Saturday, August 14, 2010

Idols in Mountain View, Ca. and LA pics and videos

Hey everybody!  It's Saturday already and I haven't done a thing productive all day!  Do yall have those days at times??  I seem to be in a melancholy state of mind today, remembering days gone by and wishing I was 20 again, and know what I know now.  Wisdom is good thing, and it comes with age for many of us.  I just know that I remember how ignorant I was at 18, and thought I knew everything!  I knew nothing!  But anyway, as many of you know, I've been struggling with this vertigo situation now for a couple months.  I got my new glasses yesterday, complete with bifocals because I'm getting it seems as though I'm not as dizzy as usual.  I know I can see better, and had no idea what I wasn't seeing until I put them on!  So.....hopefully that has been the problem the whole time, and I can put the word vertigo out of my mind very soon!!  Enough about me, it's ' Casey time '!
The idols were back in Los Angeles last night, and from the sound of it, it was a great turn out!!
Here's an interview and Casey is his usual happy little self telling the interviewer what his favorite part of the tour has been thus far.... Check him out here>>>>>>>>>>"Interview in LA"
And listen close as he says Sony will tell us something Tuesday......

Thanks to libracats for this great video!

omg!  I just found the most adorable video!!  I had not seen this before so it must have just been released recently!  Lots of Caseyness in it too!!  Enjoy!!

"American Idol Season 9 Memories"

Thanks alot to jonasbros68 for this awesome video!

Here's the first of the videos from the Staples Center last night!!

"All Over Now"
And here's another....the awesome duet by Casey and Mike.....

"Have you ever really loved a woman"
And....another came more and we'll have them all!!

Big Thanks to violetskyye and gabimagalhaes for these great videos!!

I just found this very cool and not all positive review, and it starts out like it's gonna be a bashing review, but hold on to your seats, it gets good!!!  Nothing BUT good about our Casey!!  Read on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"American Idols Come into Their Own at the Staples Center.....Reality Rocks!!

Thanks to Claudia Bevill for her excellent shot of Casey in Dallas!!

And now.....we're back.... with Casey's hair!!!  You want got it!!! :)

Was it hair you wanted??  Here ya go, a great rock star hair shot as Casey delivers his guitar riffs!!  Many thanks going out to bleudreams for this great shot!!

 More to come later on......check back!!

When I started this post today, I thought I had some photos from LA last night, but it turns out, it was not from LA.  So I'm gonna go see if I can locate any, it's late in the day now, hopefully some have shown up!
back later.....

Well....did anybody take pictures in LA??  I can't seem to find one picture from there of the performances.  I found some pictures of Casey with fans, but I'm looking for Casey on stage! :)  Some good friends of mine were there last night and I'm anxious for them to post their pictures, so I can get them on here for all of you!!  Ok, it's past my bedtime, so yall have a terrific tomorrow and I'll catch up with yall tomorrow afternoon!! 


  1. Sorry about your vertigo I had it when I was younger and took an antidepressant for about a month and it went away. That was 28 years ago. I remember when I started to need reading glasses at about say 48 and I thought it was a glare thing, I only wear them at work and they sure are a God send. Don't worry about the past enjoy now it's all we have and getting old comes way later in your 80's. Love this site it is very entertaining, will see Casey with a good girlfriend in Sacramento.

  2. Glenda, love this blog! Thanks so much for all your effort... in regard to your melancholy ...give yourself a just lost your's part of the process... losing ones mother is a "life-altering" event.. we all start looking back at a time like that.... been there...:)

  3. casey i didn't know you have a manager/public relations person handling your business such a lucky man with so much advice.haha.i believe your mom says you're very smart.or you wouldn't be where your your music!
    from a fan!!!!!!