Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Country Weekly....cool new stuff to do.....and more goodies!

Hey yall.....I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Holiday, and got off work and got paid for it!!  After all, that's what the whole holiday is about, right?  It's celebrating the working person and rewarding them with a free day.....to do with whatever you like, and still get paid for it!!  Nothing better!! :)

I am sooooo excited!!!!!  CASEY MADE HIS DEBUT IN COUNTRY WEEKLY!!!!  That is one of the most talked about country music magazines out there!!!  And I found this post on Facebook, and couldn't wait to share with everybody!!
Did you pick up your copy of Sept. 13th issue of "Country Weekly?"  Page 10....beautiful picture of Casey under SCOOP~in between Sugarland and Zac Brown Band!  First of many, I'm sure!

And I couldn't agree with you more Cyndee!!!!!  So make sure yall go get your copy, with George Strait on the cover!!  Casey will be on the cover very soon, so stay up with this magazine, they are great!
 Thanks Cyndee for this awesome information!
My girl Jan finally finished the video she's been working on since......well, since I don't know when!! :)  But anyway, it's soooooo very awesome!!!  I want to give lots and lots of Kudos to you girl.....you've totally out-done yourself!!!  I love it, love it, love it!!  Thank you so much for this beautiful Casey Journey you so lovingly put together!!  I joke with her about taking forever to do it, but she knows I'm just messing with her!!  So now......for your viewing enjoyment.....oh and don't forget the tissue.....yes, it's that good!!!
Thanks so much to my friend Jan Humphrey for her endless devotion and awesome talent on this beautiful project!! :)

Casey James Montage 9/5/10 

 I just absolutely LOVE this snippets video of Casey behind the scenes during his reign on American Idol Season 9.....

American Idol-Behind the Scenes snippets of Casey

I just love looking at all these things that happened during the whole season that Casey was there on Idol!!   They just remind me once again.....as if I need reminding......*wink*......what a great personality he is!!  And now that the last curtain has fallen for him and American Idol, it's time to look into Casey's future as a recording artist for Sony Nashville.  At this time, he is taking a much needed break from the last nine months of non-stop moving!!  I'm sure he wasn't accustomed to working constantly like Idol had all of them doing!  He was in the "Idol Bubble", as they call it out there in Hollywood.  And if you're in that 'bubble' then you are 'theirs'.....you belong to them until you are voted off.  And then, you still aren't free of them......you still have to abide by all the rules and regulations which I'm sure is excruciating to them!  So, Casey has been under lock and key for all of this year till he stepped foot back home last week.  So....I can only imagine how peaceful life must be to him right now.  I do hope, with all my heart he is getting all the rest he needs.....God knows he'll never catch up with all the rest he's lost!!  At least we all know he is home, and he is with his dogs, his family, and his friends, and that's all that matters!!  I, for one, have a feeling he is doing much better by now. *smile* :)

I'm not exactly sure how quickly Sony Nashville is going to get his first single out to radio, but in my opinion (strictly my own opinion) they would be wise to strike while the iron is hot, if ya know what I mean!!  Casey's name is out there NOW......they need to capitalize what Casey already has going for him, since alot of people already know who he is from American Idol.  So if they move quick, like I hope they do, they are going to be looking for that break out song for Casey, probably now!  They (his producer and label) want to have that one song that's going to say to the listening audience.....THIS is Casey James!  They want that first song to be so fantastic off the wall great that people will absolutely have to buy the song!  They, and including Casey as well, will all be listening to alot of songs searching for that potential number 1 song!  And of course, they will decide weather or not his original songs have what it takes to make the cut.  I totally love all his originals, but.....I'm biased because I love everything he does! *wink* ;)  But....the general public are not ALL going to love Casey like we do, so that first song has to reach out and drag them in!!  See what I'm saying?!  So, just know that when he goes to Nashville on or about the 17th of this month, he will most likely get right to work, looking for songs for his album.  He will be out there working so it only makes sense that he has a place there, and he does from what I understand, he has a 'small' place.  At least it keeps him from staying in hotels, which can get very expensive!  But....I heard him say it from his own mouth.....he will not leave Texas and move to Nashville for good....and I knew that about him already, but it was good to hear him say it himself.  He's a Texas boy, they don't go too far from home for long!
Anyway, this is what he will be doing for a while.  For how long.....that.... I don't know, it all depends on how fast they find 'the' first single.  Once they decide on which song will be his first single, then they get to the studio and start to work on perfecting the song.  Sometimes that goes quick, sometimes not.  There's alot that goes into cutting a song.  I don't know all the particulars, but there's alot to it.  Studio musicians will play the music on the whole album, just in case some of you didn't know.  I'm totally sure that Casey will be able to play guitar on the whole thing, but as far as the people he wants in his band, brother Billy and friend Jacy....will have to audition for Casey's band and be hired by Sony, I'm pretty sure.  But even if they are hired, more than likely they will not play in the studio when the album is being cut.  But if they are hired, they will definitely be on tour with him, which will come later.  And hopefully he will have a tour schedule in place by early spring, or even late winter!  I would like to think he will be playing some gigs as well, but I have no idea if he will or not.  I think they will probably all be focused on that album for awhile.  He very well could have a single out by the end of the year or sooner......or not!  That's the bad thing, we don't have a clue right now as to when it will be released.  Once it is released to radio, and yea, we will be given a release day for the single, that's when WE come into play.  We, the fans will need to call our LOCAL country radio stations daily (2 or 3 times if possible) and request his song to at least one DJ per shift.  The night (7 to 11 or 12) DJ's are usually your best bet for getting a song played.  They are more relaxed and willing to play your request.  Also alot of stations night shifts or afternoon shifts do something called dog fights,and what that is, is 2 new songs will go up against each other, the DJ will play both of them, and give out a number to call and you call and vote for the one you like best!  Different stations call it different things, some call it cat fights, or country rumbles or download or delete.....they call it all kinds of things, but it all boils down to the same thing, 2 newly released songs are played for the listeners and they get to decide which they like best!  Now....remember....you don't have to sit by a radio, by all means, feel free to stream the station if it is possible!  By stream, I mean go to the radio station's website and look for the little thing that says....."listen online" or stream....or something similar to that, click it and soon it will come up and start playing music, you are now "streaming the station".  You will need to make sure your local station does something like that, and if they don't, then you will need to know the times of the syndicated stations 'dog fights', so you can be streaming them online when it happens and call in to vote for Casey's song!  They will be  800 numbers or 866 numbers.   So it would be very possible (and hopeful) for a bunch of us to be streaming the same syndicated station at the same time.....therefore getting lots of votes in for Casey....I will be happy to answer any questions if yall want to know anything, or don't understand something.   I will post all that information for the syndicated stations for all of you here on Caseymania, on the sidebar somewhere.  After the votes are tallied, the DJ will come back and tell you who won, and usually play the song again.   Your syndicated stations are the Best to call, because when you get through to a syndicated station, and request a song, and it gets played.....then it goes out to 50 plus radio stations across the country all at one time, meaning Casey's song get's 50+ spins on that one syndicated station.   And the night DJ's are going to be your 'chatty' ones!  They love to talk, and they will, so just chat it up with them!!    If you can't get through the phone lines, then hit their website and find their email and email them a request.  I've noticed that alot of radio stations are now using 'equest' more and more.  Thats just emailing your request.  But we don't want to do any of this until the single is actually released, because.....the radio station doesn't even have it available to them until the release date, and at that time, they usually download their music, rather than have CD's anymore.  The best thing you can do to help Casey and that 1st single, is to make that DJ your new best friend.  If you can get through on the phone line, try to have conversation with them and tell them who you are, but.....don't sound overly excited, or they will think you are from a Street Team and you and your fellow Street Teamers are going to bombard him with requests as a group effort.....they don't like that.....so please, remain friendly and say whats on your mind about the song, and you can even say you supported Casey and you're so glad to hear he has a new song on the radio, just don't sound too informed....if that makes sense.  Now....if you find a DJ that is ga-ga over him too, then by all means.....roll with it, but don't go too overboard with the Casey talk.  Let them talk to you too, tell you what they think of him, and put your 2 cents worth in as well.  The DJ can make or break him, that's why we have to be on our best behavior as fans!  Never.....please NEVER call up a DJ and complain that he/she did not play your request!!!  They HATE that, and it could hurt Casey's chances at getting more spins at that station.  So, if they don't play it, so be it.....don't worry about it.  But......if they DO play it.....please try to call them and Thank them for playing your request!  They LOVE that!!
Ok, this is all I'm going to talk about today.....I'll be back in a day or two and we'll talk more about Casey's future.  I'll leave you with this beautiful picture, yall have a great day......and we'll talk soon.

Thanks to Jenn Johnston for this beautiful portrait-like shot of Casey!


  1. LOVE Jenn Johnston's pictures of Casey and this one is especially nice. It really captures how beautiful he is! MR. PRETTY indeed!!! Thank you so much for sharing these with us, Jenn!

  2. The CMA's are on November 10th. It would be great to have his single drop prior to that date. It could really generate some buzz. Maybe Sony can pull some strings to get him some attention at the show. They often showcase new artists with short live performances. If he doesnt get to perform, maybe he will get to play with one of the other Sony artists (Miranda Lambert is a good match, AND she has the most nominations) or maybe get to present an award/introduce a performer. Either way, he will be in attendance. I can't wait to see him live on my TV screen again!

  3. Glenda ~ I have never purchased a CMTmagazine .... ever, but I was in a neighborhood C-store and on my way out when it caught my eye. The only copy on the rack and for some mysterious reason I thought, I need to buy that. Very odd. Some sort of magnetic force I imagine. lol. Then later when I was thumbing through it - voila! There he was! I honestly did not know he was in the magazine before I bought it.

  4. OOps ... CMW ... ha ... see ... I didn't even know the name of the magazine! I do now though!


  6. Well, it looks like I have to go out and buy a copy of "Country Weekly," before they're all sold out!!! So happy for Casey. Thanks for informing us on how to promote Casey once his CD is released Glenda. So happy to hear about the CMA's on November 10th and that Casey will be there! Have to mark my calendar! Love the pic, and the vid is also one of my favorites. Its the little back-and-forth wiggle that's so darn cute! :)

  7. Thanks for the reminder about the CMA's on nov. 10th. Yes hopefully Sony will be able to get him on that stage one way or another, either performing a short song or presenting an award with a couple other new artists, they do that sometimes too! I will be watching and dying to see if we get to see him!

  8. @Linda- do you have a Facebook account? That is a facebook link and if you don't have a facebook account I don't think it will let you view it.

  9. Glenda, thanks for the info on how to promote Casey once his CD is released and also about the article in the Country Weekly magazine. I just love this picture of Casey - he is Mr. Pretty!!!!. Speaking of pretty - I was reading on BURN THIS MEDIA where you can go and vote in the Country Weekly Magazine for the sexiest Country Singer. You can add a name (Casey James) and submit. Just follow the link on BURN THIS MEDIA and you have until September 15th!!! Go Casey!

  10. Forgot to sign the above comment.

    Susan/St. Louis


  12. Thanks for all the great info regarding Casey's CD coming out. We can all help this way.

    Here's a very good review on Casey from Des Moines


    and more video from Indianapolis - ConcertCameraCat's last 2 videos and these are the best of the season. Take a deep breath.

    HYERLAW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hkj6_osLhJ0

    and It's All Over now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XekcQns2Sq4

  13. Thank you Glenda for the "It's All Over Now vid from ConcertCameraCat, her vids are most definitely the best! Plus, I'm so happy to have found, with the help of her professional camera techniques, Casey's hiding place for his picks! Finally! For the longest time I just couldn't figure it, he just mysteriously voila'd them out of nowhere, but I see now they are sticking out of his mic stand!!!! Whoopie, I finally found the secret!!

  14. Ha ha ha....Anon 10:05....why didn't you ask, I knew where the picks were!! They are all lined up, sometimes up to 10 or so stuck in there! What I'd give for him to personally hand me a pick, cause lord knows I would never catch one!!

    LINDA: The montage you are trying to view here is on CJCC and on Jan Humphrey's site on facebook, can you see it there?

    Yall all stay tuned to the new things I'm going to be letting all of you in on. When that single is released then I can tell you pretty much what will happen before it happens.....already been there with another artist. Yall just hang with me, and I'll let yall in on everything I've learned and how to properly support him! There is SOOOO MUCH TO LEARN!! But it's gonna be a fun ride, and I see some already know where I'm coming from, but I want to write it up here for all of the new fans who don't know how to support an artist and want to.


  16. No problem Linda! Glad you got it!

  17. Glenda - help spread the word: Casey fans can contact the Country Music Association via twitter at "CountryMusic" or via facebook at "Country Music Association". Let them know you want to see Casey James as a presenter or performer at the CMA's on Nov. 10. We have to keep the Casey buzz going!

  18. Anon 12:54 Ok, I was already going to do that, on my next post!! Yes, we have to create a buzz for him in Nashville!!! Thanks!!

  19. Glenda- you are the best. I am not on twitter, but read yours and all of the Casey fans comments on twitter and on your blog. I am anon from 12:54. I look forward to your blog every day. Thanks for all you do to keep the Casey Train going! - Mish from Colorado

  20. Your welcome Mish from Colorado!! I love doing this, and I'm so glad yall love reading it!!