Monday, September 20, 2010

Songwriters, Nashville, and Casey.....

Hello everyone!  How's your day going?  I'm doing so much better since the weather is cooler here in Texas!  It's only in the 90's this week! Ha ha!  I've gone back to work on the weekends....not too crazy about that, but at least it's a little something to get me out of the house a couple days a week!

I came across a little bit of news, and it's quite exciting!  It appears that Casey was at something called a "Guitar Pull" on Saturday the 18th!  And he was accompanied by none other than Aimee Mayo and Luke Laird!!  That is awesome news, since those two songwriters are over the top awesome writers!!  It was tweeted by Brian Mansfield  of USA Today's Idol Chatter.  See his offical tweet below!

"Aimee Mayo told me Casey was at a guitar pull with her and Luke Laird here in town Saturday night. 'Course, they didn't invite me."

Now for those of you who don't know what a "Guitar Pull" is a bunch of Songwriters setting around taking turns singing, and is really laid back, and comfortable, for both the singer/songwriters and their audience!!  Here's an example of one, with my other Idol boy, Bucky Covington, singing "A Different World" at  "Guitar Pull '07"  .  I don't know where that one was recorded, the video did not say. Here is another one of my personal favorite musicians"JamesOtto" at the "10th Million Pennies for Kids Guitar Pull"
Otto  is a known member of the "Muzik Mafia" in Nashville.  Other members include Gretchen Wilson, Cowboy Troy, and Duo, Big & Rich.  I believe John Rich (of Big & Rich) is probably the unofficial or official leader of the group.  They can be known to be the 'hell raisers' of country music in Nashville, and have quite a following.  
A lot of the musicians in Country, will, when the urge strikes, just walk in the door of any one of the bars in downtown Nashville, and crash the whole scene by jumping on stage and singing a few songs!  This is a practice that is done quite frequently, and anybody (yes even Casey) can just walk in any bar (in downtown area) and start singing!  That's how a lot of the bigger stars got their start!  I'm going to post a video of John Rich crashing a JD Myers show.  I need to let you know that this is EXPLICIT, and John says what he feels, and he is also a bit inebriated as you'll see.  Some people don't like him, because he says what he feels, and is a bit of a jerk.  This is just a video example to show you how stars can just walk in and do their thing, and listen to John as he talks about that.  At the beginning of this video, it's real choppy and not very good, but it goes to pictures after a couple minutes. Read what the videographer has to say under the video.   If you will be offended by this, please don't watch it!  I just wanted to relay to you what Casey will probably be doing to help his career, and these are mostly jam sessions, I believe, so Casey will fit right in.  This is Nashville!!  Also known as "Crazy Town" :)

John Rich with JD Myers 

I wanted to 'pretty' up the page a's a really nice  picture of our Casey at his Homecoming back in May!!

Ok, now.....I just realized that we've probably been posting comments to the wrong website asking for Casey to be a part of the 44th Annual CMA Awards Show, to be aired on November 10th on ABC live from Nashville's Bridgestone Arena!  The correct website is:

"44th Annual CMA Awards Show"

Click on the link and it will take you to their page.....then.....up in the right corner you will see where you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube.  On those sites is where you want to post requests for Casey to be in their lineup!  They may already have chosen whose doing what this year, but it never hurts, because.....someone may have to drop out, or can't make it for whatever reason.....then is when Casey could be put in that slot!  And if he doesn't get to play or be a presenter, we've still created ALOT of Buzz about him by posting the requests!  So let's all request Casey on the CMA Awards this year!!!  :)

It seems the other day there was some discussion on the comments section about Casey and why he is sporting the beard.  We had some good conversation about it, and had come to the conclusion that if he's keeping the beard, that is could possibly be that he's growing the beard to set himself up as an artist for Sony Nashville and do away with the contestant for American Idol! It could be that Sony suggested that he change his image of what he had become known for....the pretty face, along with all the cougar hype! And also being called the "Casey James Band" instead of Casey kinda is starting to look that way! They may be trying to shed the Am. Idol image of Casey James!

UPDATE:  I'm proud to say that I just found out that according to Gino Melendez, Casey's hairdresser in Ft. Worth, he WILL be shaving the beard, it was just grown for a short spell.  I'm so glad to hear that!!  I know there are others who liked the beard, and I still think it was a good idea to distance himself from the American Idol hoop-la with the beard, but I am also glad it's going.....he don't look the same with it, and it hides his beautiful face!  hhhmmmmm.......

Ok, I'm going to get out of here, please feel free as always to leave me comment, whether bad or good, I want your feedback!  Thanks everybody!! 

Here's a really nice one of Casey......a SCD shot....if ya will....ha ha ha!!   Nite All!!!!

Big Thanks going out to Texaseagle for this fabulous shot of Casey!!


  1. Casey sure has a way of making daylight look even brighter. Thanks for the beautiful pics Glenda. I suppose daylight's not quite too bright with the beard, but that's okay if he chooses; I could handle it. I could just imagine Casey at the guitar pull, having the time of his life with all of those people he is so honored to be with, the people who not so long ago were a dream away. So nice to see Casey livin in the dream.

  2. Glenda, thanks for the "guitar pull,""Music Mafia" and "crazy town."It was interesting for me.Casey's wild - sweetness( I like the beard, a little) looks in the photo with Aimee Mayo - the best ever, for me.I prefer the 'Wild Pretty,'but I love also the 'Pretty.'Glenda, your site 'Caseymania' is awesome!!! May God bless.Sorry for bad English.

  3. Glenda, thanks for all the great stuff again!! ANY Casey news is exciting!!I've been so busy with school, but I wanted to share how I taught something to my students last year that we named "Casey James Math". First off, I'm a huge Idol fan, but my fav. was always Chris Daughtry until this past season when I heard Casey James sing "Heaven". Now I'm a die-hard Casey fan first and foremost...Chris is my #2, though! Anyway, I've taught math for the last five years and I try to focus on one skill every year and throughout the year give extra time to that skill once a week in the classroom, attempting to make it fun at the same time they are practicing the skill. Last year I chose graphing as the focus skill for the year. What we initially started out doing was watching the idol performances on Tues. nites and voting for our favs on Wed., graphing our favorite performances of the night. We did everything: line graphs, circle graphs, bar graphs, picture graphs; first we voted using tally marks and then graphed our results using a different graph each week. Once my students realized Casey was my favorite, they suddenly became very interested in all things Casey James (too cute!). They caught on quick...when Casey made it to the top 10. They started calling it "Casey James Math" at that point because they only wanted to graph Casey. We would graph everything from which way they liked his hair better...up or down (surprisingly the ponytail won), what color looked best on him (they all liked blue the best, but white came in second, and purple was third), which did they prefer...acoustic or electric (electric won), what were his best performances ("Hold On I'm Coming" and "I Don't Want To Be..." were their favs-keep in mind these are teenagers we're talking about...followed by "You'll Think Of Me"), I told them "Don't" was the best... what performance was their least favorite (they didn't care for "Daughters"). :( I happened to like that one, but what do I know? We would also have one song compete against two or three of his other performances since I bought all of his songs for us to enjoy! My students became quite proficient at using tally marks, and making graphs. The only problem I ran into was EVERYONE wanted to come to my math class! Parents loved it, I was getting alot of positive texts...their kids actually wanted to sit down and watch tv with them every week and try to come up with different ways we could graph Casey. It really was fun...but they were learning so much, too!! I just wanted to share with all you guys...hope you had some fun reading about it ! This year I'm focusing on adding/subtracting...calling it "Apple Man Math". Guess what we're using to help us? Everyone have a great night...have to get ready to watch Daughtry on DWTS!!! :)


  4. Jackie, absolutely love your "Casey James Math" story! Been looking forward to it ever since you said you would share it! Thanks Glenda for such a great site for sharing all things Casey and other things as well!! MAE777

  5. Jackie!! That was a fabulous story!! Do you mind if I copy and paste it into a post for all to see?? What a great idea!! I heard about it early on, but lost track of where the talk about it went!! Thank you so much for sharing that with us!! I loved the fact that the kids were still learning about graphs and about Casey at the same time!!! Awesome!!! You are a fantastic teacher!! Where do you live Jackie, if you don't mind my asking?? Let me know in a comment if I can post it as a regular story on the front page...I just love it!!! Thanks again girl!!!

  6. Sure you can post it, Glenda! So glad you and MAE enjoyed was great fun and the kids learned so much! Everyone was so excited for Wed. afternoons! You may want to edit out some of the Daughtry stuff...FYI: my students were also huge fans of the Casey James/Brett Michaels number, but I wanted to keep the focus on just the graphing of Casey and his solo performances.When I met Casey after the Pennsylvania show, he smiled when I told him about it(bet he never imagined he would be used as a teaching tool one day). Well, I'm off to work, everyone have a GREAT day!!


  7. Does anyone know if Casey has an official website?

  8. Glenda, thanks for posting Jackie's "Casey Math," what a wonderful and creative idea. Besides learning Math with more fun attached, I bet Jackie was able to round up quite a few more Casey fans! :)

  9. @Anon 9:50am
    At this time Casey does not have an official website. I'm assuming Sony will be setting that up. But not sure about it. Sometimes others actually set up and maintain their websites. I would think that they would have already set it up, but haven't heard anything. When it does happen I'll be posting it here on the sidebar so it will be easy access for the fans here to get there!

  10. You do a wonderful job with this page Glenda - I'm so pleased that you decided to continue with Casey's career in Nashville. We should all arrange to meet at the CMA when Casey is one of the famous acts. BIG PARTY!!

  11. Anthea....I totally agree!! We should also all meet at the CMA Festival next June!! That's 4 days of non-stop fun in Nashville!! I'm thinking Casey will probably be on the Big Stage at LP Field where all the BIG shows go on at night! They usually showcase the new, up and coming new ones pretty quick, so hopefully he will get to play the big stage. If not, he will definitely be on the Riverfront Stage!! And he will probably perform at least 2 days, alot of times the newer ones do! They have meet and greets with all the stars and it cost nothing, it's all included in the price of your one ticket!! I will definitely be there as many other Casey fans will be. I will post something tomorrow all about it,so more people can start making their plans to come! Hopefully Casey will have an offical fan club by then and we can all attend his fan club party!!! They are always a blast!!! They come complete with a show, a meet&greet, a full meal and a goody bag for about 35 dollars....well worth it! I'll tell all about it tomorrow and what to expect! They are a ton of fun!!