Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm almost well, new stuff coming soon!

Hey y'all, just wanted to pop in and let y'all know I've been pretty sickly for over a week now. I've never been so stopped up in my life! Still not breathing good yet, but I'm
better! I'm gonna try to get a good post up for y'all in a day or so. I'm just having trouble getting in my writers mode not feeling good.
So y'all check back in a day or two and I should have something put together for ya! Take care of yourselves...


  1. Sorry to hear you are still feeling so poorly, Glenda. Take care of yourself so you're well enough to enjoy the Christmas break! It seems to be pretty slow news these days anyway so take the time for yourself :)

  2. Have you tried taking some sudafed it will unclog your head and nose, but if you have high
    blood pressure you better stay away from it, then you could try mucinex hope you get to feeling better!!! Robyn Lankford

  3. Hope your Casey Christmas cards start pouring in to perk you up a little. Got a beautiful one today from Robyn. GET WELL SOON!! Karen

  4. So glad you are feeling better Glenda ,have not been on here much, i have a very sick dad, been taking care of him,me and my sister, its so hard to see your parrent go down,but its in GODS hands, could use a little casey fix as soon as you are able.Sorry i did not get in on that Christmas card thing, but just did not get the chance .Been so buisy with my daddy, but i wish every one happy hollidays, and hope you get well soon. Linda

  5. Thanks y'all! It's so sweet to see this support! There are alot of things I can't take because of my high blood pressure. I took acetaminophen (like in Tylenol) and must have had a bad reaction because my speech was slurred for many days after taking it, don't even know what the name of it was now. But it's ok now. Or seems to be anyway.
    I am on penicillin capsules, now you'd think it would work already. But I want things to work immediately! :). I have no patience with medicine. Thanks to you all for your awesome support!
    @Linda so sorry to hear about your dad....take care

  6. Glad you are on-the-mend now. We are ready to hear some Casey news to cheer us up. Last night I visited youtube to hear some of his music before idol. Genilu

  7. Glenda,
    Take care of yourself first and foremost...Casey fans can wait for any news...any news on him is certainly worth the wait in my opinion!! Take Care!!


  8. Thank you all so much!! I love all this support I get from all of you!!! I am on the mend, and feeling a little better, but still not getting rid of the stuffy feeling! I think I will try mucinex! It's worth a try. I went out and tried to shop a little today, but got bored and tired of it quick. I may take a friends suggestion, and sit here on my computer and shop at shipping, so what have I got to lose?!
    I just posted a full page for yall, so go check it out....lots of new pics!!
    Thanks everybody, for all your help, I really appreciate all of you so much!! :)