Monday, July 19, 2010

Videos and Pics from Mansfield....and the Idols are off today! three.....count 'em 3 videos of Casey from Mansfield, Ma.!!  Here they are:

"I Got Mine"


"All Over Now"

Will get the pics on later....these came in late late last night!!
More soon!!!!

Happy Monday everybody!  Right this minute, as we speak the Idols are visiting the  NASDAQ MarketSite  located at 43rd and Broadway in downtown New York City!  They will be taking part in the ringing of the closing bell this afternoon at 4 pm sharp ET.
Also as we speak, I know of at least two dedicated Casey fans who are there and looking to meet Casey soon.  One already has met him and the other....well let me tell you how devoted our Scottish girl is!  She flew into NYC from Scotland a few days ago, with the  agenda of meeting, hugging and getting a picture with Casey at the Newark show tomorrow.  Yep, round trip was over 13,000 miles!!  If that is not dedication, I don't know what is.  So hopefully she gets her wish a day early,today and I will keep you all updated as to the outcome!!  Oh and it's her birthday today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA!!!

Thanks to beth s for this great shot!

More later......

I didn't expect it this soon.....but here it is.......the video of the  Idols ringing the bell  at 4pm in NYC!!!! Casey reaches from the back and helps Big Mike push the button to ring the bell!   You go Casey!!
My twitter has been down, over capacity it says!  So I haven't gotten a report of how the Birthday girl is doing on her seeking out and finding Casey yet!  Will update as soon as I get word.....

more later............

Ok, this was just brought to my attention, a video of Casey signing for the fans outside of the show last night!  Click  "here"

Many thanks to Beth S for sharing her video!!

Ok, the birthday girl has a story to tell.....and it looks like it was a green light all the way!!!   Click here to read Paula's review!!  And many congratulations to you girl!!!!!!

Oh much for twitter today!  I have been kicked off I guess.....  I havn't been able to access my page all day except for about 10 minutes or so this morning!  Anyway, I have a couple shots here from last nights show in Mansfield.

Thanks to BethS for her great photos!


  1. Just checking in for my Casey update for today! Thanks for all the good stuff, Glenda! You are doing an amazing job! WOW! All the way from Scotland...that's impressive!


  2. Thanks Glenda for all the good stuff today! Loved everything!! I'm also amazed at Paula from Scotland! Glad she got to be with Casey and get pics! It would be so great to meet him! MAE777

  3. Thank you Glenda for the vids. There are no words to describe just how awesome Casey is, just way AWESOME. What great performances!!! He looks pretty cool with that hat. Thanks for Paula's story also, what a nice birthday gift.