Saturday, September 11, 2010

A very sad day in American History....9/11

Hello....I wanted to just post something about it is the anniversary of 9/11 and I still cry and watch all those TV shows made from videos people had going during the whole event.  I didn't lose a friend or family member there, or anybody I knew, but I know someone who lost someone that day.  It's so sad when they tell how they lost their loved one, and the pain in their face is so real, even though it's been 9 don't just get over learn to live with it.....plain and simple.  The person I know lost her fiance` when flight 11, bound for Los Angeles, struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  She still relives it every year.  Below is a memorial video and I always watch it and other things on TV so I don't let it slip at all from my memory.  It's painful to watch, but I need to remind myself every year what a blow our Country took that day.  Then I pray.

"WTC Memorial Video,.. never forget"  

On a lighter note, Bybee D James played a little gig up in Dallas at Bills Records and Tapes and a few of our girls were there to cheer her on.  I haven't asked their permission to post their names, so I won't at this time.  From what I understand they went to the gig and then went to have dinner all together at RJ's Mexican Restaurant.  I had every intention of going, fate will have it, my niece's boyfriend's  truck broke down, and I was the one they called......and I couldn't say NO!!  So, I didn't get to make it to this sweet event today, but I'm sure we'll hear all about it soon!  I can't wait!!  And hopefully I can make the next one!

Ok.....I have an interview here of Casey on Fox Good Morning NY and Casey looks so nice and the videos in the background are so good, but the guy asked one question that I, as well as others, thought was WAY out of line.  He actually said it himself after Casey refused to answer the question, and Casey handled the situation with such dignity and integrity!  It showed everybody, once again, what a stand up guy he really is.  He doesn't let these types of situations get to him, and he never seems to get rattled at all, by these types of stupid and totally uncalled for, questions.  Even the female was taken aback by his comment, you could see her, right away say something to him.  She knew it was not a typical type of question, it was rude, and both the lady and Casey knew it.  But I wanted to post it again to remind everybody what a tremendous guy we chose to support!!  He makes me so proud in the way he handles himself in all these interviews.  He seems like a pro who has been doing it for decades!  I can't wait till Nan Kelly (from GAC tv) interviews him and does a story on him, she is just going to love our Casey!   I also want to see how Suzanne Alexander and Stormy Warren interact with him!!  He is going to be such a hit with all the Country Music people, and I can't wait till we start seeing him in more magazines and on TV shows in and around Nashville!

"Fox Good Morning NY Interview w/Casey"

Here is one of my all-time favorite pictues of him, he looks so peaceful....

Thanks to anaperfonico for this absolutely beautiful shot!!


Ok, yall....I been thinking about the possibility of Casey meeting and possibly maybe dating one of the ladies of Country Music.  It could happen, he's going to be surrounded by alot of people and some will be available ladies.  Well, I've got a couple of probable dates I'd like to see him have on his arm who I would approve of....(like he needs mine or anyone elses approval...ha ha).  I know some of you are not at all familiar with the country music thing, or any of the ladies.  So I will  post a couple of pictures of my choices of ladies I think would be a good fit for him.  I know that Hillary is single, but I can't find out if Kimberly is, but I hope so!  If yall have any you would like to add to the mix just post a comment and let me know.  I know he's gonna be 'all about the music' but it still wouldn't hurt to have a lady friend to have dinner with or just hang out with sometimes.  And both are excellent songwriters...there's a good excuse to hang out together!!  :D

  Hillary Scott of "Lady Antebellum"....gorgeous,talented,very nice and about his age.

Here is Lady Antebellum's website if yall want to check out Hillary and the boys, Charles and Dave!

"Lady Antebellum"

Kimberly Perry of "The Band Perry".....very sweet, great talent and cute as can be, blonde, and also about his age.

 And here is their website if yall want to check out the two brothers, Neil and Reid as well!  They are an awesome group, and all of them are so cute!

"The Band Perry"

Ok, yall, it's about my bedtime, so let me know what yall think ok?  Yall have a great Sunday, and I'll be back on Monday! SCD.....


  1. Thanks for sharing this video, Glenda. I couldn't help but remember what happened on this day 9 years ago. I was driving home from work, about to pull in my driveway and heard the news on the radio. Put the TV on right away when I got in the house and saw the tower with smoke and fire billowing out of it and all I could think of that there were so many innocent people in there dying or already dead. What a sad, sad day for our country. I remember it was on a Tuesday and we had bowling that night which I wish they would have cancelled, and I was so mad at this one lady that was laughing and giggling like nothing happened. I wanted so bad to tell her off, but NICE person that I am, I didn't. I am so proud of all the police and firefighters that gave so much of themselves that day, some even their lives like the people on the plane from Philadelphia who took action and were so brave, and to the men and women in the military who defend our freedom every day. So grateful to all these wonderful people, God bless them and may we never forget them!

  2. i thought Hillary was dating a football player,but i think they would make a gorgous couple,i don't know the other lady but she's also pretty.i think it will be someone in music
    just because of his passion for it.just hope he stays away from the Mileys,Brittanys,Kardiasians,lohans,but i really think casey is way smarter than that.maybe a certain Kellie would be nice or a DiDi would be nice too.

  3. @Anon 10:55 Ha Ha....I hope you're not talking about Kellie Pickler, I can't stand her, and if you're a fan of her's I'm sorry, I used to be a fan, but I lost respect for her when she won awards on CMT and did NOT thank her fans, the ones who actually voted for her to have the award. So, ever since then, I can't stand her anymore. She is engaged to somebody. I looked up Hillary's bio and said she was single and not I assumed she was still single. Didi is cute, and sweet, but I just don't see her as being his type, she seems a little out there to me. I just want him to be happy but I do believe his music is going to be #1 as it should be! Thanks for the comments ladies! @Robyn, I'm with ya 100% girl! On that day, I know I didn't even smile about anything, much less laugh and giggle, no, I was upset and crying all day for the people inside those buildings that I know were dying or already dead, it hurt me so bad. And I just wanted to go to NY and volunteer to help them any way I could, my heart was breaking for all of them, and I just wanted to hug every single person! I felt so horrible for those looking for their loved ones...... Very sad day....and still is.

  4. I sure hope Casey finds a girl who is just right for him- someone who "gets" him and understands what he's about and truly loves him and treats him with respect, and probably someone who loves music just as much as he does and maybe is musical herself. I know some people like him and Didi together, but I heard her say in an interview when she, Casey, Lee and Crystal were together that she LOVES L.A. and can't imagine living anywhere else and Casey said he wanted to live in Texas and she said "You don't like L.A.?" They just don't seem like a good match to me. I know he digs Orianthi a lot. I think she is single and that first time she guest starred on Idol and he was sitting there in the bottom 2 or 3, he wasn't thinking of the possibility of being eliminated, he was thinking about getting to meet her backstage. I think they would make a cute couple!

  5. Yes, Orianthi is a good choice as well, and pretty too and a guitar goddess!! But I'm not talking about marriage or a steady relationship or anything, just someone to date, not to get serious with, just a date girl....ya know. Someone to hang out with in this Big New Town of Nash-vegas!! Not a long distance thing, someone to hang out with there, where he will be for the next few months.

  6. I probably should stay out of this conversation, but whats wrong with hanging out with good guy friends, like Andrew and Big mike for example, until God brings the right girl into Casey's life! We don't even know our own hearts, much less someone else's heart. Sometimes dating the wrong people can lead to wrong relationships when we are led by our emotions instead of true understanding. I believe Casey has lived a lot of life in his short 28 years, considering ALL that he's been through!! Someone with life experiences whether happy, sad, or even tragic and have come through them with God has a better understanding. A pure heart and motives is always better and to be beautiful inside and out! I believe Casey is grounded and needs our prayers to remain stable everywhere and anywhere he goes. Thanks Glenda! MAE777

  7. I agree with anonymous. Casey needs to meet and hang out with other Christians like Alan and Denise Jackson. Even though Casey is very grounded he needs the friendship of like-minded people that know how to make their way in this business. Casey knows the type of woman he needs and I don't believe he'll be swayed.

  8. First of all, this is just conversation, only, nobody's trying to hook Casey up, just merely talking! I mentioned the 2 ladies because I've personally met both of them, and I'm not sure about Kimberly, but Hillary is a christian. I was just making conversation here to keep ourselves busy. I could really care less if he has a woman, I just know he's going to be in a new town with no friends or family and I was just thinking of people, and yes women came to mind, that would be good for him, and not a bad influence on him. I know God will lead Casey to the right woman when it's time, and I'm not saying anybody should go set them up or anything, just talking, and thinking how cute they would be walking together.....that's all....nothing more!!!! Yes, Casey does know what kind of woman he needs and he alone will make that decision when and if it presents itself. But I think about the future and just thought he would look good hanging out with either of those ladies...even as friends, thats all, nothing more! He's been hanging out with Andrew and Mike all summer long and they are now on different parts of the U.S. so how is he gonna 'hang out with' those 2 in Nashville?? They don't live near there! Thats what I'm talking about, somebody to hang out with in Nashville while he's there working.

  9. "WTC Memorial Video,.. never forget" sad, so much destruction and pain...I pray...

  10. 9/11 Never Forget. :( Have to agree with Anon 4:01 Wishing for Casey a friend to his heart, someone who makes him smile and he has found compatibility with, someone he can walk through life with sharing and fulfilling their dreams. Casey will make the right choice and I hope the people who love him allow him to for his sake.

  11. with that smile in these videos he probably already has a girlfriend at least that would explain twitter absents

  12. You gotta point there Anon 10:16!

  13. First, regarding 9/11 - so sad to watch all the TV coverage the other day! A day I never will forget. I was living in Los Angeles at the time. There were so many people from California affected as those planes were flying to California. My youngest son was in pre school and one of his little friends' mother was on the plane that hit the Pentagon. was an extremely sad and difficult time for everyone!

    Now, on to happier comments, regarding Casey and his friendships :) I think Casey knows exactly who he is and who will compliment his life. He also seems extremely focused and will be devoted to making the very best CD he can. When he's ready to share his life, I have confidence that he will make a beautiful choice! It will be fun to watch his life unfold.

  14. I totally agree, Gloria. Casey will make the right choice when it's time! I pray for much happiness to come and his CD will be superb!!