Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mountain View, Ca. last night and the Idols are off today!

Good day everybody!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday since it's the last day of the weekend, and enjoying time with family and friends out in the long as you don't live in Texas!!  :D  It's 102 degrees right now, and I do believe  I could be melting at this moment!  If you don't live here, and have not experienced the humid high temperatures, then I'm happy for you!!  Really!!   Most people don't know, we only have 3 seasons in Texas....Summer (for at least 6 months) and Chicago type windy springs, and Fall!!  lol.... And our fall weather is almost like summer, it's still pretty warm nearly all the way up to Thanksgiving and beyond at times!  I am just about done with this HOT weather in Texas and fixing to start packing my bags to move to the North Pole!!  Aghhhh.......I'm so tired of being hot!!!  Of course many of you who are not from our neck o the woods, don't have to deal with this for the amount of time we do!    One of my friends who lives in the Los Angeles area of California said that when she met Casey the other night, that it was 'cold'.....are you kidding me?.....cold??  It's the middle of August and it's cold in California!?!  If the cost of living weren't so expensive, I'd contemplate living there....well, it's an idea.....and a far fetched one at that! :)  I love Texas, but I hate our weather!!  We've actually got all kinds of weather here, we are so huge, we have a little bit of everything.  So when I'm talking about how hot it is, I'm talking about from my living I live in NE Texas.  Up north in the panhandle of Texas it gets downright freeeeeeezzzing cold in the winter.....not so much where I am, although, last winter we did have some record breaking snowfall!!  Yep, it snowed in Texas, and all over too!!  I think it was 5 times....can't remember, but it was alot.....and I got video of every time it did!   Another thing....we don't know how to drive on snow, believe me.....we don't!!    Down around Houston its extremely humid and hot, but I believe they get way more rain than we do.  And also down south all along the coastline we have the dreaded hurricanes!  I lived near Houston for a while, close to the bay and I went through a 'baby hurricane' so the locals called it!  It was no baby to me.....I was ready to get the heck out dodge, afterwards!!  I was in my house, and not leaving, because hey....I can take a little rain and biggie.... But I never expected what Francis was capable of, at a catagory 1....  I was so terrified, especially when the water started coming into my house, and I don't swim well, so you can imagine my terror at thinking I might drown!  Fortunately the water came in and flooded only about 8 inches, but that was enough for me!  I had been living down in that area for a couple years and never had any experience with a hurricane, because there were none.  So....when this one was coming, I totally underestimated what a Cat 1 could do.  The people around me weren't frightened so why should I be?!  It's time for a hurricane party!!   Never again!!  I learned my lesson that day.....don't mess with mother nature!!!  :D

I came across a really cool video of Casey being interviewed in LA just before the Staples Center show and this guy seems to ask some really good questions!  I won't say which one, but notice Casey's hesitation on one particular question.....and you'll be able to read his mind practically!!  This is from my point of view only.....but I want yall to see if you can find what I'm talking about, and what you think Casey may be thinking as he's trying to answer the question!

"Backstage Interview with Casey James"

I came across something I want all of you to become associated with, because Casey is going to be a part of this next year and I see a bunch of Casey Fan Roadtrips coming up!  So please....get used to seeing country music this and country music that, and especially the CMA fest, which I was fortunate enough to get to attend this year!  I was actually there the same day Casey was there hanging out with the Sony people at the CMA fest!!  It's also the first time I ever got a tweet from him!  I had asked him how his meeting went and did he have anything to share.  He told me the ball was rolling and he was excited!  I did try to find him, but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.....there were 1000's of's a huge event for about 4 or 5 days!  This link I'm including is part of CMA fest, and the performances are filmed during the actual CMAfest, but doesn't air until this time of year.  Anyway, check out this link to something they do every year.....and they call it...... "Country's Night to Rock"

I think it's way past time to dress up this page.....what do ya think??  These pictures are not coming from the most recent shows, because for some reason nobody on the West coast is posting pictures.....and if they are, I'm not finding them, so.....I'll just post a couple of my favorites!!  


Thanks to bleudreams and carmenw for their great shots today!

More to come later.......

I just came across this very cool video from MTV asking the Idols who their 'dream panel' of judges would be on American Idol.  Check out some of their responses>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  "Here"  I especially liked Casey's answer.....and that laugh!!

I came across this a few minutes ago, and found it quite interesting!!  I always love the stories the fans tell about their experience of meeting Casey and this one is no exception>>>>>>>>>>> "Read about it here"

Here is another couple of my very favorite shots of Casey!!  They were well worth a repost!!  Enjoy!!!

Thanks to Lundeemicron and daydreaminmeme and LarissaO for these incredible shots and poster!

Ok, West coast.....yall wanna help me out here a little bit....I know somebody took pictures and videos....come a gal out!  :D

I came across a very very good quality video with awesome sound and close ups!!!  Check it out, it's from the show in LA at the Staples Center a couple days ago!!

"All Over Now"

A great big Thank You to filmqueen for this great video!!! 

I think I'm going to close up for the night....yall have a great day tomorrow and leave me some comments and let me know how I'm doing!  Thank you to all of you who have left comments before, I really appreciate it!!  And to all of you who have thanked are welcome....this site is for YOU so let me know if I need to do something different, ok?  Love yall....take care.....gnite!


  1. love the pics from last nights show especially casey in the black tee.twitter is quiet all day
    maybe tonite some excitement.....

  2. Where are the pictures from last nights show?? I don't have any! Everything has been quiet for a bit now, nothing to talk about.....I'm bored!! Whaaaaaa!! lol....

  3. Glenda, I love your site! It just seems like not too much is going on right now...certainly not your fault! I check your site everyday, but I don't always post a comment. You are doing such a terrific job with this site. Please keep up the GREAT work! I hope Casey is getting some rest, and taking care of himself. Sometimes he looks so tired in the pictures I see of him. I don't want him to wear himself out!


  4. Thank you Jackie, I appreciate your comment! Believe me, I feel it when there's nothing out there to show yall, or talk about! I love it when there's so much to tell, I don't have time to post it all. We will get there again, the tour is winding down and there will be a slowdown for Caseymania then everything will take off again when he starts on that album!! Then, when he goes on tour, we will have lots of stuff! So thanks for coming back, I will be continuing on with this site long after the tour, so hold's coming!!!

  5. Jackie, I also forgot to mention that I agree, sometimes Casey don't sleep well, it's a known fact, but he won't take any medication or natural stuff to sleep, so he ends up exhausted and it shows in his face! His momma worries about him alot, as do us fans, but what is a person to do, he's a grown man, he'll rest when he's tired! :) I just wish he'd do it more often!

  6. Glenda, THANK YOU for CASEYMANIA! You do a fantastic job. There will be lots of excitement tomorrow with the Sony Nashville announcement...can't wait!

  7. Your welcome and THANK YOU Gloria!! I know.....I can't wait!!! And to top it off, I'm going to see Billy James play tomorrow night, so wooo hooo!!

  8. Woo Hoo, Glenda! Just read above where you stated you'll be continuing Caseymania after the tour. SO HAPPY with this news! I check your site everyday so I can find out what Casey is up to and your site never lets me down! Your hard work and dedication is very appreciated! Thanks so much for all the effort you have put into this amazing site! Love it! Casey is so lucky to have a fan like yourself!!

    Rachel :)