Monday, September 20, 2010

Is there a James/Mayo song in Casey's future?

Well, howdy yall!!  Once again, I'm back with the working world!  My schedule is suppose to be Friday and Saturday nights....5pm to 12.  I went in and worked Friday night then had to turn around and go back in the next morning.....ahhhh I hate that!!  The schedule is never the same, hardly ever!  It's not that I have to be there real early, 11 is not early.  But....I have to leave my house by 10 to be there by 11.  So that means the latest I can get up is 8:30am!  And most of you know, I'm a nite owl who sleeps till 11 at least every day!  8:30 is early to me...... but I did it, without grumbling one bit!!  I was just happy to still have a job to go back to after a summer of vertigo issues!!  Like Casey happy in your situation, it could always be worse!  I'm pretty sure thats how he says it....yall correct me if I'm wrong, ok?!

Now, as most all of you know, it seems Casey is in Nashville now.  He was a guest at the ASCAP Awards the other night and was seen by many people!  As the yellow note from the other day stated....he was so happy, and getting to meet his favorites!!  You could sense his elation as he described the meeting of many country music legends and stars!  This is just the beginning for him, and he is going to be loved by all of Nashville!  

A couple of Country Musics best songwriters there in Nashville, Aimee Mayo and her husband/writer Chris Lindsey seemed very excited to meet Casey!  And the next thing I knew there was a photo.....

Just look at the smile on Aimee Mayo's face, and bearded Casey's too!!  She is such an accomplished and accredited writer, winning numerous awards for many songs!  Her song that won the most awards is "Amazed" by Lonestar  I've always loved the song, it's  'amazing' !! :) no pun intended, of course....  If you've never heard the song, please click the link, and listen and read the  lyrics as the song all of you can see what a fantastic songwriter she is!  I am absolutely over the top totally excited about the possibility of Casey writing with her!  And since it was quoted that Casey was setting up writing appointments yesterday, it looks like a Mayo/James duo songwriting collaboration may just be happening sooner than later!!!  I couldn't be happier for Casey!!!

Hopefully we'll get some more news soon about Casey's comings and goings there in Nashville!  I know he must be floating on cloud nine getting to meet and hang out with so many of the Country Music Industries biggest names!!  

Also....I wanted to thank everybody who voted for Caseymania for Best Fan Site!!!  3rd place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so honored that yall voted so diligently for this little site that has taken up so much of my time......but gladly!!  LOL!! :) I love it and I'm so happy that so many of you do too!!!  It's a part of us now....and will be for a long time to come!!!!!!  Thank you all so very much!!!!!!!!

I'm going to go try and find some more info that may be floating around the internet, and I'll leave you with this beautiful medley of our boy......I think pictures can be medleys.....can't they??  I'll go find out, and come back with the correct word if I'm wrong! :)

  Ok, I checked it out, and it looks like a few photos can also be a medley!  :)


  1. Glenda- You are GOOD girl! Thanks for the picture of Casey with Aimee Mayo and her husband. You KNEW one would surface sooner or later and it did! Thanks for sharing this with us. They all look SO happy! Aimee is one of the best songwriters EVER and if she and Casey wrote a song together that would be absolutely incredible! I'm so looking forward to Casey's amazing future and I know I'm not alone there!

  2. Glenda-

    Congrats on 3rd place! You deserve 1st place for the amazing work you do. We appreciate it!

    I see that a LOT of people are requsting Casey at the CMA's. However, they are posting their requests at the CMA Music Fest website. The CMA Music fest was this last summer and they aired it a few weeks back. My concern is that this webiste is no longer being monitored by anyone with the CMA's or ABC since this has already come and gone. The Casey requests need to be posted at the CMA Awards website: From there you can access them on twitter at "countrymusic", or on facebook at "Country Music Association" or you can also text @cmatxt to 66937 and make your Casey request there. We need to get our boy on the show so the world can he his incredible Caseyness!

    Thanks again for all you do, glenda! :)

    Mish from Colorado

  3. Thanks ladies!! I love working with this site, and I'll be much happier when there's TOO much information.....if ya know what I mean!! I want so much buzz going on that I can't keep up....that's what we need for Casey!! @Mish....oh no, I didn't even notice that!! I'll get a post out soon and we'll correct that! Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention!!

  4. Hopefully Casey and Aimee Mayo are going to write several songs together. She has written for such country heavy-hitters as Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Martina McBride and Kenny Chesney. All mega-super stars! Casey by himself is incredible, but he simply can't go wrong by working with this talented lady!! By the way, Casey looks SMOKIN' in that photo...beard and all!!!!!!!!!! Glenda, thanks for all the hard work you put into this is SOOOOOOOOOO appreciated!! Everyone have a GREAT evening!!


  5. I am so happy that Casey may be writing with Aimee Mayo. If this is the case, we should be expecting some awesome music in his CD. As I was watching "Amazed," which I love, on U Tube, I couldn't help but to get excited and thrilled for Casey, thinking that soon it would be him in a music video singing his first recorded song as a BNA Sony Nashville artist. It's so exciting to think of the future for Casey.

  6. Congrats Glenda,can't wait to hear what Aimee and Casey have in store for us fans. I always loved the song Amazed by Lonestar.And yes, Casey does look SMOKIN' in that pic!!(beard and all,cause really wasn't that crazy bout it either)but lookin' usual!! Thanks as always for the great info and pics!!!Chris

  7. Thanks girls, I appreciate your compliments always!!! I do hope yall don't think that I think yall know nothing about Country Music, I'm sure alot of you know alot about it! The reason I go into such detail is because Casey has alot of fans who have NEVER listened to Country Music, therefore knowing nothing about any of this! So, I am sort of teaching them, in a way! I want everybody to know whats in store for him in the Country genre of music! Thanks for all the comments, yall are awesome!!

  8. Teach away, you are doing just fine. By the way, if Casey is growing the beard to lose the "gorgeous" image, it's not working - and I don't even like beards. :)

  9. Yum...Casey looks really good in the pic with Aimee Mayo...I think the beard may be growing on me...

  10. Ha ha ha! Girls....I hate to say it...(mumbling now) but the beard is growing on me too....especially in the pic with Aimee and her husband.....he looks super sharp in that pic! :)

  11. I love all the pics and posts... But I'm voting for the more clean shavin' Casey look and the longer hair... just my preference. Although, I love my husband's full beard. I just think Casey looks better with less -the small amount that he grows in about 1 hour is fantastic though... Seems he grows that facial hair out very quickly.

  12. Thank heavens Casey is going to shave the beard. I was afraid he was trying to look like all the other Nashville artists with beards, instead of having his own style. So many of them look pretty much alike (peeking through a bush). I would rather see the expressions on their faces while performing.