Friday, August 13, 2010

Phoenix last night and LA today!

Hey Yall!!  I am starting so late today!!  But it's the only time I can get anything done....when hubby drives me....and I'm back home now, with all the errands taken care here we go!!!

Sounds like the Idols had a fantastic time in Phoenix last night!!  Except for their Band's Bus being down for a short spell, looks like everything else was great!!

I'm having such a tough time finding photos and performance videos from Phoenix, so if your reading this and have some, would you share with Caseymania??  Please??  
I have found a few reviews and videos of reviews, so I'll post them and continue trawling till I can come up with something....sorry guys.....

Fox 10 in Phoenix caught up with the Idols before their show at the U.S. Airways Center!   Take a peek at what they've been up to since they left Texas>>>Here's Casey 
and he's such a cutie in this interview!  He gets asked (once again....) about the cougar thing and I just love love love his answer!!!  He has really become a pro at these interviews!!!  He's just so humble too....says it's flattering to get marriage proposals!!  LOL!!!  and if the truth be can bet it's probably just a little embarrassing for him....bless his heart!!  

Ok.....I'm going to post the latest "Late Night Sandwich" segment from our buddy, Big Mike!!  The things these boys come up with on these little videos, is so amusing!!  I'm so hoping that they don't ever run out of ideas on what to bring us, because I'm a big fan of LNS!!!
If you don't nearly fall out of your chair laughing at them in this might need to get out more!!! :)  Enjoy!!!

"Late Night Sandwich~Arizona Edition"

And just in case you missed the other one they did in it is too!!  I posted it yesterday, but it's so good, it's worth a re-post!! :)  Lots of Caseyness and the now famous "Casey Laugh"!!  Enjoy!!!

"Late Night Sandwich~Middle of the desert in the day edition"

Well....since I don't have any pictures or videos from Phoenix yet, lets dress the page up a little with some of the Dallas shots....which I have plenty of.....

I didn't get any real good shots, but here is one of mine, and I love the expression on his face!!

And this one is a shot of the big screen, but it's better than any I actually got of him on the stage!  I will be getting a new camera, I guess that one is shot, after 2 years!  Anybody got one for sale, I'm a looking to buy!!

One of Casey's Fan's made this awesome congratulatory banner and I just thought it was so beautiful, I had to show all of you!!!



Thanks so very much to Gloria Trovato for
this beautiful creation!!

Alright!!  I finally found some videos from Phoenix....but.....the sound quality was not the greatest.... :(   But the video and Casey.....looking great and up close!!!

"All Over Now" 


Thanks so much to brandibunn1

I will take off and try to find other goodies before shutting the doors tonight, so I'll be back....
No...No....No.....I couldn't leave with my horrible pictures up there!!  So I'm posting one that is extremely nice.....especially for those of us who like that lip bite thing.....and I like that no matter who's doing it....just sayin'.... Casey just seems to know all the right things to do to make pictures come out looking great, cause I know he's never taken a bad picture!!  So we all know now, that Casey could also double as a Model anytime he just so pleased!!  But his humility would kick in and he would be doing the 'awww shucks' thing!!  He really don't know how cute he is, and that's just another thing that is so appealing about him.  It's all about the music anyway.....but being nice looking don't hurt either!!

Many thanks to bleudreams for this excellent shot of the lip bite!! 



  1. Thanks for everything, Glenda! Loved all of it! LNS was THE BEST one ever! It was hysterical just watching Casey and BM eating without the talking...I was totally cracking up watching the two of them together! I love when Casey does that biting of his lower lip, too! He did that on the show all the time. Everyone have a GREAT day!!

  2. Congrats CASEY cant wait fer your cd to come out. Keep on rockin sweety love ya