Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Video from Tour & a look back on Casey's Homecoming

Hello Everybody!   It's another nice day in Texas, with temperatures only in the mid to high 80's..... with humidity at only 53% and winds at 15mph moving S to SE with possible isolated thunder storms later today!!  Perfect weather!!  Now I'm sounding like a meteorologist!  Maybe I missed my calling...and should have been a!!  Naaaa....I definitely would not be amused by tornados and hurricanes like weather people seem to be!!  And I don't mean that in a bad way, because it's their life, they love weather, so when a disturbance is on the horizon....they get excited!!  Have any of you ever watched the Weather Channel and those Storm Chasers??  They absolutely have to be half crazy to do some of the things they do!!  And although he is not a "Storm Chaser" per se,  Jim Cantore is at the top of that list!!!  He's been known to stand in the middle of a hurricane with his camera man, still talking and nearly being blown away!!!  And those camera people.....what's up with them??  They must have a death wish too!!  All I know is...I really appreciate those people going above and beyond the call of weather duty to make sure we get the latest on each situation....even if it means putting their own life at risk!!  So lets all do a High 5 for the weather man right now!!!     **High5**!!!

I was trawling around and found a couple of interesting things for yall!  First, I found a video that I had never came across from the Tour stop in Chicago!!  This video is so crystal clear....and the audio is perfect....except for a few people sometimes talking in the background!!  I was so excited to find this, because it is Casey's first 3 songs of his set of 4 at Chicago, Illinois on 8/28/10!!  It's nearly 15 minutes of Total Caseyness!!! :) Check it out below!!

"Casey's first 3 songs of his set in Chicago Ill."

Huge Thanks going out to alibutterfly82 for a fantastic video!!  Great Job!!!

Ok, while I was out looking around, I came across this 'Cool' shot of Casey, which I believe is a screencap because  think I remember seeing this on the show and I see the American Idol logo on the bottom left of the photo!! don't matter to me how the picture was is one of those shots that is just so remarkable you just can't find the words to describe it!!!!  Here.....what do yall think:

Ha!!!  I told ya!!!!  Is that a "Cool Cat" or what??!!   I just love this look on him!!!  Reminds me of the James Dean look way back in the day, except Casey's hair is longer and blond and not slicked back with brillcream or DapperDan or whatever they used to slick their hair back......ummmm I'm telling my age now, I need to hush!!  :)   But isn't that just a beautiful look on him?!  I still say he could always have a side job as a model if he ever chose to!  But if we know Casey.....he doesn't think of himself as we do.  So I doubt if that will ever happen, but we can totally look forward to music videos from him and thats just as good in my opinion!!

I'm going to go ahead and post this while I decide what Homecoming Shots I want to use.  And, just so you know......this Homecoming segment is by request from a fan, so I will be back later to bring you check back in a bit!!

I'm going to go ahead and do a big write up about Casey's Homecoming on May 14th and 15th and take you through it one step at a time!  I, for one want to relive the experience over again!  I've been digging up information for a couple hours now and thats when I decided to make this more than just a few pictures!  I'm going to start the Homecoming Visit today and finish it off tomorrow or maybe the next day, it all depends how much I find!  I have so much really good stuff to share, and maybe some of you haven't seen all of it!  I'm hoping some of the newer fans, who may have missed alot of this awesome journey, will totally love this Homecoming from start to finish!!  
We're going to start by showing you the video of Casey arriving back in Texas on Thursday May 13th by private jet at Love Field!!  I didn't know if he came in early Friday morning or actually came in the day before, and this video told me the answer to that question!  He was able to spend some quality time with family before the hectic day ahead of him on Friday!  I love this!!  He is so cute when he squats down and pats the glad to be back HOME!!!  You'll also notice that Crystal and Lee were there on the tarmac....I didn't realize this, but there they are!!  I guess they were delivered to Dallas and had to connect to their Hometown from Dallas.  Sounds good to me!  Enjoy!!

"Casey's arrival back Home in Texas"

The next step was to get back to his family and get some much needed love and hugs from them!!
And then.....he just needed to relax a little bit........

.......and get his bearings about him....... The Idol journey had been a whirlwind 5 months, something Casey was not used to, since he just played his music for small venues mostly and spent time with his family, friends and his dogs!  That was his life before Idol.....
But not anymore!!!
Starting the next morning.......very early the next morning, Casey would spend many hours making his way from one appearance to the next, with some of the family in tow!!  First stop was the Fox 4 News Station for an early morning talk about how his life has changed since Idol started and what it means to him to have people voting to keep him in the competition and how he feels about his fans!

"Casey & family's interview at Fox 4 News in Dallas"

Next stop was the KISS radio station in Dallas to be live on the air with Kidd Kraddock in the morning!  They asked some really good questions and got Casey to really talking!  Loved this on air interview!
"Casey James Live in Studio at KISS fm in Dallas"

Next stop..... the AT&T store in Grapevine, Texas to visit with fans and most await the all important text that the Judges from AI were going to deliver to him while there at the location!  They were telling him what song they had chosen for him to sing when he went back to Hollywood!
And the text said........."Daughters" by John Mayer!  Casey seemed excited about the song and asked if anyone had a guitar he needed to start practicing!  LOL!!! 

He makes his way to the front of the store, takes a microphone and begins talking with people and noticing those he knows and going to them and hugging and visiting with the fans......awaiting the all important Judges choice song by Text!

"Casey and Fans at the AT&T Store awaiting Judges Choice"

Ok, I'm going to stop for the day, and I'll get the rest of it up for you come back and lets see Casey all the way through his Homecoming!! 

Special Thanks going out to warner4az, Fox4news, dondraken, rcheek1717, and kiddlivewebmaster for all their awesome videos!  And thanks to AI and SaraP for the great pictures!


  1. Glenda,

    I agree with you - the "Cool Cat" photo of Casey is beyond perfection. I honestly could just stare at it and get lost. That guy just makes me smile.....

  2. Glenda, thanks for the videos from Chicago. Casey is one amazing performer - I get goose bumps just listening and watching him! The "Cool Cat" photo as well as all the other photos - what can I say - Casey is just to beautiful for words. Thanks again for taking us down memory lane.

    Susan/St. Louis

  3. Question. Has anyone else started wearing silver on their right hand or am I the only one so far gone on this guy?

  4. Glenda, thanks for posting the picture of Casey in the sunglasses. I absolutely love that shot- I think they took it off that video clip where the other idols are talking about Casey and his hair and his laugh, joking about him in a fun way. They showed this right before he sang Jealous Guy, I believe. I have watched that clip quite few times and find it very entertaining! How I envy that hair stylist who got to run her fingers through Casey's hair! Is he SO darn cool, or what? BTW, did you see that interview with Casey's hair stylist, Gino, that Shari Gellar did? That was really interesting! Apparently, we have Gino to thank for Casey's hair- he was the one who talked him into growing it out, and the rest is history! God bless you, Gino!

  5. Whenever I wear silver rings or bracelets, it's a Casey thing! :) High 5 to the weatherman. Thank you Shari for the sweet memories of Casey's Homecoming. Not to sound too negative, but back then I was just so upset the Homecoming wasn't exposed to the extent it should have been. Casey had me in tears at homecoming, he is just the most kindest, caring, loving and grateful person you could ever come across. My thanks have always gone out to Casey's fans for shedding the light on Homecoming and there were some nice vids on Fox in Texas; but I don't think the idol thing did him justice. Also, I felt very bad about the rained out parade. My thanks have always gone out to Casey's fans for shedding the light on Homecoming. A great bunch of people they are. Thank you for the Chicago vid. Whenever I watch or listen to Casey, he brings me smiles. Love the "Cool Cat" pic and all the pics. The biggest smile today, other than the Homecoming and Chicago concert, just has to go out to the left sock!! Way too cute. = : )

  6. Linda...I'm Glenda not Shari....but I figured it was just an honest mistake! Yes, Robyn I did read Shari's write up of Gino's interview!! Loved it! Yes, we do have him to thank for Casey's gorgeous hair!!
    Anonymous 5:08 Yes, I do wear silver on my right hand, can't wear as many as he does, but I do sport a thumb ring on the right hand!! So yea, I'm about as far gone as you!! LOL!!

  7. Glenda, my sincerest apologies for the name mistake. How could I do that? One Glenda, one Shari, two different blogs. Mustn't be my day not to have noticed in reading back my comment, I have two sentences exactly the same in my comment as well??? Thank you, so sorry.

  8. Aha ha ha's ok I said honest mistake! You probably had just read her's and just said Shari by mistake....just wanted to let you know....ha ha!
    Also...I loved that holey sock!! Ha ha !! Just another indication for those who think he may not be a normal person....uh.....yea.....he wears holey socks.....he's normal!! Ha ha ha!! Just love him to pieces!!

  9. Love the picture with him and his beautiful Momma it's just the sweetest!!!Chris