casey was done and he turned and started off the stage, I thought I heard a man yell out "Come back, Man" Almost like requesting an encore. Do you know what I am talking about? Was it one of our people or possibly a new fan? Or was I hearing things? Jeanette

  16. Yay Glenda, that pic with Casey was priceless. I also saw a snap of you on Shari's blog where you seemed to be whispering something to him. Hmmm you got ahead of us gurl LOL.

    It's a bummer though that he wasn't introduced in Tulsa. In all concerts I've been to, openers are always intro'd, so what gives?

    I'm more excited for Casey more than ever. He deserves to succeed.

  17. @Anon 6:33pm You know....I'm not sure, I'll have to go back and listen and see if I hear it. I know....I was there, I should know what your talking about....but....Casey has this effect on people that makes you tune out everything else but him! :) I think I stared at the stage for a minute or two after he walked off, thinking, it over?? Surely not...but it was, and I was still numb from the joy in my heart at that moment!! So, if somebody said something, (even to me) I didn't hear it....I was in La La land still!! :-D I'll go back and check and see,and get back with ya on that!! I know the man to my left was all into it! He had never heard of him and was saying how great he was, so of course, I had to fill him in on who he was and I handed him a Caseymania Card so he could catch up on this HOT new artist that he enjoyed!! there were 2 men that were listening to me, but only 1 was talking. It might have been him that yelled!! :)
    Thank you to all of you, I just love this!! I can't wait till we've got Casey news flying everywhere!! It's so awesome!!
    Eileen looking forward to the pics!!! and Kathy, waiting on your recap as well girl!! :)
    Drew....He wasn't really introduced at LR either,a guy talked about him for a second, but it was a little bit before Casey ever came on, there was no big introduction like.... "without further adu...Sony recording artist...Casey James!!!" And he was suppose to come running out to the stage grinning from ear to ear!! Didn't happen, and it bothered me too! And when they were done playing, Casey said a quick Thank You and they just suddenly walked off the stage with no warning or anything. I felt like they dissed him....
    Maybe the bigger artists don't want the opening act to outshine them, so they keep them lowkey...with few words and such.... I don't know, but I just know I want a 'solo tewer' as soon as possible! I believe he will be starting his radio tour very soon. I don't know if he will start it before or after the single is released, but we'll know soon, I hope!!
    Again, thanks for all your support, I really appreciate all of you!! :-)

  18. Thanks so much Glenda for the recap,pics and videos!!! I can't even imagine what an awesome experience it must have glad you finally got your lovely picture with him!! All his songs are really great so excited for that CD to come!!! Thanks again for all you do and letting this casey fan live vicariously through you!!!! ;) Chris