Friday, August 20, 2010

Idols off in Seattle Wa. and Sacramento Videos & News!

Sorry yall.....I was late getting this post done and it has Friday's date instead of Thursday, and I don't think I can correct it.  But just know.....this post is for Thursday, August 19th

Hi there everybody!  Well, I first want to tell you the ENT dr. visit was uneventful.... I came away with the same diagnosis I've known all along.....and 200 bucks less in my pocket.....I have Positional Vertigo!!  Wow!  I could've saved my money!  But at least I still have good hearing!  The Dr. said this will go away over time!  Ahhhhh!!  over time....???  How much time???  Not long, I hope!  It's been over 2 months now since the onset of it!  But, it is better than it was when it first maybe it will be gone soon.  I will be doing the vertigo exercises again and try to get rid of this.  I need to plan my 1st Casey Adventure Roadtrip, cause I'm always the driver on a roadtrip!  But I may have to settle for someone else driving, since I'm still not very good at it, because I tried it just the other night and it was very stressful!!

How many of you are still so excited about Casey's new record deal??  I am so stoked!!!  I can't wait till he can get started on his album!  And his first single will probably be released before the album is even finished!  I'm hoping it will be released very soon!  It will be released a few months before the Album , I do know that much!   He will be staying out in Nashville while he's working on the album and may be booked to do some shows very soon, so I'll be looking for that and any news about where he might be while out there!
Ok, I was able to come across the 4 videos from Sacramento last night!!!  Yay!!!  I always love it, when I can find all 4 of Casey's set at the same venue, and even better if it's by the same person.....just like gold to the blogging person!!  So I'll post these all 5 together, and the first 4 are all by the same person, and the 2nd Duet was also from Sacramento, and it was so good, I just posted it too......what the heck.....right??  Yall Enjoy!!!

"I Got Mine"


"It's All Over Now"

"Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman"

"Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" Duet w/ Mike Lynche

Big Thanks going out to denae1989 and ninergrl6 for their fantastic videos!

I think it's about time to post some really nice shots of Casey on stage singing his heart out....who's with me???   Ok, ya go............can you tell he's giving it his all.....??.....really laying it all out back to us as he said.........I just love it.....never will tire of it..... enjoy!!

Thanks to PaulaM for finding the owners of these shots, they are owned by Karen Balajdia.  Thanks Karen, great shots!  These were from Anaheim , Ca. the other night! 

Ok yall.....I'm wondering how many of you got to get in on the AT&T Live Chat on Facebook !!  It was so awesome to see that big grin on his face, still reeling from his great news the day before I'm sure!!!  Well I have the one on one that Casey did after the other four Idols left, and he answers some very good questions from the fans !!  It's 6:47 of total Caseyness!!  Read on>>>>>>>"One on One with Casey James"

Thanks twistdfrk for posting this video on YouTube!!

Some people have often asked....."How do you get a Meet and Greet or a backstage pass to the Idols Live Tour????   Ok, someone posted an answer to this question which was asked on the site "Travel Guides".  And I have no clue if this is the correct answer, but it sounds good, and would be worth reading if someone wants to try for one, on the shows that are left on the tour.


I want to go to the American Idol Tour this summer (season 9 2010). Even more than that though, I want to meet the contestants and take pictures with them by getting backstage passes or meet and greet passes. Do you know how I could do that? I really want to meet them!

adl_tx says:
There are FOUR ways to get a backstage pass….
1) You must KNOW someone connected with the tour, more
like a relative that works for the concert. Or, if you are lucky have
a friend in school or a neighbor that has a relative that works
for the concert.
Or someone in the arena or the concert that has connections to the band.
2) Be a news reporter. You would have to be one connected
to your local newspaper or local TV news team.
3) A local radio station will sometime have a backstage pass
of the concert and offer it as a promotional prize.
Either you have to be the 7th or 10th caller.
Or answer the right question on the air.
Or hope that the entry form you filled out gets picked out
in a drawing.
4) Sometimes a person will have one and will sell it
on EBAY online auction or and EXPECT to
pay REALLY BIG DOLLARS (like hundreds or thousands) for it.
Those are the ONLY WAY you will get a backstage pass.
 Now....if you just want to meet them and you don't care where.....
wait outside the venue by the barricades near the buses if possible.
If you may be confused as to where the Idols may come out, ask
a security guard, or just ask around to others.  Alot of times a
security guard will tell you where to stand for your best chances
of seeing them when they come out. And there is no guarantee that
all the Idols will come out, cause some of them don't.  But Casey
has come out every time security has let him, sometimes more than
once, as he did in Dallas.....he came out 3 different times!
Good Luck and remember, always be nice to others who are
waiting around you.  Help the time pass by visiting with others.

Ok, yall.....get ready.....cause I have a BIG SURPRISE for everybody tomorrow!!!  It's something no one has ever seen.....I'm pretty sure anyway!!!  So come on back tomorrow afternoon and check out the new post.....yall are gonna LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just one more picture before I go.....looooovvvvveeeee it!!!!

Thanks to daydreaminmeme for her awesome creation!!!

Have a great night and a wonderful tomorrow.......gnite yall!!! :)


  1. Glenda, can't thank you enough for this great site. I come here all the time whenever I need a Casey fix, and they are here in abundance! What a wonderful artist daydreaminmeme is. I absolutely L O V E all her pics. Casey's got such a great smiley face. I just love that sling with the "Texas Star" on it, very well suited! Am I still stoked? Yes'em, more than ever! The new big gig is going to have to come around pretty quick cuz I'm already getting antsy. I also wanted to meet the idols, especially my favorite, Casey James. I didn't know how to either, I think you have to find the barriers before the show, maybe after, too? I think anyone can go there if you find them, but not sure, only getting that impression from what I've read from the recaps.

  2. Just wanted to say again what an awesome site you've created Glenda! I love reading your blogs and you find the best pictures and videos...your dedication is SO appreciated! Sorry that your Doctor's visit wasn't very helpful. Hang in there girl and I'm always saying a prayer for you! <3

  3. @Anon 6:35, my friends and I met Casey after a Pennsylvania show and we didn't have any problems finding out where the idols were coming out after the show. We asked one of the workers(at the intermission)and told her we had a gift for Casey and she was VERY helpful. The security guards who were stationed at the barricades suggested a primo spot for us as we waited for him. Everyone working there was super-nice to us. The best part of the show aside from watching Casey perform was meeting him...we all chatted,got autographs, got photos, and gave him his gift. He was a doll! Luv him!

  4. Thanks for the info on how to see the idols (Casey) after the show. I would love to be able to get his autograph,photos etc. and I will
    try my darndest to do this next week after the show in St. Louis. I can't wait to see him!!!! I know its going to be fabulous. Thanks Glenda for your daily updates about Casey - I don't know what I'd do without all you wonderful info.
    Hope you get over your vertigo real soon and thanks for all you do.

  5. Susan, I met Casey after a show as well. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! I went to one of the VIP boxes at our venue, and they told us where the idols would come out after the show so we scoped out that area so that we knew where we needed to get to and fast...before the crowds gathered. We were right up against the barricades! It was very exciting!! Casey REALLY took his time with the took him forever to get to us, but it was worth the wait! We met three other idols before Casey got to us, and he was one of the first ones to come out and meet the fans! What a sweetie! I had said I wasn't leaving until I got a pic with him,( my friends thought I was insane), but I not only got my pic with him, but I talked with him as well...YAY!!!!!! Good Luck to you!!!! Isn't being a Casey fan THE BEST????


  6. Wendy, thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me that I have the same good luck as you in getting to meet Casey. I will be with my daughter and granddaughter so between the 3 of us we should be able to find out the best place to meet HIM. Can't wait and YES BEING A CASEY FAN IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!!!!!