Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More from Jacksonville.....

I was looking around on YouTube, and came across another video from Jacksonville!  I don't recognize the name attached to the video, and although it starts out as a mass of blur....it quickly clears up and every word is heard!  I actually heard some of the words to this song, that I had not ever been able to figure out, so far!!  It sounds great and theres a very cool surprise at the end, that I had not heard from the fans before!!  To watch and listen as he makes an announcement at the end of the video!!

"Till My Guitar Gets Tired of Playing the Blues"

Big thanks to shellbelle93 for this audio perfect and clear video!!

Sugarland's week in review, March 10-13 takes you backstage to meet their tour partners!!  Check out this cool video of Casey and his bandmates talking about their thoughts on this great opportunity!

"Casey & Bandmates being introduced to the public"

Ok, new pictures from Jacksonville!!  And....this Casey James move now has an unofficial name.....It's called the "shoulder rolly".  Alot of us are finding this a very attractive move on the singers part!!  What do you think??  Comment and let me know how many of you love this!!

Thanks tademo for this awesome shot!   Perfect timing of this capture!!  We love it!

Thanks again to tademo for this great shot!  Nice look on his face!

Ok....I saw a comment about this picture showing off Casey's day old stubble.....so for all those who adore that look.....here ya go.....this is for you!!

Thanks to Eileen L for this terrific shot taken at the Tulsa show!!

Ok, yall, to close out this post, I'm leaving you with this very precious photo of Casey and his sweet momma, Debra.....at Little Rock.  Thanks to Carmen W for this beautiful capture!!

Thanks to everyone who have been so gracious and generous with all their beautiful pictures!!

Probably taking a little break tomorrow....

Until next time.........


  1. Of course I love the shoulder-rolly thing! Is there anything about him I don't love? Very, very sexy! Oh, and that guitar face...? Have mercy!

  2. I love ALL his moves!!!

  3. Funny, I just mentioned how he moves his shoulders to a friend and now it has a name. My friend who listens to me go on about Casey says, "oh he's just hot". Liked that clear video, thanks for keeping us up on the tour. Hope he comes to Northern California.

  4. Hi! I came across my video on here! I'm glad you like it! It turned out better than I thought it would. Wish I would have recorded more of Casey tho. :)


  5. I'm loving the shoulder rolly :D Really love Casey's new music - its so catchy! Oh and I really love the update to the website Glenda.

  6. For those of us who attended the Little Rock show....I clearly remember the photo of Casey and Debra being taken and we all were like "AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" Then just a few short minutes later as Casey was leaving with his managers, he hugged his momma again and said "LOVE YA"!!! It was the sweetest thing to see!! Her total & complete support of him is amazing and beautiful!! Also, we shouted to him "Bye Casey....we love you!" and he said "Love you too!" THERE WAS JUST SO MUCH LOVE FLOWING THAT NIGHT!!! It's what life is suppose to be about, don't ya think??????? ;)

  7. Oh.....and the "day old stubble" photo....<<<>>>>>......very nice! THANKS!

  8. Thanks yall! The funny thing about all these "Casey Moves" is this is all relatively new stuff he's doing! He certainly never did anything like that on Idol!! Even though he did quite a bit of moving around the stage on the Idol Tour, I don't think I remember the 'shoulder rolls' and just little things he's doing now! It seems as if he's coming into his own and becoming who he wants to be on stage!! Alot of guitar players nowdays use wireless guitars so as long as he's using his 'wired' guitars I don't think we can hold out for any massive moves from the microphone. Although many of us would love that, I don't see it happening....and thats fine by me....he can just keep rolling that shoulder....I'm good with that!!! :)
    Michelle, thanks again for that awesome video!! It was so clear and the audio....wow!! Just awesome!!
    Girls, I too am loving every one of Casey's new songs!! I truly hope one of them is the single!! And I hope they hurry up and release it already!!! Times a wasting!!
    So glad yall are liking the new look at the top of the page! I also thought it was time to take off all that talk about AI. He's Casey the artist now!!
    Darla....I was one of the ones who was telling Casey..."Bye, love ya" as he strolled off with his people!!! And he loved us back....gosh....I just love that boy!! And I LOVE that pic of him and his momma...that is a very good one of them!!!
    Thanks everybody for the feedback, I love it!!

  9. PS: I too, secretly love love love the stubble.... :) But....I love his hair down....I wish he would leave it down all the time! :-/

  10. Check out the very first video of the idol tour for the shoulder roll!!! "I got mine" at the Palace of Auburn Hills! I've been diggin' that shoulder thing since July!!!

  11. ...ok I went back and looked at Auburn Hills and it wasn't a "full" shoulder rolly but it was a start! Loved it in any case! Love the stubble and the hair up or down.

  12. Casey looks very good with his new in the groove moves as he adds a little more character to his already perfect performances. Love the picture of Casey and his mom; he's just the cutest and happiest guy goin. Thank you for the videos Glenda, Casey's new music is the best.

  13. @Anon 2:57am Yea, your right!! It was there a little!! I guess I just never noticed it before!! Gosh....how in the world did I ever miss that!!?? LOL!!!!