Monday, August 2, 2010

Videos and pics from Lexington and Deluth and Idols off today in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

Hello Everybody and Happy Monday to yall!!  I know it's not always a happy Monday for everybody....sometimes it's Blah monday..... but I have things that are bound to put a smile on your aboard The Casey Train.....and lets go!!  Wooo Hooo!!!  :)

I'm gonna start off by putting all 4.....yes ALL 4 of Casey's set from Lexington, Ky. right here in one place, for easy access!!  I don't always get all 4 of his songs recorded by the same person, because it's difficult at best to get video's at most of these venues!  So, to have 4 from the same person, is amazing!!  So, here ya go....yall enjoy.....I will be back with more in a little bit!!

"I Got Mine"


"Have you ever really Loved a Woman"

"It's All Over Now"

Many thanks to stacyhere for her superb videos!

Here is the first thing I've gotten in from the Deluth/Atlanta show last night! And was it ever worth the wait!!!  Superb sound and video quality!!!  Just awesome!!!

"Have you ever really Loved a Woman" Duet w/ BigMike

"I Got Mine"


Big thanks to elenasmiley for this great video!!

And I'll leave you with some 'pretty' for the page!  Casey with his backup singers and another band member, which looks like the bass player, at the show in Lexington, Ky.!!

Thanks to Danna for this great shot!

The Idols are off today and enjoying themselves in Ft. Lauderdale!  What a great place to have the day off and just enjoy where you are..... the sun, the ocean, and time to play in it.....what more could an Idol ask for?! 

More later......

Cha-Ching!!!!  Once again, I think I've struck it rich!!!  This next bunch of photos was taken at Newark, NJ a few days ago but just now surfaced!!  You better be setting down for these.....cause they are heart attack worthy!!  LOL!! I'll start you off with a couple of my favs, then I will post the link to the rest of them for ya!!!  Enjoy!!!!

Casey is definitely in his element when he's playing his guitar....I can actually 'feel' it through these pictures that he is exactly where he wants to be, and happiness is just emanating from him and getting all over us!!! :)  He really does have a beautiful soul.....

Do you feel what I feel??  I can just look at this picture and just go there with him....Totally in the his music back to us!!! 

I want to thank Larisa O for sending me the link to these great shots!!!

Ok, as I is the link to the rest of her wonderful shots!!

"Larisa's shots from Newark, NJ"

More to come later.....check back!!

Here's a cute little article with some questions for all the Idols, and Casey's answers are so 'him'.....check it out right >>>>> "Here"

Thanks to

And here's a really cute little clip of Casey as he's enjoying some R&R outside the venue in Lexington, Ky. enjoy......  "Casey playing Frisbee"

Here's another of Casey "Playing Frisbee"

Thanks to mxgirl3 for these cute clips!!

If you would like to be in on this....My Idol will be interviewing Casey on August 4th and would like the fans to post questions to ask him in their interview!  So, if you want a chance to get your question asked, just click >>>>>>>> "Here"

I will leave you tonight with a fantastic photo from the Deluth show and once again Casey is feeling it and in his moment.....he's so amazing!

Thanks to SCSilkiner for sharing her awesome picture!

Well, yall have a great night and a better tomorrow..... it's gonna be 104 or 105 degrees tomorrow in Texas!  Wherever you are, be safe in this heat!  Later Taters......  :D


  1. Thanks Glenda!! That's the best video I've seen with Casey and Mike doing "HYERLAW"!! The sound, the closeups, the clarity...just wonderful!MAE777

  2. FYI: Glenda, Casey's song 'Jealous Guy' (studio version) was played in a local radio station here in the Philippines yesterday. I'll request for his song, so it can be played again. This is great news.

    Cathy C.

  3. Glenda, had to come back since you posted these pics! When I looked at them I wanted to cry, but not sad!! I am so happy for Casey and his family! I know they have to be on cloud nine, knowing Casey is getting to do what he loves to do! Love Casey so much! MAE777

  4. Glenda, I would personally, with all my heart, like to thank you for the GREAT job you are doing with this site. I know it means so much to Casey's devoted fans. If it weren't for you and Burn This Media, I'd be totally lost. I know that both of you adore him as much as I do, and it's so refreshing to read and watch all the wonderful things that are happening to him. Thanks for posting the vids, I could watch Casey performing "Don't" over and over for hours...he is just mezmerizing when he sings that song! I listen to the studio version constantly! Luv it!

  5. Here's a good video of Casey meeting the fans after the show in Duluth. Says after the show but it's still light out, which is good cause you can see him really good.


  6. Nice job Glenda,as ever !!! May God Bless you.