Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pics from Lexington and Deluth, Ga. tonight

Good morning everyone!  It is in the wee hours of the morning that I set here typing up a little bit of information for all of you, starting with a picture from Lexington!  I had a couple friends there, and one did send a pic, but still not a whole lot rolling in as yet.  So, I'm thinking we'll get lots of pics and videos sometime tomorrow from Lexington!  


Thanks to Danna for her excellent shot of Casey tonight!
I know for a fact Danna always takes quite a few pics and she told me she had some video, so we'll be posting all that tomorrow! 

There's a decent review that came in tonight from Lexington.......there's quite a few not so positive words, but it was all good about about it   "Here"

I'm gonna post some of my favorite pics now, lacking in other news....we can't go wrong with more Caseyness on the page!  :)

Thanks to pqrcaseyjamesmrds and AI for these great shots!

More to come from Lexington....I's just will start surfacing tomorrow for sure!!

Toot-a-loo for now..... :) 

I came across this really cool video of an interview with Casey and Mike at the Cheesecake Factory!  It gets humorous, so don't miss this   "Here"

And now....what you've all waited for.....Pictures from Lexington, Ky!!  I'll start ya off with a couple of my favs then post the link to see Danna's Pics!  Thanks girl!

Photo credit Danna B.  thanks again!!

And here is one of Danna's videos....enjoy!!

"Casey singing Don't"

Thanks for the wonderful Video too Danna!

Here is the link to all of Danna's photos.....  Click>>>> "Here"

Lurking around and I found something else from Lexington,'s a very good and close video of my personal favorite...... " I Got Mine "

Thanks to Stacyhere for this great video!

More coming shortly....and remember newbys....I update the new stuff from the bottom!

WOW!  Here are some really really GREAT pictures!!  They are from the Baltimore show a few days ago on the 24th  Check 'em out now>>>>>  "New Pics from Baltimore"

Thanks going out to newland21 for these fantastic Casey shots!!!

Here is a very cool review from Lexington!!  And Casey was considered the Crowd Favorite.....again!!!  I love it when a plan comes those votes we gave Casey is finally paying off and he's able to go out and show America who Casey James is and what he's made of!!!  He's gaining new fans at every show and I for one, couldn't be happier for him!!  He deserves every bit of this awesomeness that is surrounding him right now!!!  Check out the review right here>>>>" Review"

Thanks to cc373 for this awesome shot from the NC show!
I am going to say goodnight to all and leave you with this really nice pic of our boy!!  Gnite Yall!!


  1. Thanks Glenda for the review of Rupp Arena. It was very interesting and sounded pretty hopeful, I thought, for the future of many of the idols. Casey, of course being no exception with that amazing voice and mad guitar of his. Thank you also for all the great pics of Casey, such a great smile and that black shirt he is wearing... Just Gorgeous. He's such a great guy.

  2. I love the pic of Casey from Idol where he's outside. That was before he sang "Don't". He's just the greatest!!

  3. Here's the rest of stacyhere's excellent Lexington videos.



    It's All Over Now

    Casey's getting more comfortable and talking more. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Meeting the Idols after the Concert - Lexington
    Casey at 4:40 til the end


  5. It's always a highlight to visit CaseyMania!!

    FYI todays SOTD is Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground." There were a couple SOTDs last week, one by the Cranberries, I think. Sorry I've forgotten their names.

    I don't know how to post my name, except Anonymous. Sorry.


  6. Thanks Poloprincess! I didn't know we had gotten another SOTW....he hasn't been tweeting and I did see where he had just gotten on long enough to say HI and he was doing great! Thanks! I got the other songs, I just forgot to edit and put them on the sidebar! lol.... when you post a comment, you should see the words Comment as: at the bottom of the comment just click the little arrow and choose how you want to comment.

    Thanks so much AT for the videos from stacyhere! I too have noticed he's talking more, getting more comfortable with his surroundings!!

  7. Glenda, you may already have these. The other two SOTDs are "White Liar" by Miranda Lambert (amusing video) and "Dreams" by the Cranberries.


  8. Thanks Glenda for your update from GA! Loved all the pics, videos, writeup with Casey doing so great!! I am so happy for Casey and his Mom, Billy, and all his family who loves him so much and helped him to get to where he is now! I'm also happy for all his fans who voted for him and continue to support him and ALL the new fans he's gained along his journey! God bless Casey James!! I love him!! MAE777

  9. Here's a video from Atlanta

    Have you ever Loved a Woman

    really excellent from elenasmiley.


  10. Thanks for everything ladies....yall are awesome!!!