Friday, August 20, 2010

A I Tour in Seattle Wa. today & A Surprise!!

Hey everybody!  How yall doing today?  It's hot again here in Texas.....old news!!  It's always hot!!  I promised all of you yesterday that I would have a Big Surprise for yall today, and I fully intend to keep that promise!!  As most of you know, a few weeks ago I started something new here called, "Flash from the Past Friday"!  I wasn't able to continue with it for various reasons, but I'm going to try it again, and lets see if it can last this time!!
My sources were able to supply me with a picture I don't think anyone has seen!

This is Casey and Debra playing at a wedding, that was their neighbors daughter.  Casey sang lead and Debra was singing harmony with him.  This picture was taken about 8 years ago last month, and American Idol had never entered their minds.  I personally love this flash from the past photo, and I hope all of you do too!!!!!!

Thanks so much to Debra.....aka "BYBEE D JAMES"   for her beautiful flash from the past shot of she and Casey.....way before Idol!!!

Click on her name that's in Capital letters to go to her Twitter page!

Yall leave me a comment and let me know how I did with this photo, and if you'd like more like this!!    If you take it from this site, you must give credit  to Debra!!  thanks yall!!

I guess I should have included something extra in my article yesterday about How to get a backstage pass or meet and greet.  The person is telling how to obtain that......but there are other ways to meet and get pics with and talk to the Idols, which was not talked about.  If you just want to see and meet and possibly get a picture with an Idol.....(Casey, of course....) you can always get to the venue early and stake out your place in front of the barricades..... usually close to where the buses are.  If you are not sure where to go, some security guards are good about letting a person know where to wait and when.  Just ask around, and you can find out where to wait and where they will come out at, if not the buses.
Hope this cleared up the confusion.  You don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars  to see them, you just have to be patient.  And be prepared, you may not see every one of the Idols.....some do not come out to sign, for reasons unknown.  I do believe Casey has come out to every single venue they've played!  He really loves his fans, and shows it as he tries to get to everyone, and if he can't he says that he will, just come back to see him!!  He's such a sweetheart!!

Also, I wanted to mention that the pictures I posted yesterday that I said were from Sacramento, were not.......they were from Anaheim, Ca.!!  So sorry for the wrong information on those shots!

I have a couple of videos here, and the first one, I'm pretty sure I've already posted, but I just love it so much, I'm just gonna post it again, for those who may have missed it!!!!  His eyes are so blue in this interview.....check it out here>>>>>>"FanLaLa Video Interview w/Casey"

Also, from the same site is Andrew talking about how life is, on the Tour bus..... and.......the funniest prank from the tour so far!!  I just love the humor those boys love to show us......they are always doing something funny!!!   Check it out here>>>>>>"FanLaLa Video Interview w/ Andrew

I would really like to know what happened to all the Late Night Sandwiches starring Casey James!!!   A sandwich just isn't a sandwich without the great taste of "LOVE"....... :D  sprinkled or waved or patted onto it!!!  lol.....

The Idols will be taking the stage in Seattle, Wa. in a little while.....and I always have to look at the clock when I say that, so that I actually know by my time, how long it will be when they hit the stage! 

Since I still have no pictures from the last few shows, I will be posting some more of my favorites.....and there are alot.....believe me!!!  I just hope somebody in Seattle will post some pictures from there, and even better, some videos!!  So if yall are reading this, and your going to the show tonight in Seattle, Wa. please send me some or a link to your photos or videos, or both!!!  Thank you so much!!!! :)

Thanks so much to KarenDWO46, seashellsxo, daydreaminmeme, and cc373 for their wonderful, beautiful and creative shots today!!!!


Just a quick reminder too, about the Fans of Casey James Photo Book my buddie, Mickey is putting together online!!  Please, if you want to be in on this send her an email with your picture you want to use.  It can be of you and Casey, or you and a James family member picture, or if you don't have one, you can just include your picture, and she explains all of that to you.  Here is her email:>>>>>> <<    <<<<< that is not a link, just in case you are trying to click on it!  Or you can contact her on Facebook at the Casey James Cougar Club for more information!!

I will be back later on, hopefully with more news to tell, it's always a slow news day when the Idols have a day off!!  I want a reporter (I'll take the job) to follow them around and see what all they do on their days off!!  Ok, well, maybe thats a little much, I wouldn't want to be called a paparazzi !!!!  But I would love to do that.......all in good taste, of course!!  See yall back here soon......

  I'm back with a photo from Sacramento!!!!  Yea.....finally!!!  Guess I need to look a little harder next time!!!   This is a cropped shot and it is beautiful!!!  I guarantee that daydreaminmeme will get hold of this one and work her look for it in the future with her touch on it!!!!
Thanks so much to ninergrl6 for her fantastic shot of Casey!!!!


  1. Love the blast from the past picture!! Such a great idea love seeing Casey when he was younger! Also, looove the pic of him in the blue t-shirt on of my absolute favorites!!!!! He just looks so amazing with those beautiful blue eyes and blonde locks!!! Chris ;)

  2. Great blast from the past, Glenda! That's an adorable pic of Casey & Debra...he's SO young there!

    And you know me too well! CLOL...a poster will be comin soon! GAWJUS cropped shot!

  3. I really loved the pic of Casey and his mom! It is adorable...he really does look so young! Debra is a doll to share her priceless photos with all of us. I really enjoyed the vids of Casey and Andrew...both were way too short. :)I'm wondering about LNS, too. They haven't made one in a long time. :( Thanks for another great day of info, Glenda!

    Rachel :)

  4. I love the picture of Casey and his mom. That's one thing I really love about Casey - that he shows he loves his mom.

  5. Glenda, absolutely loved the pic of Debra and Casey, so beautiful!! Loved the vids!! And oh, Casey is so beautiful in the last picture, just makes you want to stare at him forever!! I miss the LNS also, looked forward to them, always a big laugh that made my day because I usually saw them last thing at night, so funny!! Thanks again for all you do!! MAE777

  6. Thanks everybody!! So glad yall liked the picture!! I had to dig to find something to post today, and it's like that nearly every time they have a day off!! :) ha! I will be gone most of the day tomorrow, have to meet with sisters and go through mom's house, so I'll try and post something tomorrow night when I get back!! Thank you to all of you, I really appreciate your feedback!!!

  7. Love the blast from the past picture! That is so nice of Debbie to share these wonderful pictures with us. Now, that last picture with the red shirt/jacket - OMG every time I think I'll never see a better picture of Casey, one comes along. Just made it my desktop background.
    Thanks, Glenda, for keeping us all informed - I always look forward to your posts.


  8. yes ,glenda thanks for that picture of casey and his mother. thats just so sweet. isn't he suppose to cut his hair off?hope not but he still looks good with short hair,just love that long pretty curly hair.thanks again. linda

  9. Glenda I just love the picture of Casey and his Momma. I also like the last picture of him with the red shirt on - his eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue that I've ever seen. He could be a MODEL!!!! Thanks for all you do.


  10. Hi to ninergrl6, Love the pic of Casey in Sacramento, when you talked to him was he tired out for that show. I went and he looked like he was tired although his performance was great. A lady behind us said she saw him earlier with Big Mike and he looked like he was limping. He didn't come out with the rest of them early in the day. I'm just an obsessed curious fan, hope you can answer on this site.

  11. GLENDA, thank you so much !!!Both Caseymania, and Caseyness are GREAT!.....only LOVE forever.May GOD BLESS.

  12. Thank you, Glenda for posting the picture of Casey and his mom. Wow, he was 20 in that picture, he looks more like 16. Casey seriously never takes a bad picture, does he? The picture where he is wearing the blue t-shirt really brings out his beautiful blue eyes! Thank you so much for all you do with Caseymania! You do a great job keeping us fans updated on what Casey is doing. Thanks also to daydreaminmeme for her special picture posters- they are awesome! I'm from Nebraska and couldn't go to an Idol concert (Omaha was cancelled)so I look on YouTube and on your website to get my Casey fix. Thanks again!

  13. Glenda!!!!!! I love the blast from the past picture. You had a great idea with that one and you need to continue!! Thanks so much for all you do!

  14. @Anonymous 4:42pm I don't know about any limping, having heard a thing about it! But will keep my ears open!!

    @Linda Casey began growing out his hair to donate it for 'locks of love'. A little while back Casey got so many requests to please not cut his hair that a bit of a 'deal' was made that it 200 people signed up to donate 'their' hair, Casey would NOT cut his! Ok, this was the talk going around a few weeks ago, and it came from trustworthy sourses so I believe it to be true. But just to be safe, I will need to confirm that for yall.

    @everybody else...thank you to all of you all!!!! I love doing this and it will remain intact as Casey makes his transition from AI Contestant on Tour to a full blown signed artist with BNA!!! Hope yall stay with me for the long haul cuz I got a feeling we're gonna be at this for the next 20 or 30 yrs!!!! Casey James Rocks All our Worlds!!! :)