Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Going Home....and Coming Home.....

Hello all my friends....I am back with lots of emotions right now!  I'm sad as I can be and happy as I can be....makes no sense right?  I'll explain.... as most of you know, my mom passed away on Friday after a long battle with COPD.  It was a long, painful battle that she couldn't win.  I watched her suffer for years with a heavy heart, and if this makes any sense at all, I'm happy she's not suffering any more!  I will miss her every day, but I take comfort in knowing she is with the Lord and all our loved ones who have gone on before her, her husband, my sister, my brother, and my son....she met them all and more at Heavens gate.  And in a peaceful state, knowing she is going Home, and they are all together in the presence of God.  
I want to thank each and every one of you for the prayers, condolences, and kindness you've shown me during this time.   The outpouring of love you have shown me is so comforting and I thank you for it, it has helped so much!

And now....we're gonna talk about Coming Home!  Casey James came home to the DFW area with the Idols live Tour!  Finally....he made it home again!!  It's been since May I guess since he got to come home, and he was so very excited!  So much so he couldn't sleep!  Casey does that too much these days!  I know, he don't want us all blabbing to his momma that he's not sleeping, cause she will worry!  Well, I'm here to tell ya ain't no secret sweetie....your momma knows you don't rest good!!  And yes, she's gonna worry, cause that's what momma's do.  We all wish he could get control of his sleeping habits, because that is not good for his health, and will make an old man out of him quick!  And we don't want that baby face to grow old....ever! :)

I am going to tell my story, or recap as we call it sometimes, of my wonderful time I had at the show in Dallas last night, 8/9/10.  Also....did anyone notice the date....??  Look at it....8-9-10....hmmmm.   I wonder if means anything?  I just always find little things like that of those things that make ya go hmmmm...I met so many awesome, wonderful, beautiful people yesterday!!!!  I just felt like I was smiling the whole time!!  And the strangest thing of all....people knew who I was....because of this site....I was blown away by how many people are reading Caseymania now!  I just want to say a great BIG THANK YOU to each and everyone of you!!  It was so great meeting so many of you!!  And Donna Mc....your just an angel....thank you for all your hospitality were awesome!!

First of all, I should be thanking my wonderful friend Dawna....and her friend Della.....she would not give up until she had gotten me a way to this show!  I can't drive right now because of the ongoing vertigo, and was having problems finding a way to get there!  Bless her heart, she wouldn't stop until she figured out a way to get me there, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart!!  That, my friends, is what friends are all about....take lessons from her!  
So we get there and meet a few of the other fans at the Tavern across from the AA Center and the barricades where the idols come out was right there across the convenient!!  So Casey comes out and everybody takes off, and I was the only one left  and was signing my card to give to him and noticed I shouldn't leave cause we hadn't paid for our drinks so I stayed there, and everybody came back a few minutes later, cause he couldn't stay very long, but he did say he would come back before the show!  So in a little bit we got on over to the barricades and stood on the front waiting....and about an hour or so later....he walks out the door....what a breath of fresh air, that boy was!  He looked so pumped and excited to be in Dallas!!!  So he's going down the line, and he gets to me and I'm looking at him, and Donna Mc says....this is Glenda, Caseymania.....and his eyes lit up and he grabbed me in a hug and said..."Thank you so much"!!!  I was so happy to finally get my Casey hug!  He hugged me a good few seconds and very snugly, and I said your welcome and thank YOU in his ear while we were hugging!!  I handed him his bag with a small gift of a double DVD of the movie, "Eddie and the Cruisers"  I and II  and a card and a bottle of 5hr. energy in case he gets in a slump and needs it.  I don't know why I didn't think to get him some Sleepy Time Tea...that would make more sense....but I didn't.   He signed my sign and quickly moved to the next person and I didn't get a picture with him!  :(  My friend had taken a pic from the back, just as we were about to hug....but no front picture....oh well....there's always next time....right!?!  In a little bit, an English gentleman, ( his name I can't remember) who I had met earlier with his lovely wife, came to me and told me....I got a picture of you and Casey during the hug!  I was ecstatic!!!  That was better than what I had....and now I had two!!  Here....I'll show ya....this is the one I got!  Thats me, with the long stringy hair, too bad we couldn't see more of Casey's face.  But yall know....without a doubt, I was smiling from ear to ear!!

My arm was reaching around his neck!  And up close like that....he looks sooooo a kid, like maybe 18 or so....but still just cute as a button!

 Now don't yall laugh....but when he walked away I got just a little misty, just because....I don't have a reason, do I need one....???  :D  It just felt nice to finally meet him, and for him to put a face to Caseymania....was even more special!!  So he heads back in and shortly we all start toward the door to get ready for the show!  I thought I had a pretty good seat....I guess it was ok, since I do have vertigo, it was on the floor, so no worrying about falling down the seat rows up above!  :D  But every persons hand or head was in my way, and my camera.....oh don't get me started on that thing.....I will be purchasing a new camera, preferably with a zoom lens the size of my head and I guarantee you, I will have good pictures next time I see Casey perform!! :)  Anyway...I'm very brave when it comes to scurrying down the isle to the stage to get a quick shot or two close up.....but let me tell you....those security people.....ahhh.....they were relentless!!!  I tried numerous times to sneak past them to run down to the stage to get a closer look, and they caught me every single time!!!  I've never been caught every time!!  I almost got past once, and when she caught me, we were face to face, and she was saying "get back to your seat"....and I was walking backwards steady clicking the pictures!!  But because I was moving.....they didn't turn out!!  Ok, I was done with the security...tired of fighting 'em!!  They talked so mean, I thought they could possibly throw me out in the middle of Casey's I behaved myself.
When Casey's name came across the marquee....omg!!!  Screams erupted in that building and it was LOUD!!!!!!   Every person was on their feet, before he ever struck a chord!!!!  And when the lights flashed on and he was there.....I've never heard anything so was deafening....and so awesome you didn't even mind!!!!  So he takes off on "I Got Mine" and it's even so much better in person.....he is an absolute genius with that talented!!!  And I love it when he and Tim have their back and forth "guitar wars".....and Casey plays with one hand.....oh....gosh.....I love that!!!!!  Anyway.....screaming and dancing and loving every second of it!  Then he went in to "Don't", after the guitar change, and that was one of my very favorites on the show, I actually got to be in the audience of American Idol the week he did "Don't" and I was in Casey heaven!   He can sing a love song unlike any one else!!  So after that it was time for "Mr. Pretty" Big Mike calls him, and him to sing their duet, "Have you ever really loved a woman".  I believe that is the best I've ever heard them do that song....just mesmerizing....the harmonies were absolutely perfect!!!  Then, Casey's gonna do some of his Texas Blues!!   He starts picking a little, the beginning notes of  "All Over Now".....and I love the way he reworked this song, and totally took it over....owned it.....made it a new song!!!  Absolutely the finest guitar playing and singing ever!!!  He was all over that stage and he was ON FIRE!!!!  Wooo Hooo  I have never seen him get down on one knee while he's getting down with that guitar....but he did tonight!!!  And all to was over....he was done....finished....kaput....leaving the stage! :(  He said Thank You to Texas for all the support and votes and helping him live his dream and he would love us till the day he dies!!  I nearly cried was so special that he said that!!!
I just realized I didn't say anything about the other Idols.....sorry.....this is a Casey site, so I was concentrating on him!  But I will say this....every one of them were soooo   much better than they were on the TV show!!  I mean....leaps and bounds above what they did on Idol!!!  Their voices had all grown so much, they commanded the stage and they were ALL very good!!!!  I was impressed!  And one quick mention....It's astounding to me how in the world  Siobhan can hold that note soooooooo high for sooooooooo looooooong!!!!  I ran out of breath 3 times waiting on her to stop!!!  That kid can hold a high note longer than I've ever heard....just amazing!!!
So the show is over and I'm headed back out to take my stand at the barricades for possible interaction with some of the Idols, more importantly, our Texas boy Casey!  I spoke with Andrew, got an autograph, and a picture, he's very sweet!  Then comes Lee....I'll go ahead and make it known....I've never been a Lee fan, didn't care for his voice, or his attitude.  He was coming down the line toward me, and I noticed he wasn't looking at anyone, not smiling, signing and walking....I thought.....hmmm I ain't gonna let him get away with that with me, I'm gonna make him smile, and he's gonna talk to me!  So he gets to me, and was signing when I said...." So Lee, how you liking Texas baby"?  He looked up at me and with a smile across his face, he practically yelled...."I love Texas"!!  then I said that's great...or something, and then said...."can I get a picture with ya right quick"?  He grinned and said....."Sure....come on mama"!  I thought that was so cute....and I na na na na na!!!  Now I like Lee alot better than I did!  Siobhan, Aaron, Didi were walking and signing, no time for pics, but Katie, was really having a good time with fans...signing, taking pics, talking.....and I've always loved Katie....cried when she left....So she's 3 people from me, and the Security grabs her arm and starts dragging her off....and she's saying no, not yet....and when she turned my way I snapped the picture, and she has the cutest little pouty lip I've ever seen!  I'm sending it to's just too cute!!  Tim came through and when he got to me, he was signing and I said..."Hi sure do have some nice pecs"....because of the boys little videos they do like the "Late Night Sandwich"..... inspired the "Late night Pecs" just laughed and kept walking....guess I embarrassed
Then....the man of the night came strolling out!  He started at the other end and he had "Momma James" with him!  I spoke with her briefly and got a hug and a pic!  Then Casey got to me and he was moving quick!!  No picture again.....but I did get a quick hug!!  I don't think I even got to say anything to him....except....
"Hi Sweetie" but I had my arm out trying to get him to turn so I could get a pic, but he thought I wanted a hug and hugged really quick, he was rushing!  I totally understand, he was trying to get in as many people as he could....bless his heart.  So when he left we all filed away to our cars with the memories of the evening still very fresh in our minds.....smiling all the way home!!!  On the way home I was on twitte when I found out that someone had given Casey the message that my mom had passed and he sent a message to me that he was so sorry to hear that, and that I was in his that's an awesome message to get!  I thanked him for taking time in his busy life to tell me that!  Just when you think you can't love this kid any more....he does something like that!!  Casey James...It was so good to see him back in his Home State of Texas, and I know he was glad to be here!!!

I'm sorry this was so long....but it has been therapy for if you got all the way through it without dozing off....thank you.....for letting me speak!  I love yall!!

I will resume regular blogging tomorrow, and try and get as much up as I can find.  Right now, the web is full of the Dallas goodies, so I'll grab that first, and then try to find some stuff from  the 5 days before.  Later taters!! :)



  1. Thank you for sharing your Casey experience. I was there with you every minute. So glad you had an awesome time! Love you.

  2. What a wonderful story, I'm so happy for you that your dreams came true. Also, sorry about your loss of your mom.

  3. Glenda, so sorry to hear the news of your mom. My prayers are with you and your family. She is in good hands. Thank you very much for your recap of the concert, it was a great read and I wasn't bored one bit! It's exciting to hear everything I can of what went on. I am so happy for Casey to be home again doing what he loves most. We all know that Casey's heart is in Texas!!! And I know that Texas is very proud that this fine musician with that superb voice is homegrown!!! Congratulations Casey and Congratulations Texas!!!

  4. Glenda, SO VERY sorry about the loss of your mom. I will pray for you and your famiy. I'm SO VERY pleased you met Casey! I LOVED reading your recap! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  5. Loved it Glenda!! So happy Casey was able to see who is behind Caseymania! You are doing an awesome job & we love you for that!

  6. WOO HOO! Glenda's back! WOO HOO! Glenda met Casey!

  7. Glenda, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and Casey adventure! I've enjoyed reading every word. :)

    Welcome back!


  8. From Cyndee .... Dozing off?! Are you kidding?? I was riveted to every word! Glenda, that was a beautiful re-cap!

  9. Glenda,

    So sorry for the loss of your mom. I just went thru losing a close cousin, so my heart is right there with yours. Take care of yourself.

    On a happier note, loved LOVED your recap. And like Casey, my eyes lit up when I saw your new post. I didn't realize how much I look forward to coming to this site for news about Casey. He's right - THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the work you do for his fans. I appreciate you!!!

  10. Glenda, thank you for sharing about your Mom and I will be praying for you. I also understand the peace you feel because when my Mom went home to be with the Lord I felt the same way. I knew where she was, with Jesus, with my Dad and other loved ones who had gone home before she did and I know she is not in my past, but, in my future.
    I loved your recap about Casey and knew he was overjoyed to be back home in Texas. I didn't get to come to the show, but I've listened to all the vids and got every pic I possibly could. That was so sweet of Casey to tweet the message that you will be in his prayers and I believe you will, because I believe he's one of the most sincere and loving persons, I keep wanting to say, "that I know", but I feel like I do because of the way he shares his life with us. When I think about Casey, I think about his Momma, Billy, and the whole context of his life, what he's come through to get here to this place and it makes me rejoice for all of them!! I know life is a journey and this place is a reward for all of them, he and his family! I'm so excited about the future for them as well! Thank you, Glenda, for your labor of love here about Casey! It is a blessing and a joy and something I look forward to!! MAE777

  11. Glenda-Many blessings to you, as you face these difficult days of grieving for your Mom. Hopefully good memories will bring you peace and comfort.
    You have no idea how much you are appreciated! It is with a lot of anticipation, each day, that I go to CASEYMANIA. Truly your site is something to look forward to! Thank you for all the time you put into sharing CASEY with all of us, and keeping us up on the latest!! Will we get to see the other picture of you and Casey during "the hug"? :)

  12. I'm so happy to have met you Monday. To read this account of your experience makes me smile a big smile. Bless your heart Glenda, it's great Casey fans like you that made this struggling local musician see his dreams come true. Keep up the great job on the site, this is just the beginning!

  13. Glenda, I am so sorry for you and happy for you at the same time! My deepest sympathy to you on
    the loss of your dear Mom...this must truly be a bittersweet time for you, but to have Casey express his feelins and remember you in his prayers must surely help ease your pain a bit.
    Loved readin your was like being there with you! So glad you got to talk to Casey, even if it was only momentary...& to have him acknowledge all your amazin efforts here at Caseymania must have been SOOOO gratifyin! Thank you for sharin it all with us, Dawlin & please DON'T stop!

  14. Glenda--I am an avid reader here but have never posted. Caseymania is wonderful! Love your diligence and also your SPIRIT that infuses each posting!

    I heard about your mom and send my sympathy to you, but also rejoice in the good times together that you did share, and the bond between you.

    Thank you so much for sharing yourself with all of us!

  15. Thank you for sharing your experience. I feel like I know him too, but he wouldn't know me at all. Maybe one day he will a little bit, but I am happy for you as you represent us moms and young women who love him. (and who knows, maybe some guys too) The Sleepy Time Tea idea is great. Maybe someone down the line will do that now!! I think he was reading the letters sent to his fan mail address after the show for about an hour. I was on Twitter when he said goodnight.

  16. Hi, Gotta tell u, reading this... u brought me to tears a couple of times, just full of emotion!!!! Thank you so much for sharing that wonderfull experience with us!

  17. My dear new friend. As Caseys Momma you are so very dear to me. You go above and beyond just like Shari Geller for Casey. I cannot tell you how special
    you are to our family. Bless you for all your time and work! The news of losing your mother is horrific and my sincere condolenses are sent..heartfelt. I've lost mine too. Peace to you that passes all understanding.
    Bybee D. James

  18. Glenda, we were with you in spirit that day in Dallas and what a day it was. This is such a heartfelt and beautiful recap. Our hearts and prayers are also with you on the loss of your mom. I lost my mom 10 years ago and still think of her everyday - god bless moms everywhere. You have many fans and lots of love and prayers coming you way - thanks for being you!

  19. Thank you all so very much for all your condolenses, prayers, and support! It has helped me be strong and push forward and move on into the future. I write as a form of therapy, to keep my mind busy. There's so much going on with Casey, that this site is the perfect way to stay super busy so time flies by. I appreciate every one of you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving what I do! Special thanks going out to Debra...for all you do as Casey's momma! You are truly welcome for what I do here, it's what I love, and it brings so much joy to me! I love all of you, and you are all my rock....what keeps me going! Thank you so much!

  20. Thank you so much for your recap and for Caseymania! Look at how Casey has brought so many together, I knew there was just something different/special about him right away. I'm sorry and happy to hear about your Momma (if that makes sense?). Sorry for your missing her and happy for her to be in the presence of our Lord and no more pain. Thanks again!

  21. Long post get lots of comments.. Thanks for the recap.. so happy you got all the love espcecially at the is hard time..
    Loved you post about your Mom and I'm sorry you are missing all that family AND a son! Bless you and your angel attitude and love ..
    Kimberly Scott

  22. I did not know Glenda that you were so talented, I bet you didn't either. You are some good writer, your work looks so professional. This can not be easy as I am not teky at all so where did you learn to do this. Your Caseymania is GREAT---Love it and I saw you at the concert but I was up higher so I just watched everybody with Casey's family and loved it. Billy went up the aisle right by me but I did not have time to stop him so we will go see him at the club before he leaves or what ever is going to happen for him and Casey and I will catch up with you all soon. Scott and I was really sorry about your mom and I know it will take a long time but I just pretend mine is with me all the time and it helps. She never leaves my mine that is why this fan club is such good therapy and great people too. Hope to meet Casey's mom someday and maybe I will. I sent Casey a small present but he does not know us so maybe someone can explain it to him as we put our name on it. LIKE HE WOULD KNOW but someone will---love you article keep up the work as it is great

  23. This touches kinda close to home fer me Glenda i have COPD too but am doin good with mine right now. U did an awesome job on this and everything u have done fer Casey i am so proud of u and love ya dearly. U have always been in my prays along with your family too. Keep up the good work and never forget u are loved very dearly hun. GO CASEY U ROCK Love ya too. Brenda Haley