Friday, March 11, 2011

Casey James in Greenville, pics....and other news

The tour buses rolled into Greenville, S.C. today for the 3rd stop on the Incredible Machine Tour, where Casey is the opening act!!  The talk is nearly non-stop as Casey gets ready to ROCK the stage in S.C.!!  The fans are all excited and can't wait till the next set of videos make their way to YouTube or pictures start showing up on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks!!  He is getting alot of attention too from the LBT and Sugarland fans, as some have been known to ask our Casey fans....'Who is this guy, this Casey James?', and of course Casey's loyal followers are more than happy to share with them who this awesome newcomer is!!, the online version of the Spartanburg Herald Journal got a fantastic interview with Casey, with lots of talk from Casey about how his music came to be and lots of other great information!  Read all about it>>>> ' Here '

Good News!!!!  The first of the pictures from Greenville, S.C. are coming in and I got 'em for ya right here!!

Thanks so much to Charme S for all these gorgeous shots of Casey tonight!!

Those pictures are so very good in spite of the news that some fans were saying.  Apparently Casey sang the same set as in Little Rock and Tulsa, but when he left the stage a DJ came up and said to the audience to ' Give it up for Casey James' who apparently has the flu and was sick during his set, and still sounded great in spite of his illness!   Does this sound familiar anyone??  My heart just sank when I read that, knowing what he went through all during the Show and the AI Tour last year!  So, after his set he tweeted this:

Thank you Greenville!  See ya next time!

I would imagine he did that because he was not able to come out and greet the fans at the Merch. table.  :(  The fans were disappointed, as I'm sure Casey was too, but they understood why he was absent, this time.

My heart just goes out to him, because we all remember how sick he was last year.  In my opinion, I believe he cannot sleep on the bus, and therefore gets zero rest for the duration of the trip, and ends up exhausted, weakening his immune system to the point of sickness!  That is just my honest opinion about what is happening and I may be way off base, but I so wish he could get more rest!  I don't want to see him go through what he did last year, just so he can tour.  The tour is very important, but so is his health!  He may have to end up having to fly to some of the shows, just so he can rest!  I would like that, if he could do it that way.

I was able to run across a short recap on twitter, of the show from a fan who was there for our Casey!!  Big Thanks to @haveaniceday711 

Okay a bit more for those who are curious about Greenville with He started when the lights were not even quite dimmed. I'm sitting there thinking, hello folks this guy is amazing...shut up, get ready. I was worried that I wasn't gonna make it to my seat in time b/c the dinner ran way long. Traffic coming into Greenville was crazy ridiculous at 5ish. My dad dropped me and my mom off at 7:20...panic...pushing way though crowd, being slightly rude, oops. I don't live in Greenville anymore and my mom noted that it was weird to see so many people so animated and anxious. She commented on the cowboy boots and tight jeans of girls all around and children and men...well, who knows who it was for? There was plenty of love for Little Big Town and Sugarland. But Casey? I was there for him. She didn't get it initially but she does now. Getting back to it...Casey got plenty of yells but not as many as I would wish. But it was so wonderful to see the dragged-in-boyfriends-and-husbands-and-guess-you'll-be-my-dates really feeeling Casey's guitar playing and singing. Even with the flu. That's why we love Casey. He was really good. And I think he picked up new fans tonight, sick and all.

This is all I have for now, I will update, if more information, videos or pictures come through.

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  1. get well Casey James your fans love you!!!!!

  2. We love you CASEY!!!! Hope you get well soon... Your performance was still AMAZING!!!!

  3. carolyn collins @jesssmomMarch 11, 2011 at 2:35 PM

    Casey , you're a shining star! be well. we love you. love your music. have really been enjoying the videos and pics from everyone and we're so looking forward to the next concert! thank you so much Glenda!!