Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seattle Wa. last night and Portland, Or. tonight!

Sorry again yall.....I posted this after midnight and it looks like it's Sundays post, but it's not.....It is Saturdays post!  I have to remember to do better on this issue! :)

Hi there all of yall..... or is it.....all of you??   Either way, how's everybody doing??  Hope your day was eventful and loads of fun!!   I was with my sister, 2 brothers-in-law and a neice and nephew and we got most of my Mom's house all cleaned out and things sent to their rightful owners.  We will be having a large sale in Oct. because she had WAY more stuff than any of us thought!!!   Cubbie holes filled with stuff everywhere!!!  But the hardest part is over and now it's just boxing up a few last things and cleaning, and we're done.  Thank goodness I didn't have to do it alone!!  We visited and laughed and remembered the good times and made the time pass faster!  Thank you to all of you for embracing me during this time, you have been my biggest support!!  And I'll never, ever forget this, all of you were here for me when I needed you the most.....thank you just doesn't seem to be enough....

Moving on seems Casey was finally able to get us some kind of communication!!  It had been like 6 days since we last heard from him!  He has been super busy getting business taken care of so he can get to Nashville after he visits his family for a little bit after this AI Tour is over with!!!  It still sounds strange to even say that!!!  But I'm so darned excited, I can't hardly wait to hear about what songs are going on the album!!  Anyway, Casey sent us quite a long message, and it is great to hear him so excited about this!!!  Check out his whole message just the way we got it on twitter earlier today!!!!!!  He's very amusing!!!

Ok, there you have it.....*straight from the horses* mouth as they say in our neck o' the woods!!  And I'll help all of you out a little bit and just post the videos of the Three.....yep.....3 Songs of the Day!  But Casey chooses to use the acronym for it, which is......SOTD.  So if you see that, you know he's talking about the song of the day.....that he should maybe change to Song of the month..... *he he he* just kidding!!!  Bless his heart, he's doing the best he can do, and thats good enough for me....I'll gladly take a SOTD every few weeks with no  problem!!  :) and be glad to get it!!!  :D  Now keep in mind, these are songs Casey is recommending to us and is more than likely on his ipod right now!!  These are all great songs, and I actually know every one of them.....for a change.....Ha!!

(1) "High On a Mountaintop"
     by Marty Stuart (one of my favs.....yeeeee)

(2) "When It's Love"

      by Van Halen

(3) "Put Some Drive In Your Country" 
     by my very fav for 17yrs....Travis Tritt....mmm!! Still love this man & in my Top 3!!

Thanks to BWoodley, and Louvers, and Bigdmck01 for their youtube videos!!

Ok....I believe it's time for a little Casey Time!!!  How about some videos from Seattle???  Got all 4 of 'em for ya right here!!!  Not by the same video person though.....  :(   Oh well, we can't have our way ALL the time!!!
Some are pretty far away, but the sound is AMAZING!!!
Many thanks going out to msgkennedy, TRButcher9586,believeinme326 and gocanux for sharing their videos on youtube!!!

"Have you ever really loved a Woman"

"It's All Over Now"


"I Got Mine"

Alrighty we have the *ONLY* picture that is available right now from Seattle, Wa. and it is just fine all by it's self!!!!  This is a fantastic shot of Casey it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See what I mean???  Great big 'ole thanks going out to Allison for sharing her wonderful photo!!!!

One more picture and I'm gonna hit the hay for tonight!!!  there should be more from Seattle by tomorrow and some new stuff from Portland!!  Yall have a good one.....see ya soon!! :)

Thanks going out to ItsMeRenee for this georgeous shot!!


  1. All good stuff...thanks, Glenda! Thanks so much for posting Casey's twitter message (I don't do twitter). I'm excited about Casey's SOTD choices, as I am familiar with all of them, too. I don't really have anything by Marty Stuart, although I am familiar with his tunes (I am a huge country fan). Now, Travis Tritt...I just saw him in concert about two months ago...he was SOLD OUT and terrific! Van Halen is always good...The pic with Casey & the purple backround is gorgeous...The shirt he's wearing is the one he was wearing when I met him...YAY!! Casey sounds better and better on each new video I watch of him! Sorry I wrote so much...guess I missed my fix yesterday!! :):)


  2. Hey Jackie, can write as much as you want here......pour your heart out.....let it rip......whatever you wanna do, just do it!!! No rules here about comments as long as it is positive!!! Of course I won't let people come on the comments and 'bash' our boy, thats out of the question, but anything else.....hey, just go for it!!! I love the comments!!! And thank YOU for being an avid reader!! :)

  3. Love the beat and twangyangyness of "High On A Mountain Top." I enjoyed the song, first time I hear it; it has a lot of meaning. Absolutely love everything about Van Halen's "When Its Love." It's a beautiful song and every facet of everything about it is great. Travis Tritt is amazing, love this song and yep, ya gotta keep country alive and while your doin it, keep the beat with the feet!

  4. I am familiar with all of Casey's SOTD especially Van Halen. I guess I better go listen to Marty Stuart and Travis Tritt after I post this comment. I haven't listened to either of them in a long time. I am going to see Casey Wednesday night - boy am I excited!!!


  5. That's kinda funny- I just tweeted Casey that I missed the songs of the day and that his "students" wanted another lesson! Wonder if he read my tweet or maybe he just read our minds! That's so cool that he likes Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart, Casey would have been really young when they were popular. He has amazingly good taste! Like the Van Halen song too! I think Casey could easily be an artist similar to Travis Tritt- they have that same kinda southern rock feel to their music. I am really looking forward to his CD coming out. I wish him all the best!

  6. My very favorite Travis Tritt performance was when he sat on the edge of the stage and sang "Anymore" with only his guitar. To me it was so moving!