Sunday, September 12, 2010

Casey James - Video #1 - The Ranch - 9-10-10.wmv

Big Thanks going out to bhyden1 for all 4 of these awesome videos!!! videos are all mixed up.....but yall understand what I was trying to do.  I could have put Debra's under Casey's but for some reason, I couldn't get the actual video as you see it to go under Casey's videos, and I didn't want to just put the that's why Momma James' videos are on top!!!  But it really don't matter does it??  We love both of ' however you want to listen to 'em, just go for it!!  I'm so excited about these videos......the very first without the title AI attached to him.....feels good to even say it!!!  Yall enjoy these, I'm gonna turn in for tonight and maybe post some tomorrow night, not sure yet.   If something newsworthy comes in, then yes, I will be posting!  See yall later......


  1. It was so good to see Casey play. He looked so so happy. I just absolutely love him doing blues. It makes me smile. -Outi-

  2. I have always LOVED the blues! Wonderful to see Casey playing again and looking so healthy and happy!

  3. Never been a big heavy blues fan, maybe because I've never taken the time to listen to it very much. Some of the old blues artists I have heard just didn't have that Casey voice. In any case, my name's not Georgia, but Casey definitely takes me home! Any kind of music he sings, any kind of tune he plays are . . . . .(I'm stuck) are indescribable with words, only Love.