Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today's the deadline for the Christmas Card Exchange

Hey everybody..... this is gonna be short today, because I'm sick and feeling awful.  But I had to get on here and post a couple things.   First, the link I put on here the other day for the Casey James Band Facebook is a FAKE!!  Someone made it look like Sony Nashville had started him a Facebook page and IT'S NOT TRUE!!!  It seems to me, there ought to be a LAW against someone impersonating a Record Company!!  And hopefully the person who did this will be found and punished!  So if you are on Facebook, and you pressed the LIKE option at the top of the page, just scroll down to the bottom and to the left you will see the UNLIKE option, just click it and you will be out of it.  This fraudulent site was verified to be a fraud by Billy C James, Debra James, & Casey's Manager among others.  So the best thing you can do is get away from that site.

Today is the LAST day you can take part in the Christmas Card Exchange.  If you would like to join in, just get an email to me with your MAILING ADDRESS INCLUDED.  So many people have sent me the email, but forgot to put the mailing if you did it, don't worry, you are not the only one!  Haha!  To be a part of it, just send me an email to:

and remember to add your mailing address!!  Thats the most important part! :)  Tomorrow afternoon I will be sending out a group email to everyone on the list with all the names and addresses listed. 
When you get this email, look down through all the names and find YOURS..... make sure everything is RIGHT..... if it is NOT right, please send me a new email with the word CORRECTION in the Subject line and I'll correct it and send out another email to everyone with the correct address on it.  So everybody, please hold off at least one (1) day to allow for any corrections, then start sending everyone on the list a Card from you.  You can get creative and do whatever you like.  I made my Casey Card last night and now all I have to do is order it through Snapfish and pick up the order of Cards at Walgreens.  I think Wal Mart might do someting like this too, I just know for a fact, I've done this many times through Snapfish and they send the order to The Walgreens of your choice and you can pick them up in about an hour or so!!  I will also send a copy of my favorite Casey moment!  If I had a picture with him, I would send out one of them, but I don't, and not sure how to make one of those face in the holes things.  But I have the software either here or on my phone, maybe I'll try to make a pic of me and him......maybe not!  It'll be a surprise!!  

Ok, yall have a good one, I'm going to hold my head over a pot of boiling water and see if I can unstop my head!  Take care.....until next time........

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  1. Hope you are feeling better. I was in Houston for Thanksgiving. It was great seeing my family and being in Texas. I checked out some of the pics of Casey. He looks so much better. Again, as always, Thank You! Jeanette aka jwtexaslady