Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Shows starting Thursday...2 more videos....and other news.

It's obvious the fans who saw the Little Rock and Tulsa shows are still in awe of Casey's new music!  I too, find myself humming a couple of them nearly all the time!!  And the videos and pictures brought back to share with the other fans has been so awesome!!!  So, all of Casey's fans are on a high right now, that a nightmare couldn't snap 'em out of!! :D  And who wants to come down????  Not me!!!  I want to remember that show for as long as I possibly can!!  And now, tomorrow starts a 3 day run of shows that alot more Casey fans are going to!!!  It's going to be like summer all over again!!  Love it!!!! 
The tour will stop tomorrow in Greenville, S.C. at the BI-LO Center and the show starts at 7:30.  So get there early if you have a pit pass, so you can get right up in front of that stage and get us here at home some really good pictures and videos!!  :)   I've included the Tour Schedule on the left side bar, if you need to  purchase one, just click on BUY.  I highly suggest the Pit area if you can stand for awhile (standing only), you're not claustrophobic and don't mind crowds, because that gives you the best way to see him, up close!  There may be tickets left, and the Pit is paperless, so you could just print out your receipt and take it with you.  When I was in the pit at the LR show, it was not at all crowded, and people were not right up against each other, there was room, where I was standing.  Just thought I'd throw that tidbit of info in, just in case anyone was wondering.
Then, on Friday, the Tour will stop in North Charleston, S.C. at the N. Charleston Coliseum and that show starts at 7:30 also.  All the tips from above....same goes here.  I think Casey has an Aunt who lives somewhere in that area, and I hope she gets to see his show!  If your reading this....HI Sherry!
Then on Saturday the 12th, the tour rolls in to Jacksonville, Florida, at the Veterans Memorial Arena.   All of the above goes for this show as well.  I have some friends and alot of Casey Fans going to this show!!!  I hope everybody gets up close to the stage as they can and enjoys Casey at his best!!  Prepare to be Rocked!!  All you Casey Fans please try to meet one another and get group pictures, because I'd love to show all of you off on Caseymania!!

In other news, it seems our own Casey James appeared to be modeling the English Laundry clothing line.....(I wish) it's actually what he wore on American Idol I believe.  And what I didn't know, was.....that beautiful white long sleeved shirt he wore when he sang "Heaven" and made half the world fall in love with him....was from this same line of clothing!  Check out these videos and take notice at these spots for our own Texas boy!!  Casey Alert at....  :50  1:32  1:44  1:55  2:20

"English Laundry Sizzle Reel"

These next few pictures have the WOW factor attatched to them!!  And as the owner said, We have God to thank for this! :)
mmm mmm oughta be against the law for a man to have hair that drop-dead gorgeous!!  :)

THANK YOU to Rhonda N. for this omg-fantastic-beautiful Casey Hair shot!!!!  Perfection!!! I love it!

A big Thank You going out to Rhonda N. for her fabulous shot of Casey and his white guitar....that's named the Black guitar....I think....?? 

Oh my....(gulp...) this may have to be my favorite of the night.....goodness, he looks great with those blue lights on him......Thanks going out to Rhonda N. once again for her great shot! She certainly knows how to take a picture!!  :D

I'm like everybody else..... I've been wearing out the videos we had from clwesson and kathyt1 in Little Rock!!!  And Now, although nothing has come through from Tulsa, that I know of, there was another 2 videos from on the front of that stage at Little Rock, and here they are....the first 2 songs of the night, and Casey actually walking on the stage, in the first one.  Then the next 2 songs in the second video!  I'm hoping she got the last 2 songs as well....I will be watching for that!  Woo Hoo!!!  Very very good quality, I might add!!!  Thank you so much poluskap for these awesome videos from LR!!!

"Long Tall Texan" and "Bulletproof"

"Let's Don't Call It A Night" and "Till My Guitar Gets Tired Of Playing the Blues"

Well, yall....I think I'll get out of here for tonight,  and get some rest, because for the next 3 days Casey James will be all about Rockin' our Worlds!!! 
And, before I go....I heard through the grapevine (not really) that there was a remote possibility that Casey may try out the "panty dropper" on the S.C. audience!!!  Can you say SEXY!!!???  Ok, I thought "Let's Don't Call It A Night" was the PD.....but oh's even hotter than that!!!  What???  Are you kidding me right now Patrick Davis???  What I heard the other night was exactly what I and many more would definitely call a panty dropper.  If it's any hotter than that, I just may get embarrassed watching him sing it!!  LOL!! 

Good night all......

Until next time...........

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  1. Too bad she didn't get the whole thing. Man those songs get better and better especially when you can hear them like that. He is so special.