Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey everybody....what's up?  Not much going on here now that the weather has settled down!  We do get some scary weather here, because we are in the 'tornado belt' and the 2 different airs, the warm and the cold,intertwine or something like that and causes the tornados!  Kansas and Oklahoma usually get more than us.  We had 6 reported tornados the other day when I was having a fit!!  I'm petrified of 'em.  If I hear of one coming my way, I'm in the hallway with a mattress on top of me and those 3 boxers!  Yall should see's a mess trying to keep those dogs under that mattress cause they don't understand what momma's doing, and they want out, and start freaking out on me.  But the second the thunder rolls or claps real loud they settle right down, they are as scared as I am of that loud thunder!!  It's pretty funny after it's all over with!

Check this out everybody!!  This is the first of many appearances in the Country Weekly Magazine!!  Keep watching, because he will be on the cover before we know it!!

Well, Momma James (Debra) just had a little twitter party with us!  It seems there's some problems with Paw Paw's MRI and his cancer may be returning.  Here's what Debra said earlier...."My Daddy is very sick. His cancer may be worsening. Tests forthcoming"  She also said..... "Papaw makes this world a better place to be...he is our Superman!"  Awwww, is that sweet or what?!   I feel so bad about all of this, and if your a spiritual person and don't mind, the James family could definitely use some prayer right now.

I'm gonna post this right quick and I'll be back with more soon.....

Ok, I'm back now!  While Debra was on tweeting she also told us she was doing a little gig up at Bills Records and Tapes in Dallas!  So, I may just show up and do a little videoing if she don't mind!  We'll see what happens!  If any of you live close enough to get there, try and show up and support Debra.....she needs all of us right now, more than ever.

I'm going to post a few of my favorite pictures and maybe a video or two!  We definitely need some "Mr. Pretty" on this page! 
And it don't get much prettier than Casey and that cute face he makes when somebody says something which could be embarrassing and flattering to him!  This is his..... "What did she say?" adorable!!  I actually don't know why he did that, I even went back and watched the video and tried to find when he did that, because I know it was "Don't" week, and I thought I remembered him doing that, but, it doesn't show it in the video!  But if you listen, you hear somebody scream "Love you Casey" and then he mouthed back...."Love you too"......omg.....can you imagine that girl's face when he said that back to her!?!  I think I'll just go ahead and put the video down below too.....I love it and mainly because I was in the American Idol audience on that performance, and did I ever pick a good time to go......just loved everything about it!!!  Here ya go..........

"Don't ~ American Idol Performance"


Gotta post this and then come back and tweek back soon!!

Ok, I'm back and I got another great pic for yall!  Check this out!  I just love that shirt he's wearing! 


Oh good lordy this is such an awesome picture....and look at that happy smile on his sweet face!  That was taken during his hometown visit from A I on 5/14/10.....oh and ummm that's for the newer Casey fans who may not have known.... I certainly remember that day like it was yesterday!  While he was home I, as well as many others, got to see him 3 different times, at the Key's Lounge, then at the Stockyards in downtown Ft. Worth, then the next day at Millsap High School Football Field!  That was the most worldwind 36 hours of my life!   I was totally exhausted afterwards, having aquired many new friends and with the happiest of smiles on my face......I fell into a deep and peaceful sleep that night.

I'm pretty sure all these pictures are from American Idol, so thanks AI.

Ok, yall.....speaking of exhausted,  I think I'll turn in for now.....I'll try to get some more interesting news out tomorrow, I'm just tired tonight!  


  1. Sorry to hear of the news of Paw Paw. Many prayers are going out to him and to Bybee and family as well. I'm sure he makes this world a better place to be, just looking at him on TV and pics shows it, seems like a sweet man. Best to him and hope forthcoming tests show negative results for the cancer.

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