Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dallas, Tx. LOVES Casey!!! In Phoenix now for their next show!!!!   there's so much to share....I don't know where to start!!  It has been a whirlwind past couple of days and I'm still reeling!!!!  Yall have all been so wonderful to me and I thank all of you for all your support!!!  I believe I'm going to start today by putting everything I can find from the Dallas Show....just because "I can't wait"!!!!  The whole Dallas experience, for lack of a better word to call it....has been everything I ever thought it would be and SO MUCH MORE!!!!  So many fans wishes and hopes and dreams of talking to, taking pictures with and hugging Casey has came true.....including mine!  I didn't get my frontal picture, but I got so much in the few seconds each time I was with him, I'm ok....a little disappointed about the picture, but not devastated!!  I'm just so thankful for what time I did get with him, because there were LOTS of fans!!!  And to just be able to get that few seconds with him and for him to acknowledge me because of this site....was all worth not getting the picture!  There is a picture that the English man got and will be sending me, and it is of us hugging, and to me, thats almost better than a face picture!!  I will post it for yall when I get it!
Ok, there is more talk about  Casey signing with Sony Nashville.  We have been hearing it, and waiting for an official announcement from Casey and the record company!   It seems the ball is rolling along now and things are about to be announced....hopefully.  Some people seem to be on edge about the delay of the announcement, but the way I see it.....that's a HUGE step for Casey, and he's got to go over that contract with a 'fine tooth comb'......'get all his ducks in a row'....if ya will.  He's being smart to not rush into this, and then find himself in a situation he can't get out of if he's not happy with the final contract!  So....lets be patient, Casey is smart, he knows what he wants, he knows what he's doing, and it'll all 'come out in the wash'....
I'm gonna post a link to whats being said about it all..... on Idol Chatter.

"Casey James signing with Sony Nashville"

I thought it was only fitting to start the pictures with one of Casey and his momma, Debra!  Have you ever seen a sweeter picture!?!  I'm pretty sure this was in Houston, and them getting to see each other for the 1st time in a long time!  I can't find the credit on this picture, but if it belongs to you....thank you so much, it's beautiful!  There's nothing like the love between a mother and child and it definitely shows right here!!  :)

And here's Casey as the Idol's crossed the state line into Texas!!!!  Woo Hooo.....with a little photo shop fix by Lucy Myrtle......CASEY'S HOME!!!!!

More to come soon....check back.....

I came across this a minute ago and just had to's a montage of Casey on the tour, so I think different shows....very cool....check it out!!!


Thanks to Emmarose473 for the montage!

OMG!!!  I'm so excited!!  Somebody must have known I would be out looking for videos of the Dallas show and I struck it rich again......all 4 of Casey's set by the same person!!!!!!!  And they are sooooo very very good!!!!!!!  Enjoy everybody......Casey's home and sounding better than I've ever heard him......just speechless right now!!!!

"I Got Mine" 


"Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman"

"All Over Now" 
Great BIG beautiful THANK YOU'S to Lorrena04 for her exquisite videos!!!!

LNS videos coming up soon.....and they are hilarious!!  Having little or nothing to do with sandwiches!!!! :D

"LNS~Everything's Bigger in Texas Edition"

"Late Night Pecs~Silly Edition"

"Dallas" did a real nice write up of the Idols Live Show and they had nothing but good to say about Casey....go figure.....right??  Read on.....this is nice!!!

Here we go....lot's of Caseyness right here!!  Another interview from with lots about our boy in it!!!  Read on>>>>>click  "Here"

More to come later.......

This....has to be one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE shots of Casey!!  I've never seen him do this on stage before!!!  He was all over that stage in Dallas!!!!!

Thanks so much to Shawna Gentry (  for this awesome, beautiful, omg shot!!!!

Thanks alot to SaraPoyner for sharing her awesome shot from the front row!!!!

Big Thanks to ClaudiaBevell for this great shot of Casey playing w/one hand!!!

I found this just too good not to post Casey unwinds after the Houston show in the bunk of the tour bus.  He was reading our cards and looking through his gifts and he left us this beautiful message as he was leaving Houston.....get your kleenex....

"Casey's message to his fans as he was leaving Houston

More to come later.....

Very Nice Picture!!!

I don't know who the owner is of the previous link, but it is a beautiful shot and I just wanted to share with all of you!!

Be back's time for "Big Brother" favorite summer show!!!  Yall let me know if you are a BB fan too!!!!

I just found the new message Casey left for us as he was leaving Dallas on the tour bus the other night!  He couldn't be any more and weep.....

"Casey's Message to us after the Dallas Show"

Here is a special gift that was given to Casey by a fan and she designed it from what I gather!  It is awesome....check it out, click the link below!!

"Picaboo Book View"

Thanks Kathy T for your wonderful book idea!!  It was awesome to see it and meet you as well!

Ok, I'm closing out the night with another fabulous shot of Casey doing his thing in Dallas!!  That boy was so happy, I could see it from where I was sitting, just pure happiness was just flowing from his being!!  It was awesome to see him so happy!!  Good night all....take care, until tomorrow!


Thanks to Shawna Gentry ( for this great shot of Casey and his guitar!


  1. Glenda - thanks for sharing your personal recap. We can hear the elation and emotion when we read it.

    And I loved the photoshopped pic of Casey with his Home State sign. Awesome!

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the show. I tried to follow you on this blog but can't figure out how to do it. You might put something in the update (when you have time) that tells people how to follow you. You will be surprised how many people read your blog.

    Sheryl Clark

  2. Thank you so much Sheryl! It was such a pleasure to meet you as well!!! I am going to have to do a little research on what is going on with that following thing! Some people can and others can't....could it have something to do with me editing the post and them trying to follow at the same time I'm editing? I don't know how to fix this, but I will start trying to figure it out!! Thanks Sheryl....and I was sooooo surprised to see how many are reading my blog....I was shocked....literally!! Thank you for the kind words!!

  3. Glenda - for the first time since I have been looking, I saw a Follow option at the top left of the screen. I clicked on it and it said I am following now. It was very easy. But I don't think many people know they should follow you. I did not!


  4. Who did the Blues...Heart & Soul picture of Casey? That's what I printed out & got him to sign Saturday night. Unfortunately, he didn't see it because I had been using it as a fan so I wouldn't faint and it was all rumpled up and sweaty! I love that picture though and now I have his "CJ" on it. :) Debi

  5. Love the montage, his voice is so clear on Don't, it will be thrilling to hear his songs on the radio, before the idol tour I would listen and watch his songs on the internet a lot. Satisfied and Road to Coming Home were my favorites, I am so hooked, can't wait to see him in Sacramento, what a fun experience this has been and continues to be. Rock on Casey, you are a great artist and a great personality.

  6. Sheryl, I'm so glad you got to follow now! I edited one thing, that could be causing it, so hopefully it was the right thing since you were able to follow! Thanks girl, for the heads up on this!!

  7. Debi, I don't have the original picture owner but the person who made the picture into a poster was a lady on twitter by the name of daydreaminmeme I hope this helps....your story is funny, but I totally was soooo HOT out there, I was nearly suffocating!!

  8. what an awsome couple casey and didi would be!!!
    both have beautiful smiles and beautiful hair
    and both are so sweet as they can be......

  9. My name is Shawna Gentry with A Moment in Time Photography. I took the two pictures you have credited to Jake Felts above as well as the profile picture on the homecoming page. He asked if he could use from my facebook gallery. I had so much fun at the concert and I am in the process of editing all of my pictures. If his mother would like a cd of same, it would be my honor to make her one. I can be contacted either through my website or 817-304-0676.

  10. Thank you Shawna for bringing this to my attention! I do apologize for the oversight!! I corrected it just now! Your work is very it!!! Do you want me to ask Debra if she wants you to make a CD? Or you could just do it and send it to the Fan Mail's posted above if you haven't seen it!

    thank you for letting me use your beautiful shots!!