Thursday, August 12, 2010

Idols in Phoenix, Az. tonight, looking for Houston & Tulsa news.....

Hey everybody!  It's Thursday already and I was suppose to have my ENT appt. today and find out what's going on with me and this vertigo, sister-in-law's car went on the, rescheduled for next Thursday!
I'm so far behind on news it's not even, I will get what I can from the Tulsa and Houston shows and post it today, and will work on Phoenix tomorrow.  That's the plan anyway, lets see if I can stick to it!  First of all, the Idols are in Phoenix tonight at the US Airways Center!  I will try to find that video that Big Mike sent out where one of the buses....(the band) was broke down about 3 hours out of Phoenix and they were joking that it may be an acoustic show!  Well, that would not be a problem for Casey, now would it??  He sounds good, no matter what he's playing!

Here we go....found the LNS and this one is it!!

"Late Night Sandwich in the middle of the desert in the day edition"

Ya know....I really want to thank Big Mike for starting this LNS series, because it gives all of us a glimpse of their life on the buses and on the tour as it progresses through the U.S.  I really like all the Idols, they seem to be good kids, but I'm especially thankful Mike lets us see so much Casey in his little episodes!  I got to see Mike briefly the other night in Dallas, but I didn't think to tell him Thank you!  Gosh....I always forget the important stuff to say when I'm looking at 'em in the face....but I'm not star-struck....uh uh.....not me....well, ok, maybe just a little!!  :D
Here's the first video I found from Houston....and they captured some screen shots that are great!

"I Got Mine" Houston 8-7-10

Thanks to hmissgator1 for sharing this video!

Breaking News!!!  Casey has signed a record deal with Sony Nashville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the original tweet where he broke the news to many many fans as they waited for that 1000th tweet that Casey had earlier said would contain a 'Special Message'.....

I will be working with Sony Nashville!!! Not sure the exact specifics, but there will be an official press release soon. Unreal. :)

OMG!!!  I am so excited to get this news, I'm nearly crying!!  Memories are flooding back of the night I  saw Casey and I watched him on that TV for the first time, and his dire need to be recognized for the artist he was.....standing there with his shirt off on National TV, practically begging Randy to put him through to Hollywood so he could show the world what he could do!!!  I am so very proud that I can say I chose to support him in that audition in Denver that day!!  And believe it or not, even though his looks got him noticed by me, I saw something in him that day, I saw in his eyes the need to do what he does, his voice was so pleasant, and I couldn't wait to see what he was talking about!!!!!!!
I never really saw another contestant, Casey was my choice to vote for and support from that moment on!  And as I got to 'know' Casey through those videos and interviews and to see him talking about his backstory and the motorcycle accident that nearly caused this day to never happen.....I knew he was going to be loved by many many people!!!!  And he was the first Idol in all the years of keeping up with it, that I picked in audition to make it to the finale!!  Never have I ever voted like I did for Casey, actually buying a Go Phone so I could group text hundreds of times on vote night for him!!  When I wasn't at a Watch Party for Casey, I was home, voting on 3 phones!  My hubby would help sometimes with the home phone, so I could work the other 2 phones!!  I saw something in him that day in Denver that spoke to my heart and said...."You have to do everything in your power to help this kid"!!!  And I did!!!!  And I have made so many wonderful friends across the US and the world because of him!!  So, for that and for bringing us your beautiful music and voice.....THANK YOU CASEY JAMES!!!!!!!!!  I really hope you can read this, so you know how devoted I am, as well as thousands of others from around the world!!!!!  This is only the beginning for Casey.....he has a beautiful journey in front of him, and I, among others, will be there every step of the way, supporting him and his beautiful family as well!!!!  Ok, I'm so happy right now, the tears are streaming down my face!!!  I have to go now, but I'll be back soon with more from Tulsa and Houston, if I can find it!!!  This is a glorious day!!!!!

more later.....
Ok, I'm back, but with very little to's real slim pickin's as far as Tulsa and Houston goes, but I'll check a couple other things!  I did come across an article from check it out>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"American Idols Live-Brought Stars To Tulsa"

Time for some pretty on the page....and boy do I have some pretty!!  I hope Casey don't mind that we call him that.....Big Mike maybe I can get away with it
And ba da baaaaammm.....Introducing...."Mr. Pretty"!!

Can all of you see the absolute raw emotion in his face as he sings from his soul??

He looks so desperate to show us who he is through his song!!  I can feel it through this much going on right there!!!

All he knows, is he is  pouring out his heart to us right there on that stage!!!  Just breathtaking!!

Thanks so very much to bleudreams for these superb shots!!

And now....last but not is the incredible James family in Dallas!!


Thanks so very much to Sara Poynter for sharing this beautiful
shot of the family!! 


Wow!  I can't believe I found another video from Houston!!  Here ya go>>>>>>

"All Over Now"

Thanks so much to hmissgator1 for this great video!! 

Ok's been a long day and I didn't find near what I wanted to, but at least I got something done!  Hopefully some really good stuff will show up from the Phoenix show, I sure hope so!!  thank you all so much for reading my little blog makes me so happy that so many people are enjoying what I'm doing here for Casey!!!  Good nite all!!! 


  1. That was a very nice post! Congratulations to Casey! SO,SO happy for him! He truly deserves this. Casey is the total package and the real deal. He is not just a pretty face. I hope more and more people get to see what a talent he is and come to love him as much as we do! Never has an American Idol contestant impressed me so much! His story is so inspiring. I have never voted so crazy for one contestant on AI either like I did for Casey. I got SO mad when those crazy judges ripped him, it made me vote for him even harder! He is SO worth it! BTW this is my new favorte website! Can't get enough CASEY!!! Thank you SO MUCH!

  2. I have been a Casey fan since I saw him perform "Heaven". I was totally hooked from that moment on...he was THAT amazing! I ignored the judges. I know what I like musically. As the viewers got to know him better,and his performances continued to amaze me, he stole a piece of my heart. I am SO HAPPY for him (and his beautiful family). I, too, voted for him only and had my hubby, son, sister, best friend, burning up the Casey James numbers every week. This is the news I have been waiting to hear since he was first introduced to us. GO CASEY!!

  3. Glenda, I'm so excited, I don't know what to do with myself!!! I laughed, cried, got all choked up inside!! I am so happy for Casey and his family!! Can't wait to buy his music!!!! We were all created with a purpose and Casey's love for music can't be denied!! Plus his very presence brings joy, love, peace that comes from his heart and soul, that I know comes from Christ in him. He is a beautiful person and it's so wonderful to be taking this journey with him!! Looking forward to an awesome, incredible, blessed future!! He is mesmerizing....everything about him!! He is more than a conqueror!!! Thank you, Glenda, for keeping us so well informed about Casey!!! MAE777

  4. I couldn't wait to blast my mouth off. So, here I go! Went up to northern Maine for about a week and we're heading home Tuesday, August 10 when a broadcast came on satellite radio as we just hit New Hampshire on our way home to Connecticut at approximately 6:30 p.m. that Casey James of American Idol has signed on with Sony Nashville, the same one Carrie Underwood is signed with. Pardon me for rambling on non-stop. I can't explain the excitement that came over me! I was thinking what a beautiful coming home gift to Casey, a major major celebration! I couldn't wait to get home to post my congratulations to Casey and checked out Caseymania immediately. I zippered my mouth till I could see the go sign on this site and all I can say is YYYEEEEPPPPPPIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, CASEY!!! It's just the beginning of your many years of success in bringing the best music and song to a waiting public. You so deserve this reward for all of your hard work and dedication and your ultimate Love of music. Can't wait for your music to permeate the atmosphere and put the beat back in my heart! WAY TO GO, CASEY!!! GIANT HUG AND LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!

  5. to glitterydaze ditto!!!!! i couldn't have said it better i was gonna add,and i can't wait to for your music but you even said that too...
    but he has such a distictive sound.he could sing any song in another room and i could tell its him.he's perfect.

  6. Excellent Glenda! I chose to support Casey from that moment in Denver, too! I had no doubts that he would see this day and be signed! And that day has arrived and I'm so excited and happy for him and his family!

  7. I am so thrilled about Casey's signing with Sony Nashville! I can't wait to follow his long and successful career with them! Love the family shot!


  8. I was hooked too the moment I heard him sing Heaven. I never voted for a contestant until Casey. He has the most beautiful voice and spirit. There is something just so captivating about him. I am so excited and happy for him and his amazing family!! I cannot wait to buy his first CD and go to my first CASEY JAMES concert!!! I know he will have a long and amazing career, and I will be a fan for life!! Congrats Casey!! And, Glenda thank you for this wonderful site and all the hard work that you put into it!! Can never have enough Casey!!! Gorgeous pictures! Chris ;)

  9. this is hmissgator1......I am sooo glad you posted my video.....wish it was closer and of better quality. He was sooooo incredible to watch and listen to as well as meet afterwards. I was STAR STRUCK.........he's so personable and appreciative! Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful phenomenon!